Mercedes ML 63 AMG Price in Nigeria

A sport utility vehicle or SUV is a car classification that combines elements of road going passenger cars with features from off road vehicles, such as a four wheel drive.

Mercedes Benz ML 63 Price in Nigeria

In this post, you’ll know about the Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG, the value it brings and how much it is on sale for in the Nigerian market.

Some people purchase SUV’s because they want the off road capabilities in order to travel or drive through unpaved areas.

However, while SUVs offer few benefits over saloon cars, that is including increased protection, higher driving position and greater towing capacity, they still tend to be more costly to maintain than saloon cars.

So if you’ve got an SUV, then you should have a second car or a saloon car to go with it. As saloon cars are pretty fast on the road, but the SUV carry more passengers.

The Mercedes Benz Ml63 AMG is refined and the suv comes with a high capacity engine, an all wheel drive, high seating position, and a longer wheel base.

Since manufactured, AMG takes the ML-class suv and it makes use of a 5.5 liter twin turbo v8 engine. The ml63 rides smooth, comfortably and it’s very quiet too. This means you will not know if this ride rolls up on you.


The ml 63 AMG has a twin turbo charged v8 which is 5.5 liter. The performance of this suv is totally acceptable with 23mpg, and 518b horse power. If you are an owner of this vehicle I’m sure you’ll know what this is about.

Mercedes Benz ml63 AMG with its exclusivity fully ensures that the 5.5 liter twin turbo v8 makes 516 horsepower and 550 hp with top performance package.

It is quick and when you are inside you are isolated from the sensation of the speed it waves up while on motion.

The suv handling is top notch with active curve system, featuring active roll bars that stiffen when force is applied.

There’s also adaptive dampers and active AMG air suspension, which automatically drops the body lower at higher road speeds.

Interior & Performance

Mercedes Benz ml63 AMG Price in Nigeria

The interiors of this AMG are done with premium materials and it still looks very simple.

In fact the entire interior has a real feeling of style and in addition to the leather seats, alcantara trim, xl digital screen, blind spot monitors, attention assist, and lane departure warning for more safety.

As with any AMG product the ml63 is run by it’s engine. Starting with just under $231,000, the s65 AMG is the most expensive model in the Mercedes Benz car marker’s lineup.

The performance of the suv makes it wonderful as it has got the biturbo v8 bass heavy rumble, sounding not so distant under full pin down.

Performance is mega from start to end trip still, the ml 63 AMG gets into stride as the speed rises.

The acting roll bars can be felt working under the loads, with towering car resisting roll even under extreme throttle down.

It is very impressive and good to admire that the ml63 AMG weighs 175kg more than a Porsche suv. The Mercedes lemon 63 AMG brakes are strong too.

The steering is linear and accurate because it offers a chilled amount of feel even while you are taking a turn. You can say that the AMG engineers did a fine job on this piece of ride.

Mercedes Benz ml63 AMG Price in Nigeria

By comparison the ml63 AMG and it’s twin turbo v8 engine is on sale for the price of $98,400 for the brand new one.

However, the foreign used one will definitely go on sale for less cost.

But if you find the standard model a bit limp, you can purchase the AMG performance package and upgrade power up to 549 horsepower and knock off the 0-60mph time.

While you will have to fully change all your tyres to the massive 295/35 tyres.

Mercedes Benz ml63 AMG Specifications

Mercedes Benz ml63 AMG Price in Nigeria

  • Engine : 5461cc V8, petrol, twin-turbocharged
  • Max Torque : 516lb ft @ 1750rpm
  • 0-60 : 4.8 seconds
  • Top speed : 155 mph (limited ED)
  • Max Power : 518bhp @ 5250rpm

The feel of the ml63 AMG is surprisingly good through the contoured and sueded wheel.

The seats are more than up to the task of holding passengers in place, and the bolsters don’t get in the way of ingress and egress.

Although the seats have the height adjustment of a barber’s chair, even in their lowest position the height of the vehicle still gives a parade-float view of the road.

Interior quality took a major leap forward in the redesigned ML, and the AMG version takes it another step farther.

Material quality is luxurious and attention to detail abounds in spots only contortionists would be able to see.

Even the doorjambs look as though they spent time in the design department to match the clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

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