Lexus ES 300H Review & Price in Nigeria (Good looks Go Far)

Now in its seventh generation, the ES sticks to the same script as it has for three decades, one all about wafting in comfort. Its particular flavor of luxury majors on engineering precision, ease of use, and that reputation for reliability. Sure, you could say the Lexus, the original Lexus S400 is the car that put Lexus on the map, after all. Those two letters might be the answer for the engine-swapping community, but the LS limo is a niche offering in a niche class.

lexus 300h lexus

Facts about the Lexus ES 300h

  • Engine: 2.5L I4 w/ electric motor
  • Output: 215 hp, 163 lb-ft
  • Transmission: CVT
  • US Fuel Economy (mpg, city/highway/combined): 43/44/44
  • CAN Fuel Economy (L/100 km, city/highway/combined): 5.5/5.2/5.3

After a decade to get used to it on other models, the ES’ take on the pugnacious Predator face almost blends in. Thank the more nuanced shape, which curves as it flows down the face instead of looking like a stamped-on hourglass. The blades of the hybrid model’s grille give it a more stately look here, and the 18-inch wheels match the vibe. The battery-assisted 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine makes for one of the most fuel-efficient luxury cars on sale today. The hybrid ES brings just enough power to the table, but it also brings a generous helping of efficiency, as well. The EPA rates the ES 300h at 43 miles per gallon in the city, and 45 mpg highway. The Lexus ES 300h carries a familiar propulsion package, also found in the Camry and RAV4. An electric motor supports a 2.5-liter, Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder, resulting in 215 combined system horsepower. That’s a significant drop from the 302 hp V6, but more important is the low-down torque from those electric motors. Toyota doesn’t quote a peak or combined figure for twist, but the ES 300h never feels sluggish at traffic lights or on-ramps. Sure, it’s slower against the clock, but nobody is buying an ES for drag racing. Overall, the 2019 ES is a pleasing example of a car that can offer remarkable plushness while still being fun to drive. The 2019 ES 300h is fuel-efficient, comfortable, spacious, stylish and reasonably priced.

lexus Lexus ES 300H Review (Good looks Go Far) 300h

The payoff with the 300h is fuel mileage roughly 50 percent better than the gas-only model. The top-shelf ES 300h includes features like rain-sensing wipers, acoustic side glass, a power trunk lid with a kick sensor and performance dampers. Inside, there’s a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, heated and ventilated seats, plus semi-aniline leather upholstery. Other features bundled with the Ultra Luxury package include a heated steering wheel, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, ultrasonic parking sensors. I am proud to say that the Lexus ES 300h comes with a compulsory tech which is complemented with an impressive suite of standard safety features, which include pedestrian- and bicyclist-detecting collision-mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, road sign recognition and automatic high beams.

lexus es Lexus ES 300H Review (Good looks Go Far)

The ES 300h is a rare beast in this part of the luxury market in that it is resolutely not about sporting behavior. Another welcome improvement over what’s come before is Active Glide Control. With this feature on in Eco mode, the ES 300h foregoes the traditional EV regenerative braking and coasts like regular gas-powered cars. For those who will count this as their first hybrid, it should make the transition easier. It’s easy to get comfortable in the ES, in either row. The front is naturally better-appointed, with 14-way power-adjustable seats on either side of the console. The perforated leather on the thrones looks and feels great, and so does the textured hide on the doors and center console. Soft-touch materials are everywhere inside, with a few low-key splashes of wood here and there. It’s an understated but confident sort of luxury feel. Rear seat accommodations are spacious. At 16.7 cubic feet, the ES’ trunk is vast, able to swallow more than most competitors. That includes, surprisingly, its Toyota Avalon sibling. It boasts a low lift-over height of just a hair over 28 inches too. That being said, the rear seats can’t fold down in the hybrid, which does limit the car’s versatility.

Lexus ES 300H Review (Good looks Go Far)

The full Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 suite is present in the ES 300h. This includes emergency braking, lane keep assist, lane trace assist, automatic high-beams and adaptive cruise control. We found the cruise control very consistent, and it works especially well in concert with lane trace assist. With both active the car will target the middle of the lane by reading road markings, or center itself based on the car ahead. Overall, the 2019 ES is a pleasing example of a car that can offer remarkable plushness while still being fun to drive. The 2019 ES 300h is fuel-efficient, comfortable, spacious, stylish and reasonably priced.

Price of the Lexus ES 300h in Nigeria

Brand new version of the latest model of the Lexus ES 300h can be purchased in Nigeria between 25million – 30 million naira.

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