Oraimo 20,000 mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria

Power banks are used for providing portable power to charge battery powered items like mobile phones and other similar items that have a USB interface, and they can charge either via USB cable or wirelessly.

Power banks are quite handy for the people or individuals who constantly work on their smart mobiles or tablets.

Oraimo 20,000 mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
These devices always come to the rescue in big situations where the battery of your laptop, or your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or other device is Low on power.

The importance of power banks has significantly grown over the past years. A power bank, very well provides a more convenient means to charge your various devices.

Introducing to you the oraimo 20,000 mAh power bank, with a super design and amazing full power Carriage especially for smartphones.

The new Power bank comes in a super design, and offers fast charging feature for any supported device if you want to charge your device very fast from zero to 100% in few minutes.

It is not enough to get a random power bank, it is even more important to get a reliable and efficient power bank that is long lasting and dependable.

One brand that looks out for consumer product reliability in power banks is the Oriamo company brand, they are rated among the best in the industry.

Cost of Oraimo 20,000 mAh Power Bank in Nigeria

The Oraimo power banks are among the most sold and the most sought after in Nigeria today.

Their power banks come in different designs and power capacity. At the moment, Oraimo 20,000 mAh power bank is on sale in Nigeria for the price range between 12,000 NGN – 14,500 NGN.

Products like this are usually sold higher when purchased from an e-commerce store. Factors like the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, the place of purchase all these affect the price in which the power banks are being sold off for in the country.

The Oraimo 20,000 mAh power banks are fully available and can be purchased at different gadget stores across the country.

While for ease and convenience you can purchase the power banks at any mobile e-commerce retail store close to your region.

The oraimo company brand also has the Toast 10 which is definitely among the top modern design power bank out there, boasting of a massive 10,000mAh battery and supports 2.1A fast charging to all devices, and a power button which is visible as well.

It is light and 16mm slim with a rated input of DC 5.0V/2A and a rated output of DC 5.0V/2.1A maximum will easily charge up the smartphone.

This sleek looking power bank supports fast charging with multi-protect, protecting it from overcharge, over discharge and others.

It offers scratch resistant and anti-slip pattern for a better grip, making it one of the top oraimo power bank products to be on display too. The power bank comes with a year warranty.

Oraimo smart accessories durability is very well unquestionable and it’s next to none as the company specializes in manufacturing all phone accessories, such as Bluetooth speaker, Flash drive (Pen drive), Wearable devices, Fit bands, Chargers, Power banks, Wireless headphones such as sports headphone, neckband headphone. And they also offer 1 year of warranty of these products.

Oraimo 20,000 mAh Power Bank: What You Will Like About the Power Bank


Oraimo 20,000 mAh power banks come in different types, styles and designs. They are built in a way that is easy to grip, hold and handle while it can also be moved from one place to another.

Charging Power

The Oraimo 20,000 mAh power bank has a very good charging power and it charges really fast within the shortest possible time to get your device boosted back up.


This power bank is affordable considering the quality, charging power and company brand.

Charging ports

The Oraimo power banks have got outstanding charging ports that are not easily faltered off.

Size and weight

Size and weight generally increase with mAh capacity. While a 20,000mAh model may seem like a handy option, it may be too big for your pocket or bag.

If you’re looking to keep your phone charged at a one-day music festival, picnic or during a night out, look into a pocket-sized model with at least 6000–10,000mAh.

Other situations, such as hikes that take you away from power for a number of days, may demand larger models, but these are usually too big for most pockets.

Fast charge

In order to successfully fast-charge a device, you’ll need three things:

  • A compatible power bank
  • A compatible cable
  • A device that will accept a fast charge

The first two points are a safe bet if fast charge is advertised with the power bank and the cable that comes with it, so it really comes down to whether your device has the necessary circuitry. If not, you could wind up paying more for a feature you can’t use.

Check your device’s specs on the manufacturer’s website to confirm whether it has fast charge. If this information isn’t available, and if you’re using a low-end device with entry-level components, or an older model, it’s safe to assume that it doesn’t have fast charge.

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