Mack Truck Prices in Nigeria (Full Review)

Everyone has seen a mack truck one time or the other, they are big trucks and are really good for construction. These trucks are built to last and they can endure motion on the toughest roads you have got them on. The mack truck is great for bulk haul and regional haul. However, in this post you will get to see the prices of this truck in the nigerian market space.

Mack Truck Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Mack Trucks in Nigeria

Mack trucks have a reputation as tough trucks because they are very rugged and reliable. There are different models of mack trucks in nigeria reason being that the mack trucks are said to have the most fuel-efficient engine over the years, getting 11+ miles per gallon which represents fuel savings for the long haul, 445 max hp and 1860 lb.-ft. max torque even at 900 RPM, which means equal parts power and performance for each truck.

Here are the different types of trucks with their prices listed for your specification below.

MACK R Model 10 Tires Tractor Head

  • Price : 12million (NGN) — 16million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 2004
  • Condition : Foreign Used

Vision 460 MACK Truck

  • Price : 13million (NGN) — 15million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 2011
  • Condition : Foreign Used

MACK CH600 Truck

  • Price : 8million (NGN) — 9million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 1997
  • Condition : Foreign Used

R Model Mack 10 Tires Head Truck Double Gear

  • Price : 10.5million (NGN) — 12.5million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 1999
  • Condition : Foreign Used

Mack 2009 Truck

  • Price : 4million (NGN) — 5million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 2009
  • Condition : Foreign Used

Mack Truck CH Double Axle

  • Price : 5million (NGN) — 7million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 1998
  • Condition : Foreign Used

Mack Trailer Head 2002

  • Price : 4million (NGN) — 5.7million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 2002
  • Condition : Foreign Used

Mack Truck Prices in Nigeria cak

Mack 2000 CH Truck

  • Price : 9million (NGN) —- 11million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 2000
  • NOT Tires : 10

Mack 20 Dump Truck

  • Price : 6million (NGN) — 8million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 1998
  • Condition : Foreign Used

1999 Mack Truck

  • Price : 15million (NGN) — 20million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 1999
  • Condition : Foreign Used

30 Tons RD Mack 12 Tires Tipper Trucks

  • Price : 11million (NGN) — 15million (NGN)
  • Year of Manufacture : 2003
  • Condition : Foreign Used

Authorized Mack Trucks Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Mack Truck is an American truck manufacturing company and a former manufacturer of buses and trolley buses. The entire line of Mack products is still produced in Lower Macungie, Pennsylvania, and Salem, Virginia, with all power train produced in the Hagerstown, Maryland plant.

The Authorized Distributor for Mack Trucks in Nigeria is Uzoms & Company LTD.
Distributor Contact : +2348093415551

Maintaining Your Mack Truck in Nigeria

A heavy-duty mack truck can take many forms. It can be a semi tractor for pulling large trailer loads, or a dump truck that comes with a chassis attached that can haul cars, stone or other heavy loads. Regardless, it is a big investment for most companies or individual owner operators.

If you own a heavy-duty diesel truck, such as a Mack, one of the most popular brands in the world of trucks, you will want to make sure that you perform the proper preventive maintenance as needed to keep your truck in good working order.

How to Maintain your Mack Truck in Nigeria

  • Lubrication

This includes performing the oil and filter changes that are required by the manufacturer, which are generally based on mileage or time, in months, that the oil has been in the engine. For a Mack truck, you will generally need to change your engine oil and filter every 15,000 miles with approved oil and filter parts. You will also want to lubricate the chassis, suspension and drive shaft, basically anywhere that there is a grease fitting, to extend the life of the major suspension components of your truck that are always under a heavy load.

  • Bolts

It is important that you retorque and tighten all of the bolts in the chassis and suspension of your Mack truck after the first 5,000 miles of operation to ensure that they are properly tightened and have not worked loose since they left the park. After that, you will want to inspect them regularly to make sure that none of the shackles for the springs or other components of the suspension or chassis mounting system have broken, rusted or worn out.

  • Check the Braking System

Check the braking system regularly. Inspect the brake linings, drums, rotors and hydraulic or vacuum hoses at regular intervals to be sure that there are no leaking fluids, vacuum leaks, or worn or damaged parts. A brake failure in a big truck is a sure way for someone to get seriously hurt or for your investment to be lost to a serious accident. You will want to check your brake components visually before hauling any load, and you will also want to inspect them every month that the vehicle is in operation.

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