Peace Drum Set Price in Nigeria

Long known for its wide selection of accessory and instruments stands, the peace company brand introduces top quality drums for a full range of global customers. The Peace Drum Kits are crafted for outstanding build quality at a very affordable price. This all-inclusive full pack buyers will get will contain all you need in one box to get you started, including a drum throne and drum sticks.

Peace Drum Set Types in Nigeria

Peace Drum Set Price in Nigeria

They are different types of peace drums, with different colors and different sizes too. Let’s dive right in

Kahuna Series

Just as music drives the technology, technology also drives music into new territory. New full manufacturing processes and new materials have pushed musical horizons to very previously unimaginable new worlds. While it’s visual beauty has made bubinga a popular choice for home furniture, in recent years piano and guitar manufacturers have turned to bubinga as other, better known hardwoods have become less abundant. Nevertheless, it’s extreme hardness makes it difficult to bend.

Peace’s kahuna series named for the title of the high priest of pre colonial Hawaiian culture, are 9-ply, 100% bubinga shells construction. The kahuna series sets feature tube lugs, die cast claws, rims Mount toms, and come with Remo pinstripe heads, making the series a top choice for professionals and tone meisters worldwide. Stands and additional hardware are available separately, and custom sizes are available by special order.

Paragon Series

Those with a passion for playing drums who fully demand the best have historically opted for maple shells. In keeping with that huge tradition, peace’s flagship paragon series is constructed of 9piles of the finest Canadian rock maple-the best of the best.

As a discerning professional’s choice and like other boutique drum kits in its class, paragon series drums are customizable with respect to desired shell sizes – diameter and depth, and the entire selection of lacquer finishes – from Astro pop to velvet plum is fully available, allowing players to create a totally personalized setup.

Tbh is drums have great looks, fantastic sound, and tech friendly design. All these adds up to make these state of the art drums. These drums really sing and peace has created a high end kit that’s priced lower than many comparable models from other manufacturers.

DNA Series Chrome

Peace’s top of the line package kit, the DNA series resides at the crossroads of rugged and handsome, where professional quality meets affordability. This is a versatile kit designed to capture the quintessential modern drum set sound, the DNA series combines heavy duty series 800 hardware including both a straight and a boom stand, and 9-ply lacquered North American maple drums in a package that includes rims Mount toms, low mass lugs, die cast claws, and brass vents among many stand out features.

The series is offered with chrome or black trim hardware, and custom sizes and finishes are available by special order.

DNA Series Ravenplate

Peace’s DNA Series has been a preferred choice by artists and endorsers for years and it is among peace’s top of the line package kit, this series resides as a versatile drum designed to capture great sounds all the time.

X3 Series

The most compact professional quality drum set offered by peace, the x3 bee bopp 4-pc. This full Package kit has been a mainstay of the line for a number of years. This is a bona fide pro jazz kit with a multitude of applications beyond the jazz idiom, the x3 represents the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.

Terra R-A-X Series

The new rack outfit of this drum represents a significant makeover, including a stunning new finish called bronze star, different shell sizes, and a new rack with upgraded mounting hardware. The terra R-A-X kit for drummers insisting on the benefits afforded by rack mounting precise, consistent placement, full ergonomic and set up flexibility, and a major style points. Especially in the current era.

Spectrum Series

Peace Drum Set Price in Nigeria

In response to high demand, the spectrum series, peace’s most affordable package drum set to offer rims Mount toms, and the drum is being offered in the new eye popping arctic blue finish. This is a premium wrapped finish that has a gleam and glint that’s almost like metal, Arctic blue color is available for this drum set.

Adonis Series

Peace’s new DP-210 Adonis kit is designed with working musicians in mind, but it’s also an ideal kit for those looking to step up from a starter kit to something more rugged.

Great for all styles of music and keeping the beat in the pockets to afford one. If you’re still your own roadie and drum tech, and you sometimes need to get onto and off a stage in a hurry, this kit fits the bill.

Neorebel Series

The new neorebel series is definitely not your fathers drum set. Kits with matching painted hardware are to drums sets what the bikini was to swimwear- revolutionary! Underneath the rebellious, high fashion exterior, killer features that make this substantial kit with explosive tone include 9-ply mahogany shells for awesome sound. Peace helps you project your art and you, the artist.

Demolition Series

First offered in 2001, peace’s demolition series became an instant hit with working drummers, aspiring musicians on a budget, novice drum students, drum instructors, and music shop owners and employees alike.

Elevation Series

Between a generic beginner drum sets and a drum gods custom built kit lays a lot of ground. The path from student to master is a long journey, but the good news is that you can get there on an elevation kit. This has worked for thousands of working musicians across the globe.

Vulcanian Series

Peace’s goal with the new Dp-105 is to offer the best possible drum set at an affordable price. Most starter drum sets are designed with price in mind and little attention to quality.

Marauder Series

The new marauder series kit bridges the gap between an entry level kit relegated to the practice room and an intermediate kit that sees action beyond the woodshed at a price to at fits within a students or aspiring musicians budget.

Peace Drum Set Price in Nigeria

The peace drum sets is on sale in Nigeria for the price of $499. It is available and it can be purchased at directly from the distributor or an e-commerce store close to you.

Peace drum set Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Peace Drum Set Price in Nigeria
Distributor contact :

+234 907 647 1214 / 0812 455 8354

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