LG Freezer Prices in Nigeria Review

So over time, many freezers have come and have stayed over the years but only a few still are able to maintain their strong delivery and sales mark, with high quality products and utmost attention to customer detail. LG freezers are rated as one of the best in the market space and they offer you everything you’ll need in a standard freezer.

LG Freezer Prices in Nigeria TaK Review lg Nigeriantech.com.ng

Find something stylish and cool to fit your kitchen space. See sleek, premium design, energy efficient latest technology of LG freezers with blast freezing. Just like other brands, LG comes in different types the upright freezer is gradually becoming the most sought after in the market.

In this post, we will look at the prices of LG Freezers available in the market today.

LG Freezer prices in Nigeria

Discover the range of LG refrigerators that come in a variety of colors, sizes & styles to match any kitchen decor. Find your perfect fridge today. LG freezers are readily available in Nigeria. The fact that they have got a lot of distribution outlets across the country makes it easy for people to access their products.

  • LG Chest Freezer 100 Litres — (NGN) 50,000 — (NGN) 62,000 naira
  • LG Chest Freezer 135/138 Litres — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 115,000 naira
  • LG Chest Freezer 175 Litres — (NGN) 88,000 — (NGN) 110,000 naira
  • LG Chest Freezer 200 Litres — (NGN) 90,000 — (NGN) 98,000 naira

LG Freezer Prices in Nigeria TaK Review Nigeriantech.com.ng

  • LG Chest Freezer 250/252 Litres — (NGN) 140,000 — (NGN) 170,000 naira
  • LG Chest Freezer 325 Litres — (NGN) 160,000 — (NGN) 180,000 naira
  • LG Chest Freezer 280 Litres — (NGN) 130,000 — (NGN) 170,000 naira
  • LG Chest Freezer 452/450 Litres — (NGN) 250,000 — (NGN) 300,000 naira
  • LG UP right Freezer — (NGN) 280,000 — (NGN) 370,000 naira


  • Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable

LG Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

  • Make sure you measure the height, depth and width of the space in your kitchen for an accurate measurement.
  • Account for the door opening, general access and location so you know your appliance will be practical to use.
  • Ensure there is ventilation of at least 2cm around the top and sides of the appliance.

Wrapping up

You’ve come here looking for a detailed explanation of all the aspects to consider before buying a new LG Freezer. And you can be rest assured that you’ll be getting just that. We’ve created this buying guide keeping in mind everything that one must know to understand the all-important kitchen appliance. These days, refrigerators do so much more than just keeping our food fresh, and it’s imperative to understand all these features and prices before making a decision.

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