Peugeot 508 Review & Price in Nigeria

Peugeot’s new front-end graphic gets its production debut here. Long vertical elements framing the front end appear on all cars, but for the full LED effect you need upper-level GT Line or GT trim.
Like many rivals, Peugeot has seen the way the wind has blown for modern saloon design and has stirred a welcome dose of eye-catching, curvaceous style into the 508’s recipe. And having always offered three-box saloons with conventional boots, it has acknowledged modern preferences in another way by switching to a hatchback body style.

508 maa Peugeot 508 Review & Price in Nigeria

The Peugeot 508 is a large family car launched in October 2010 by French automaker Peugeot, and followed by the 508 SW, an estate version, in March 2011. In 2015, the Peugeot 508 received a facelift that was marked by a vertical grill, and the inclusion of the Peugeot lion in the centre of the new grill.

In addition, 2015 brought a new 180 bhp 2.0 litre diesel option which can also be paired with a Hybrid4 electrical motor system, effectively making the Peugeot 508 an AWD vehicle, with combined 200 bhp.

The new second generation Peugeot 508 won the “Most Beautiful Car of The Year 2018” on 29 January 2019 at The Hotel Invalides Paris. The award* was part of the International Automobile Festival, where the Peugeot E-Legend also won “The Most Beautiful Concept Car of The Year”.

In this article, we will be looking at what makes the peugeot 508 a classic sedan and how much it goes for in the market space.

Prices Of Peugeot 508 in Nigeria

Peugeot 508 2019 Active Entry level Trim, Pure HDI 130 Diesel Engine — (NGN) 11,950,000 — (NGN) 18,000,000 million naira.


So comprehensive are Peugeot’s changes that this latest 508 and its big-boned predecessor can barely be described as being related. The rear light bar is borrowed from the brand’s Instinct shooting brake concept, while the LED ‘tusks’ in the front bumper are cutting-edge at this price.

There are frameless doors, chrome exhaust tips and wheels that properly fill their arches, and the silhouette is that of a “two-and-a-half-box fastback”, as design director Gilles Vidal puts it. If you appreciate the look of Audi’s A5 Sport back, your eyes will be drawn to the 508 – and not simply because of the complex rear three-quarter panels that necessitated stamping methods generally the preserve of these type of cars.

A high proportion of fleet sales means as few as one in 10 508s are expected to drink petrol, but those cars will do so courtesy of a 1.6-litre four-pot turbo with 178bhp or 221bhp. If the range sounds conservative, Peugeot says this platform was designed for versatility and that mild- and plug-in hybrid variants – the latter with an electrically driven rear axle – will arrive next year with no adverse effect on cabin or the admittedly modest boot capacity.

In chassis terms, there are no surprises here. The front axle is suspended by McPherson struts while the rear uses a multi-link design. Adaptive dampers with modes ranging from Eco to Sport are standard issue on top-of-the-line GT models, but the rank and file make do with a passive set-up. Our GT test car rides on 19in wheels with modest 235/40 tyres at each corner.


Peugeot 508 Review & Price in Nigeria

The progressive steering responses come not just from the sensible rack gearing but well-measured roll response and damping. The electric steering has less feel than the hydraulic setup on the old 508, but that numbness is broadly what you get in most of today’s biggest saloons. The 508 dives keenly into a bend, turns tenaciously, and its front-to-back grip levels are well balanced. There’s little pitch or roll to blur that happy picture, either. The smaller-engined versions are even more usefully agile on tight turns and roundabouts.

Most of the time, the ride’s good too. There’s a bit of thump at town speeds, and patter when the road’s corrugated, and that same patter gives the steering column a bit of annoying shake too.

The seats are big and plush with plenty of room up front. In the rear, that fastback limits comfy headroom for anyone above average height. Legroom back there is perfectly OK, with the usual proviso that the driver’s seat needs to be lifted a notch or two to make foot space beneath.

That high-set instrument pod carries a TFT panel, so you can swap between skins that emphasis speed/revs, or navigation, or driver assist. Even night vision, on the top specification.

The central screen is an eight-incher on base specification. Most have a HD widescreen ten-inch, which gives space for some permanent cabin-temperature sliders at either side of the screen. All have connected TomTom-based navigation, which works quickly and has accurate traffic info. Well-integrated phone mirroring for Apple and Android is also standard.


Peugeot 508 Review & Price in Nigeria xx

The low-power diesel with an automatic gearbox on 17-inch wheels ducks under 100g/km of CO2 on the old NEDC test. Even the petrols aren’t too bad, peaking at 131g/km for the 224bhp on 19s.

Headline prices aren’t conspicuously low, but considering the generosity of kit, and the cheapish option prices for what’s not standard, they’re decent value. The manner in which this acceleration is delivered is generally smooth, although if you stray too far past 4000rpm, the diesel runs out of breath.

One tester online also commented on an apparent tendency for the eight-speed ’box to hold on to its gears for slightly longer than necessary above this point – a factor that could have contributed to the 508’s failure to meet or better its manufacturer’s 0-62mph claims.


Peugeot 508 Review & Price in Nigeria 508

The 508 will always be a slightly oddball choice, when you could have a default low-spec premium saloon. Or a crossover. But it has appeals – not least of which is that it does stand out.

You can ask some of our top military personnels in Nigeria and they can give you a first hand feel of what it means to ride in a Peugeot 508. It’s oddball in a stylish way, and has a splendidly different cabin.

Dynamics are competent if slightly imperfect, but hey, when you get busy with the steering it’s still night-and-day more adept than the crossovers that are brutally displacing the mainstream saloon-hatch’s territory. One thing is for sure, the peugeot 508 is on a level of it’s own..

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