Husbsan H501s X4 Full Review, Specifications & price

The Husbsan H501s X4 is a series of lightweight, remotely controlled quadcopters,(most preferably called drones). Since the marketing of the first model, several upgrades and improvements have taken place, each with a subsequent model number and designation attached.

It also has 20 minutes’ flight time, first-person view (FPV), altitude hold, Headless mode, GPS mode, follow-me mode, circle mode, orbit mode, and auto return home.

I once attended a wedding ceremony and they had the Hubsan H501s X4 drone for the live video coverage which was pretty cool and dope if you ask me.

So i can tell you for a fact that the drone is another tech invention that is about to hit Africa by storm as the wonderful features it has and the magnificent things you can do with it.

I know that nigerians are very tech crazy and we love all the inventions that moves and evolves with the technology industry at large, no wonder we are the largest consumers of tech products all over the world.

Husbsan H501s X4 Full Review, Specifications & price

Hubsan is a veteran in the drone business with a number of these gadgets to their name already. One of those happen to be the Hubsan H501S X4 which is a mix of budget and features. Budget in the sense that, it offers quite a bunch of features at the price tag.

The small sized quadcopters is the definition of a well built long lasting drone with around 20 minutes flight time on a full charge. Also, I would like to point out that the drone does not come with controller batteries, extra rotors or any other extra spare parts.


The Hubsan h501s X4 can be bought at any e-commerce store close to your region. You can also order it from amazon, jumia and  gear beat if you choose.


  • 300m to 800m range control
  • 6 -axis Gyro Sensor
  • About 20 minutes of flight time.
  • LCD built-in Remote Controller (Standalone)
  • 7.4V, 2700 mAh Battery
  • GPS enabled
  • Headless Mode, Auto Return Home and Altitude Hold
  • FPV
  • 1080p Full HD Video Recording
  • Follow Me mode


An affordable quad copter like the Hubsan H501S X4 is quite a good gadget you acquire with nice gold accents or gold bars if you call it that way. The drone measures 220mm in size when measures from one rotor to another diagonally.

The drone does not have a designated landing gear rather the nudge beneath the rotor serves that purpose. The backdoor opens to reveal the battery compartment and connector.

As it can not be folded too. The Hubsan H501S X4 has a plastic build which helps to minimize the weight. Weighing 410g, the drone is quite compact but comes without a prop guard to protect the rotors. In addition, it has a brushless motor which is certainly the motor of choice in a drone.

It has got these sweet controller pads and ensures comfort during video image capturing.


The drones can deliver  food and medicine

Quadcopters and drones are able to reach places that people cannot. In future, community agencies may use these vehicles to deliver medicine and food to inaccessible places.

Andreas Raptopoulous, a researcher at Matternet introduced a system of flying vehicles and landing stations, controlled by routing software. He called this system Matternet.

He explained how the drone can transport around 2kg of medicines to inaccessible places in around 15 minutes.

Quadcopters and drones can navigate into ground stations, in secure places, to deliver medicine and food for people in danger or are security threatened. The routing software guides the vehicles through adverse weather. This can help people in inaccessible places to recover and progress.


If you have a thing for marketing and social media strategist, You could make use of the quad copter for your personal vlogs, vacation site-seeing tool and so on, however, a professional pursuit would certainly require you to go for a more expensive model. Aide, it boasts of features like Headless mode, one-key return, altitude hold and first-person view on the remote controller.

Gamers will love these piece if it is been giving to them as a gift. The drone is a beginner drone one stacked up with nice features and a good enough range for a pleasurable flight.

There is no third party application involved in navigating the drone. The Hubsan H501S X4 is controlled solely by the remote controller from the box. On the controller, there are several buttons and switches tasked with activating a number of different modes.

Also, there is a 3.7-inch screen built on the controller for the fpv function with altitude, distance from the remote, GPS coordinates and other data on display. Transmission of FPV footage is at a frequency of 5.8GHz while the controls are done at 2.4GHz to avoid mix up in any way.


If for the first time you are just reading about the drone on paper, the Hubsan H501S X4 appears to be of great quality up to a full HD+ resolution in recording. However, it appears more or less washed out and without color plus there is no gimbal or images stabilization.

On the other hand, all of this can be stacked up to the low price tag of the drone. The camera is also fixed and there is no way of moving it during flight and all the images and videos are stored on a microSD card inserted into the drone.

IT’s video recording is the bomb!! when you make a video with the drone you feel or you start getting in tuned with the power house of the media and ever blossom Tv house. With that being said the image and video quality is an improvement and a step to stamping authority on what is truly theirs.


Hubsan H501S X4 price starts at around $220(USD). You can buy the drone at leading online stores in your country. The Hubsan H501S X4 price in Nigeria tops sale at (NGN) 50, 000 Naira depending on the deal and location in which the drone is being purchased.



  • Sensors: barometer, 6-axis gyro sensor
  • Satellite Navigation: GPS
  • Flight Time: 18-20mins
  • Maximum Altitude:
  • Controller: Yes, 10-Channel 2.4GHz Wireless Controller (with 1200 mAh battery built-in and 4.3-inch screen)
  • Functions: Aerial Photography, Camera, Forward/backward, FPV, GPS location tracking, Headless Mode, Hot Point Following, Long Distance, One Key Automatic Return, Self altitudes and position hold, Turn left/right, Up/down-


  • Battery: 2, 700mAh Li-Po battery
  • Charging Time: 160 minutes


  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Video Recording: 1080p Full HD Video
  • Features: Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Follow Me Mode, OSD Live data, One-Key Return
  • FPV: Yes


  • Motor Type: Brushless Motor
  • Dimension: 22 x 22 x 7cm
  • Weight: 448g
  • Description: Quadcopter


Drones belong to a class of aerial vehicles known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). These devices can take to the air without human pilots. This feature makes drones flying robots.

Encompassing both quadcopters and planes, drones have software-controlled flight plans integrated into their systems. These systems work with GPS to guide and track their movements.

Technology has advanced quads and drones dramatically. In the past ten years, companies such as Heli-Max, Blade, Walker, Parrot have all produced mini drones. Which use up-to-date computer technology for aerial photography and flight control.

The quadcopters rely on a strong centre of gravity. Their CG (centre of gravity) is in the middle of its four rotors and keep them balanced.

Putting loads on the quadcopters may affect their centre of gravity and stability. However, flyers can counteract this by adjusting the quad’s load.

Drones and quadcopters make suitable test platforms, because they are relatively small and inexpensive. Anyone can fly them and this is the reason why they are considered to be suitable tools for researchers.

Apart from this, drones and quads can survive harsh environments. They can reach inaccessible and dangerous places on behalf of researchers. This helps solve many problems with logistics and cost.

Environmental protection agencies and governments can tap into the aerial imaging capabilities of drones for environmental conversation.

Conversation drones can fly over landscapes and take photos on the ground without creating disturbance. They can capture images of wildlife in remote places and provide information which tells environmental protection agencies if wildlife is under threat.

These drones can drastically reduce conversation costs. If this article has been interesting to you kindly leave a comment below thank you for reading through.

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