Lexus Gx470, Gx460 Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

The Lexus brand just announced it’s new Gx460 which is an amazing off-road vehicle, the Gx460 is a mid size SUV compared to the Gx470 SUV. In Africa, over the past years the Lexus brand sold few units of vehicles because they were not really known and most individuals felt the car design was too firm on the road with the v8 engine.

The Lexus Gx470 is not just a luxury SUV. The Lexus Gx470 is very comfortable, safe and stylish. This model is called the fancy 4runner, it is a luxury version of the toyota land cruiser. The value of this SUV will always remain high and well, as it goes on sale for several dollars than other competitors. This is the only sports utility vehicle that has a resale value award up to $7000.


The full size luxury Gx470 SUV leaves little to the imagination, it redefines luxury with it’s plush cabin and plethora of features that put comfort in the drivers seat. This model has quite a significant presence in the nigerian retail space and although the making of this automobile has been stopped over the years back.The parts of these models are easily affordable and can be purchased if the need arises.

Almost everyone knows about the toyota brand, and the lexus franchise is also a division of the toyota car maker. The SUV has got stylish designs and it is known for being durable and less problematic over time, even while in use.The Lexus Gx470 was only built based on the similarities it has with that of the toyota land cruiser prado with four wheel drive layout and toyota’s v8 engine with 32 valve.

This particular brand was released in 2002, and while it was halted in 2009 the lexus Gx 460 was launched. Now based on how the lexus Gx 470 was displayed and portrayed the platform allowed for the Gx460 to be developed with more technologies to enhance top quality and top performance too.

In this post, you will see the present prices of the Lexus Gx470 in Nigeria.

Lexus Gx460 Prices in Nigeria (New Model)

The Lexus GX460 is the current version of this SUV, which can be found in brand new condition. This all-wheel-drive vehicle series measures 4,856 mm in length, 1,933 mm in width, and has a wheelbase of 2,850 mm. Its curb weight is 2,452 kg in total.

Lexus Gx470, Gx460 Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria xus

  • New Lexus Gx460 2010 price in Nigeria —– (NGN) 25,000,000 — (NGN) 42,000,000
  • New Lexus Gx460 2011 price in Nigeria —- (NGN) 25,000,000 —- (NGN) 40,000,000
  • New Lexus Gx460 2012 price in Nigeria —- (NGN) 25,000,000 —- (NGN) 40,000,000
  • New Lexus Gx460 2013 Price in Nigeria —- (NGN) 25,000,000 —- (NGN) 45,000,000
  • New Lexus Gx460 2014 Price in Nigeria —- (NGN) 22,000,000 —- (NGN) 40,000,000
  • New Lexus Gx460 2015 price in Nigeria —- (NGN) 25,000,000 —- (NGN) 42,000,000

Foreign Lexus Gx470 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign Lexus GX470 2002 price in Nigeria —– (NGN)3,500,000 –(NGN)5,500,000
  • Foreign Lexus GX470 2003 price in Nigeria —– (NGN)3,500,000 – (NGN)5,500,000
  • Foreign Lexus GX470 2004 price in Nigeria —– (NGN)3,500,000 – (NGN)5,600,000
  • Foreign Lexus GX470 2005 price in Nigeria —– (NGN)3,500,000 – (NGN)5,500,000
  • Foreign Lexus GX470 2006 price in Nigeria —– (NGN)6,000,000 – (NGN)8,000,000
  • Foreign Lexus GX470 2007 price in Nigeria —– (NGN)6,000,000 – (NGN)9,500,000
  • Foreign Lexus GX470 2008 price in Nigeria —– (NGN)6,000,000 – (NGN)9,000,000

The Lexus GX470 is rated among the most efficient, durable and strongest products of Lexus mid-sized luxury SUV line-up. It can also be considered a reference point for other designs of the same segment in the vehicle industry.

Now Employing 4.7L V8 engine, same as the larger LX 470, the first generation of the Lexus GX also follows standard permanent 4-wheel-drive system mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission with a center locking Torsen differential. This car can produce 235 hp and 434 Nm at max and it will bring users good value for their money.

While the GX 460 is very quiet and quick, yet this hulking brute is both highly capable off-road and capable of towing a 6,500-pound load. The 4.6-liter V8 engine and six-speed automatic make for a slick power train but got a paltry 17 mpg overall. Handling is lumbering but ultimately secure. The ride is very comfortable, especially at low speeds, although the body tends to jostle when driving over uneven pavement. Inside, the cabin is plush and well-finished. Drivers of almost any height should find a good seating position. There’s plenty of space all-around and a commanding view out. The small third-row seat folds neatly into the floor when it’s not in use, but the side-swinging rear door can be inconvenient at times.

Things to consider beforePurchase

  • Good saftey feature
  • High efficiency
  • Strong
  • Smooth

You can get an alert sent to your smartphone if the vehicle exceeds a preset speed or mileage limit to help you keep an eye on a teenage driver. We’d get a GX 460 Premium with the optional blind spot monitoring system and heated wood-and-leather steering wheel. It’s the best deal in the lineup.

Lexus Gx460 & Lexus Gx470 Car Distributors in Nigeria

Contact Details :  Stanley Nwocha : +2340737009952

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