Nuclear weapons structure, & harmful effects in Nigeria

What are the 3 types of nuclear weapons?

Types of Nuclear Bombs

  • The Atomic Bomb. The enormous amount of nuclear energy that is released by this process produces a large amount of heat and electricity
  • Thermonuclear Weapons
  • Dirty Bombs.

Nuclear weapon structure in nigeria
The nuclear weapon is a device designed to release the energy in the explosive manner as the result of the nuclear fission, the nuclear fusion, or the combination of the two processes and the fission weapons are commonly referred to as the atomic bombs. .

Nuclear weapon

The fusion weapons are also referred to as thermonuclear bombs or, more commonly, hydrogen bombs, they are usually defined as the nuclear weapons in which at least the portion of the energy is released by the nuclear fusion.

The nuclear weapons produce enormous explosive energy, the atomic bomb produces the blast that produced the strong shock wave , enormous a mounts of heat and the lethal ionizing radiation.

The convection currents created by the explosion drew the dust and the other debris into the air, the atomic bomb creates the mushroom-shaped cloud that has become the virtual signature of the nuclear explosion.

The radioactive debris was carried by the winds high into the atmosphere , later to settle to Earth as the radioactive fallout, enormous toll in the destruction, the death, injury, and the sickness produced by the explosions.

The first nuclear weapons were the bombs delivered by the aircraft, Later, the warheads were developed for the strategic ballistic missiles, They have become the most important nuclear weapons.

The smaller tactical nuclear weapons have been developed, including ones for the artillery projectiles, Land mines, Antisubmarine depth charges, the torpedoes and shorter-range ballistic and the cruise missiles.

The nuclear weapon is the explosive device that derives its destructive force from the nuclear reactions, either the fission (the fission bomb) or the combination of the fission and the fusion (thermonuclear weapon).

Both the reactions release huge quantities of the energy from relatively small amounts of matter, The first test of the fission bomb released the same amount of the energy, The thermonuclear weapon can produce the explosive force and it is comparable to the detonation of more than 1.2 million tons of TNT.

Harmful effects of Nuclear Weapons

The nuclear explosions produce both the immediate and delayed destructive effects, The blast, the thermal radiation and the prompt ionizing radiation cause the significant destruction within seconds or minutes of the nuclear detonation. .

The delayed effects of the nuclear weapons such as the radioactive fallout and the other environmental effects, the inflict damage over the extended period ranging from hours to years.

The nuclear weapon is being used as the strategic excuse, Most nations equipped with the nuclear weapons claim that they rely on them for the strategic defense and they are vulnerable to various attacks without these destructive weapons.

The nuclear weapons are expensive to maintain and build, This leads to the negative effect on the treasury and really harsh political criticism, Only the handful of nations can invest in the nuclear weapons and stay productive and wealthy at the same time.

Isn’t it more honorable to get rid of or reduce the destructive weapons? The presence of nuclear weapons is considered very dangerous and highly immoral, The nuclear weapons comes with plenty of risks, The nuclear experiment effects can linger the decades after the experiments have been completed, This increases the risk to the human life.

The nuclear weapons can accidentally lead to the radiation disaster with the massive reach and if the radiation would go away in an instant, the dangers it poses on the environment and the human kind remain.

You know that the nuclear weapons industry produces a large volume of low-level radioactive waste which is present in the regular items that the people can come in contact with the clothing, the water purifier resin, the hand tools and the materials that used in building the nuclear reactors.

Exposure to the radiation will lead to disability and the cancers and the effect can continue for decades, The residual radiation from the nuclear weapons can destroy the environment and wildlife for centuries, Testing of the nuclear weapons also causes the pollution and the destruction that is why it was banned.

What is the structure of nuclear bomb?

The core of an implosion-type atomic bomb consists of a sphere or a series of concentric shells of fissionable material surrounded by a jacket of high explosives, which, being simultaneously detonated, implode the fissionable material under enormous pressures into a denser mass that immediately achieves criticality.

How destructive are nuclear weapons?

Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous weapons on earth. One can destroy a whole city, potentially killing millions, and jeopardizing the natural environment and lives of future generations through its long-term catastrophic effects. The dangers from such weapons arise from their very existence.

Can nuclear weapons be destroyed?

The only way to completely eliminate nuclear risks is to eliminate nuclear weapons from the planet. The only way to completely eliminate nuclear risks is to eliminate nuclear weapons from the planet.

What is more powerful than nuclear weapons?

But a hydrogen bomb has the potential to be 1,000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb, according to several nuclear experts. The U.S. witnessed the magnitude of a hydrogen bomb when it tested one within the country in 1954, the New York ​Times​ reported.

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