Invisalign Tips to Amplify Results In Nigeria

How long do you need to wear Invisalign to see results?

Although it may take longer for most patients, some may see results from their Invisalign treatment in as little as two weeks. So while some may have to wait three months before their smile improves, others may have to wait at least five months before noticing any changes to their smile.

Does vibration speed up Invisalign?

Invisalign Tips to amplify results in Nigeria
Aligner change/treatment time

The results of this study demonstrated that patients who received adjunctive high-frequency vibration exchanged clear aligners faster and finished their orthodontic treatment faster compared to controls.

Have you been craving a straighter smile for as long as you can remember? Now that invisible braces have become fashionable in the UK, more and more people are turning to orthodontics to get that full perfect smile, even in Nigeria this is becoming a thing.

At Belur Orthodontics, They are all about fully making it easier for you to get a more fine attractive, beautiful and confident smile from your Invisalign treatment.

The best orthodontic results are achieved when patients take care of their invisible braces. In order to do so, there are some key factors you need to be aware of – or in this case – 10 tips that are essential to achieving that stunning smile faster with the Belur treatment plans.

Keep your invisible braces clean on a regular basis.

With your invisible braces, you may have an almost undetectable orthodontic treatment. However, you must properly maintain the invisible braces.

Unfortunately, if you don’t clean your invisible braces on a regular basis, they might become discolored. People will start to notice when you have them in if this happens.

You may remove any buildup and germs from the trays with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water. At least once a day, try to do this. The trays will remain clear and in good condition as a result of this.

Wear them for the whole 22-hour period

The invisible braces will only function if you wear them, and you must wear them for a long enough period of time for your teeth to straighten.

For the most part, this entails wearing the trays for 22 hours every day. To eat or drink anything other than water, you’ll need to remove the trays. But, outside from those activities, do all you can to keep them in.

You’ll wind up prolonging your treatment time and not getting the Invisalign results you desire if you don’t.

Stick to Your Schedule as if it were a clock.

You must visit your orthodontist for frequent adjustments if you have conventional braces. Invisalign, on the other hand, provides you with a set of trays that you must replace on your own.

It is critical that you adhere to the timetable to the letter. You’ll be delaying the course of your therapy if you neglect to change a tray.

Traditional braces may be a better option if you’re concerned about keeping up with your schedule.

Be Prepared for Some Discomfort

Even with Invisalign, your teeth will shift into a better position. This procedure might be unpleasant, especially when switching to a new invisible braces. However, the discomfort should subside in a few days and should never be severe.

Make a strategy for it. Switch braces out at night so you can sleep through the most difficult part of the transition. Also, stock up on soft meals to assist you get through the soreness.

Call your orthodontist if the discomfort becomes unbearable at any stage.

Brush Your Teeth and Floss

Your teeth are totally encased with Invisalign trays. It is because of this that they are able to function so efficiently.

However, the bacteria and germs in your mouth become caught against your teeth and gumline as well. Throughout the day, your saliva won’t be able to reach your teeth to clean them off.

This means brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal and before putting your aligners back in is required. You’ll be more likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease if you don’t.

Don’t Get Rid of Your Old Aligners

Accidents do occur. Those new invisible braces might break or become misplaced. You’ll need a strategy to save your progress until your orthodontist can get you a new aligner if this happens.

Your existing invisible braces will perform the job quite well. Throughout your therapy, try to keep your old trays. You’ll be able to use them as a temporary retainer until your new braces arrive.

Never eat with your braces in your mouth.

If you’re not cautious, food and beverages will stain your invisible braces. As a result, it’s critical to remove your braces before eating or drinking anything other than water.

Though the alignment braces themselves will not be harmed by your eating or drinking, they will become cloudy after a while.

Remove them if you’re unsure.

Place the braces in a safe place.

Invisalign braces, when used correctly, make it simple to have a discreet orthodontic treatment. However, their near-invisibility offers another problem: they’re exceedingly easy to misplace!

If you’re eating, drinking, or not wearing your braces, keep them in a retainer case or other hard container. Use a brightly colored case if possible to make it easier to find in your bag or purse.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Discouraged

At first, it’s natural to be self-conscious about your invisible braces. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be optimistic about your prognosis.

It will take some time to adjust to wearing the invisible braces. Almost everyone finds regular conversation difficult at first, but the more you do it, the simpler it becomes.

The most essential thing is to keep wearing your invisible braces and to talk to your orthodontist if they don’t seem to be fitting your teeth properly.

Don’t give up on the therapy you’re receiving. Allow yourself a few weeks to adjust to your Invisalign. It will still be less difficult than getting used to standard metal braces.

Get Your Checkups Done

You won’t have to worry about getting your braces fixed and tightened every few weeks with Invisalign. Instead, you may do it yourself by switching out your trays. However, you’ll need to visit your orthodontist for periodic checkups to ensure that your treatment is progressing as expected.

It’s critical that you show up for these appointments on time. Reschedule as soon as possible if anything comes up if you can’t make it. Keep in mind that these visits assist you and your orthodontist stay on track with your treatment.

Invisalign tips to amplify results in nigeria
We hope that these recommendations will help you achieve the greatest Invisalign results possible if you’re just getting started with Invisalign. They are, however, just the tip of the iceberg. After getting Invisalign, you may want to get teeth whitening in total as well to further beautify your smile.

During your consultation and fitting, pay attention to what your orthodontist says. Also, don’t be scared to seek counsel at any point during your therapy.

If anything doesn’t seem right or you’re concerned about how your therapy is proceeding, please contact the personnel in charge right away.

Is 20 hours enough for Invisalign?

Your doctor will tell you how long to wear your aligners each day, but typically people wear their Invisalign aligners 20 to 22 hours a day to get the best results.

Does Invisalign ever work faster than expected?

Being responsible about using the aligners increases your chances that your teeth should become straighter per your treatment plan and perhaps even finish quicker than first expected.

How many times a day can you remove Invisalign?

We will provide detailed instructions on use and how to care for them. For Invisalign to be effective, you need to wear them 20 hours every day. You should remove the trays only for eating and cleaning. Every 1 – 2 weeks, you will need to change to a new tray.

Does Invisalign accelerator work?

But to reduce the overall time it takes to complete your treatment is why accelerate Invisalign continues to grow in popularity. Accelerated Invisalign can speed up tooth movement by up to 50% throughout your orthodontic treatment.

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