Juice Extractor Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Staying healthy has become part of our daily lives and taking fruits are at our top priorities as regards to keeping fit at all times. Whether you’re trying to get more nutrients into your diet or you like to start your day with a big glass of greens, a good juice extractor makes it easy to whip up fresh-pressed fruits produced in minutes.

Juice Extractor Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

A very good juice extractor offers you convenience, with minimum pre-cutting required. It is easy to use and is backed by a good warranty. So just before you decide to go shopping, there are three main types of juice extractors to choose from.

These are the Slow juice extractor, the centrifugal juice extractor, and the citrus juice extractor. Slow juice extractors and centrifugal juice extractors are the best for fruits and vegetables, while citrus juice extractors are great for simply squeezing oranges, lemons and lime.

In this post, you will be shown the known types of juice extractors and the prices they are on sale for in the retail market space. Most people believe the best juice extractors are easy to use and ideally, clean. Although this is considered fact.

Juice Extractor Prices in Nigeria

There are different types of juice extractors and they come in different prices too. What people want about this product, is a juice extractor that looks great out of the box, an extractor that produces more than average results across the board in extracting performance and is good considering its below average price point and for the most part, an extractor that extracts juice with relatively low percentage of pulp/power.

Legend Juice Extractor

  • Legend Fruit Juice Extractor Pro 900 Watts — (NGN) 32,000 — (NGN) 42,000
  • Legend Fruit Juice Extractor Pro 850 Watts — (NGN) 28,000 — (NGN) 35,000

Binatone Juice Extractor

  • Binatone Turbo Powered Juice Extractor JE-880 — (NGN) 16,000 — (NGN) 22,000
  • Binatone Turbo Powered Juice Extractor JE-580 — (NGN) 17,000 — (NGN) 22,000

Nakai Juice Extractor

  • Nakai Japan Juice Extractor 600 Watts — (NGN) 9,000 — (NGN) 14,000
  • Nakai Japan Juice Extractor 800 Watts — (NGN) 12,000 — (NGN) 22,000

Master Chef Juice Extractor

  • Master Chef 7in1 Juice Extractor & Blender (NGN) 14,000 — (NGN) 18,000
  • Master Chef Juice Extractor — (NGN) 6,500 — (NGN) 10,000
  • Master Chef Juice Extractor — (NGN) 4in1 Pro Speed Turbo Juice Extractor 1.25 litres — (NGN) 13,000 — (NGN) 17,000

Juice Extractor Prices in Nigeria berry Nigeriantech.com.ng

The juice extractor material is high quality, and it can handle a huge range of fruit and vegetables, even tricky ones like beetroot, celery, carrot, kale and ginger.

Kenwood Juice Extractor

  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 40 Watts JE-290 — (NGN) 7,000 — (NGN) 10,000
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 700 Watts JEM500SS — (NGN) 30,000 — (NGN) 45,000
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 700 Watts JE680-Anti-Drip — (NGN) 48,000 — (NGN) 55,000
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 1500 Watts Anti Drip — (NGN) 90,000 — (NGN) 100,000
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 340 Watts JEP010 — (NGN) 19,000 — (NGN) 20,000

The Kenwood Juice Extractor is top-quality performance as it commands top quality prices too. Of course, this one is designed for longevity, so you’re getting more out of your original investment than you would paying less for something that can’t withstand daily use.

Century Juice Extractor

  • Century CJE-8221-D Juice Extractor 1 litre — (NGN) 12,000 — (NGN) 15,000
  • Century CJE-8221-A Juice Extractor 1 Litre — (NGN) 13,000 — (NGN) 17,000
  • Century CJE-8221-B1 Juice Extractor 1 Litre — (NGN) 13,000 — (NGN) 17,000
  • Century Juice Extractor 850 Watts — (NGN) 28,000 — (NGN) 35,000

This Juice extractor delivers great juice and is great at grinding up fibrous leafy vegetables like kale and collard greens.

Juice Extractor Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Contact : Norbert Ndudi — +2347053977576

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