Lister Generator Prices in Nigeria

Lister generators and engines are renowned worldwide. Lister Petter made their first diesel engine in 1929, and these products were soon found all over the world. People quickly recognized the extraordinary reliability offered by these products, and that reputation is still enjoyed today.

A Lister diesel generator or Lister diesel engine will serve you well for many years to come. You also receive the assurance of an extensive dealer and service network.
Lister Generator Prices in Nigeria

What are lister generators you may ask, Well Lister Petter range of TR series generators give power from 4.4 kVA through to 24.9 kVA with speeds of 1500 and 1800 rpm.

The gensets are powered by the TR series engines which are all naturally air cooled with integrated fan to ensure constant air flow when running.

The Lister powered LLD16. 5/3 is a 16.5kVA three phase diesel generator. Complete with Crossley SLG series single bearing, 4-pole, brushless alternator, remote start/stop control system and 90 litre fuel tank.

Over recent years Lister Petter has changed ownership but it is proud to remain a 100% British owned business with all of its global manufacturing and assembly still within its home county of Gloucestershire.

The engines are capable of continuous operation at prime, not standby power. Lister Petter engines are generally used in stationary industrial applications such as pumping and electricity generation.

The company produces a range of complete generator sets, units equipped for welding and in-house pumping sets, as well as supplying engines to other equipment manufacturers.

The importance of having alternative power supply in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. With the general supply becoming more undependable, many have sought other means to supply power to their homes and offices. One of the common ways is using generators.

The Lister generator is one of the most sought after when it comes to high-efficiency and high-power output generators. Here, we will take a look at how much they go for in Nigeria today.

Lister Generator Prices in Nigeria

Lister generators are rated among the very best in the generator market. They come in different sizes, power output rates and designs. Here are prices of some of the in-demand lister generators in Nigeria today.

  • 6KVA Lister Petter Diesel Generator – N600, 000 – N700, 000
  • 20KVA Lister Petter Diesel Generators – N2,500,000 – N3, 000, 000
  • Lister Petter LPW3 – 11KVA Generator – DPX-11722 – N1,850,000 – 1, 950, 000
  • Lister (Listeriod) Petter 3.5KVA Generator – N700, 000 – N740, 000
  • 24HP Fieldmarshal Lister Engine N4, 000, 000 – N4, 200, 000

The prices as highlighted above were obtained from the current market. While they are largely reliable, it is always advisable to confirm prices of these products before purchasing them. The variation in prices could be as a result of the currency exchange rate, the place of purchase, and other similar factors.

Lister Generator Prices in Nigeria

Benefits of Lister Generators

Low Long-term Cost – Everyone love to get real value for their money in whatever they put it into, and buying a Lister generator is no exception. Petrol burns faster than diesel, which means that petrol engines consume more fuel than their diesel counterparts. This implies that you will spend more on fuel for a petrol generator than on a diesel generator. Therefore in a long run you would save more on fuel purchase if you opt in for a diesel generator such as Lister.

Easy Maintenance – Diesel engines such as Lister generators are easier to maintain and managed when compared to petrol engines. Also Lister builds its generators in such a way that the serviceable parts are positioned on one part for easy reach and easy working condition. This helps to reduce the stress mechanics will face in times of servicing your Lister generator.

Stability and Performance – Lister generators are a household name due to its stability and performance. It has stronger resilient than petrol engines. They are built and tested to function in the most adverse weather condition and remains functional even after a long period of time.

Low Noise Emission – Most of the new Lister Gensets coming into the market are low noise emission products. This means you can operate your diesel generator without fear of extreme noise pollution.

After-use Value – Still on getting the best value for your money, diesel generators are the best products on this niche. Generally diesel generators retain much of their value despite being already used, and Lister generators are no exception to that. This makes the purchase of a Lister generator a wise investment. You can easily sell it off when you have no need for it anymore and you can get a substantial amount for it.

Things You Might Not Like About Lister Generators

Despite being a great generator brand, they might be things one might not be too happy about when it comes to Lister generators. When it comes to Lister generators they are actually very few things one might dislike. They are very few it is actually hard to name. But some of them might include;

Expensive – When compared to petrol generators, Lister generators might come off as expensive. So it is often being purchased by organizations who can easily afford it. Also the price of diesel in the country is really a big stumbling block for many.

Technical Knowledge – To operate a Lister generator is quiet easy and simple, but yet it might seem like a little stress for some individuals. Which means one need some simple knowledge of how diesel engines work to own one?

Noise Pollution – Even though noise reduction technology is being implemented on new models of Lister generators, the current ones can be noisy too, especially the heavy duty industrial ones. This may be upsetting to use in residential areas.

Other Things to Know About Lister Generators

Whether you are an owner or planning to own a Lister generator, there are some things worth knowing about them.

The Different Sizes: They come in different sizes; you have portable ones that range from 6.5KVA – 10KVA. This can be used to power homes and offices depending on the size. Also the large industrial ones between 10KVA – 50KVA used to power big buildings or factories.

Design: The engines are designed to help the operator with service intervals from 250 – 2000hrs reducing the time and expenses needed for maintenance. It has all service parts located on one side enabling easier access during maintenance.

Durable and High performance Generators: Lister has one of the most durable engines in the market. Lister generators are capable of continuous operation at prime and not standby power. Due to this, the engines can be operated 24/7 with the right planned maintenance and overhaul.

Lister Generator & Specifications

The Lister Petter range of LP series generators give power from 5.8 kW through to 34.1 kW with speeds of 1500, 1800, 3000 and 3600 rpm. The generators are powered by the LP series engines which are all water cooled through either a radiator or water cooled manifold.

LWALR Long Running Gensets

A range of diesel fuelled, water cooled “Long Running” gensets powered by the LPW engine.

  • 50 Hz, 1500 – 3000 r/min
  • 60 Hz, 1800 – 3600 r/min

5.8 – 28.6 kVA


TR Series

The Lister Petter range of TR series generators give power from 4.4 kVA through to 24.9 kVA with speeds of 1500 and 1800 rpm. The gensets are powered by the TR series engines which are all naturally air cooled with integrated fan to ensure constant air flow when running.

LAT Gensets

A range of air cooled gensets powered by the Lister Petter T Series air cooled engine.

  • 50 Hz, 1500 r/min
  • 4.4 – 20.2kVA

60 Hz, 1800 r/min
5.4 – 24.9kVA

LAT (8)A
LAT 15(A)
LAT 24(8)

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