Nigeria Partners with Siemens To Boost Energy Supply

Siemens is a Big player in the renewable energy industry, the company provides a comprehensive portfolio of products,solution and services to help build and operate microgrids of any size.

siemens provide generation and distribution of electrical energy as well as monitoring and controlling of microgrids. By using primarily renewable energy, microgrids reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, which is often required by government regulations.

This makes siemens especially attractive for campuses, utilities, and islands. The ventotene island in Italy demonstrates the benefits of a microgrid in terms of sustainability.

The italian energy utility Enel produzione SPA had a clear goal for the island of ventotene, they wanted a stable power supply system that would operate more sustainability, economically, and reliably. And siemens had the complete solution for the job, the siestorage storage system, optimally combined with the Microgrid controller. This excellent approach included the integration of renewable energy sources to reduce the supply of diesel and to create greater sustainability.

An additional goal was to perfectly coordinate all existing and new power components and, even more important, to respond quickly and reliably to grid fluctuations, ultimately guaranteeing a stable network.

I guess this is part of the reason why the president of the federal republic of Nigeria decided to look at the companies records and with his intense plan of creating the “UNIVERSITY OF TRANSPORTATION”  in his home town DAURA, and  turning it into a suburban wonder island and also enabling them take a go at our power sector in Nigeria to enable us have a more stable power supply, little wonder why the siemens company were the right people for the job.


Nigeria Partners with Siemens To Boost Energy Supply

Good news to the people of Nigeria as a Major deal to boost the power supply in Nigeria has been signed by Siemens AG and the Nigerian government. While the president and a few government advisers provided some insight about the deal while announcing it. In the course of writing this article details of this huge power deal will be discussed in full details.


The deal is called the Nigerian electrification roadmap and according to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria the goal is ” to deliver more electricity to businesses and homes in Nigeria”.

Meanwhile the discussion for this deal started in august 2018 during the visitation of the German councilor/chancellor Merkel. Siemens AG was part of the delegation that came with Merkel into Nigeria.

The president has set a target of 7000 MW of reliable electricity by 2021 for the phase 1of the project, while the phase 2 of the project is expected to deliver at least 11,000 megawatts of reliable electricity 2023.

The final phase of the project will boost overall grid capacity to 25,000 MW by 2025. This pure deal is aimed at upgrading Nigeria’s electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure as deals with be done at a government level without middlemen.

This government to government model is aimed at saving cost and best value for taxpayers.

The deal is an agreement between the Nigerian Government, German Government, and Siemens AG of Germany.

All components to be used in the project will be manufactured to the highest German and European standards, the CEO of siemens AG, joe Kaeser was present for the signing ceremony which took place on july 22,2019.

we look forward to new improvements in our power sector in Nigeria.

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