Laptop Batteries in Nigeria

Laptop/computer batteries are important and sometimes more often than not we ignore the value the battery brings when in use or when the computer/laptop is required for use. But what is a laptop battery to start with.  A laptop or computer battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device, enabling that device to work without a power cord.

Laptop Batteries in Nigeria lio

Batteries are often capable of powering a laptop computer for several hours depending on how much power it requires.The difference in quality from one laptop battery manufacturer to the other could vary greatly. Hewlett Packard (HP) laptops are undoubtedly the most popular in Nigeria and they have a very large variety of laptops.

As well as the apple brand of laptops too, not to forget the likes of Dell laptops, Acer laptops, lenovo, google, samsung, toshiba and other computers that work well with batteries. The battery life of a laptop is very important especially in Nigeria, but we can give a boost of applaud to the power sector in this times as an ideal laptop should have at least 4 hours of battery life when fully charged.

Although most people will ask how long should it take for a laptop/computer battery to run out completely, the answer to this question is that more often after the laptop has gone through a full single charge and the power adapter is unplugged, the average laptop battery life is between one and ten hours.

This time is dependent on the battery, its capacity i.e (mAH), what is being done on the laptop, and how old the battery has been in use. It is not advisable to make use of a laptop without it’s battery, this is because users need the battery to power most, if not all, of the functions in the laptop. Thus, you cannot use your laptop without a battery, unless you use it like a desktop.

In which case, you can remove the battery, but you would have to plug in the charging cable to use the laptop and once the power goes off so does the laptop and every data that is being worked on at that specific time.

Types of Laptop Batteries in Nigeria

Laptop Batteries in Nigeria batt

Here, in this post you can see the different types of laptop batteries for different types of laptop/computer brands in the Nigerian retail market space.

Lithium-Ion Battery for Dell XPS Laptops

With the lithium-Ion Battery for Dell XPS computers, users can replace their compatible Dell XPS laptop with the NM-JWPHF-6 lithium-ion battery, which features 11.1V of power and a 4400 mAh capacity for a sustained charge. The rechargeable design with overload protection ensures a very long-term use.

Lithium-Ion Battery for Toshiba Laptops

Using this battery for any type of toshiba laptops, users can Power their compatible Toshiba laptop with NM-PA5024U-6 lithium-ion battery, which features 10.8V of power for reliable recharging. Overload protection promotes safe use over time.

Lithium-Ion Battery for ASUS Laptops

Users can continue to power their ASUS laptop with the NM-A32-F82 battery, which feature lithium-ion chemistry and 10.8V of power for reliable recharging. The rechargeable design with overload protection ensures long-term use.

6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery for HP Laptops

You can now power your HP laptop with the NM-MU06055-6 6-cell lithium-ion battery that provides 10.8V and features a 4400 mAh capacity to keep your device ready for use. Built-in protection helps prevent overcharging.

6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery for HP Envy dv4 and dv6 Laptops

For Most HP Envy dv4 & dv6 laptops, users will get lengthen the time they can use their HP laptop with this replacement battery. It is compatible with several computer models for use with multiple devices.

9-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery for Dell Inspiron Laptops

Enjoy extended use of your Dell Inspiron laptop with the help of the NM-RU586-9 battery, which features a 6600 mAh capacity that provides a sustained 11.1V of power to your device. Lithium-ion chemistry helps ensure safe operation.

Lithium-Ion Battery for Samsung Laptops

Your compatible Samsung laptop will go very well with the NM-PB9NC5B lithium-ion battery, which features 11.1V of power and a 4400 mAh capacity for a long-lasting charge. Overload protection promotes safe use.

8-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery for Lenovo G40-70 and G70-80 Laptops

Users can easily power their Lenovo laptop with this 4400 mAh replacement battery. It has a LiIon cell for reliable performance, and it installs quickly for easy swapping.

Types Of Apple Laptop Batteries in Nigeria

Laptop Batteries in Nigeria

In this post, you will know the different types of apple laptop/computer batteries in the nigeria.

Lithium-Polymer Battery for Apple® MacBook® Pro 17″ Laptops

Users can get an ultra-lightweight power option for their 17-inch Apple MacBook Pro with this lithium-polymer replacement battery. This battery is an ideal backup solution, this thin battery slips easily into your laptop bag. The lithium-polymer replacement battery delivers 6300 mAh of power, providing steady support when you can’t find an outlet to recharge.

Lithium-Ion Battery for Apple® MacBook® Pro with Retina display 13.3″ Laptops

You can now update and refresh your laptop power source with this replacement battery. The battery is fully Compatible with 13.3-inch 2015 MacBook Pro laptops and it supports effortless change, and the lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion chemistry doesn’t add weight to your laptop bag. This replacement battery keeps you powered up with 6500 mAh.

Lithium-Ion Battery for Apple® MacBook® Pro with Retina display Laptops

Users can Keep their laptop in optimal working condition with this rechargeable replacement battery. The 8400 mAh capacity delivered at 11.26V provides a reliable power supply, and the 16-oz. Plus the weight helps keep your device light and portable. This replacement battery is compatible with Apple MacBook Pro laptops for a specific fit.

Laptop Battery Distributor Contact Details in Nigeria

Laptop Batteries in Nigeria zr

Plax computers limited are the official distributors of laptop/computer batteries in nigeria. They are located at ikeja, lagos state nigeria. So if you are looking to purchasing a replacement battery for your laptop/computer battery this is the company to call, contact : 2347037009952.

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