Howo Sinotruk Prices in Nigeria

In haulage business, your truck is your office and if you have to make any profit, that office must continue to operate, regardless of the surrounding economic or climate conditions. Anytime your vehicle is down, you would be losing quite a lot of potential income.

Is HOWO truck good?



Howo Sinotruck Prices in Nigeria
HOWO has been a great brand with its good build quality and reasonable price point but it’s not mutually exclusive to them, as other brands from China like Dongfeng are world-renowned and quality alternatives to HOWO.

What country manufactures HOWO trucks?

SINOTRUK HOWO Limited was listed on the main board of HKSE in 2007. Its parent company China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp., Ltd. (SINOTRUK) is China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer, initially founded in 1956 and the cradle of China’s heavy duty truck industry.

What is the engine of Howo?

MC11, a kind of engine localized from the world top-class MAN engine, boasts a displacement of 10.518L and features excellent structure, low speed & high torque, high reliability, low failure rate and high cost performance, with its maximum power up to China III 430 PS (or China IV 440 PS).

How many gears does a Howo truck have?

16-Speed Transmission Shifting Manual

Each speed has two conditions, low and high, like 1H & 1L, when the lever is at 1st speed position and air switch is at “H”, then the speed is 1H, when the switch is lower at “L”, then it is 1L.

What engine is in Sinotruk?

Domestically made MAN MC05/MC07 diesel engine is equipped, and with the torque ranging from 570 Nm to 1,250 Nm and the power from 140 Ps to 336 Ps, it can be accelerated faster.

Howo Sinotruck Details in Nigeria

You may even lose clients due to bad vehicles because your clients would expect that their goods get to them at the agreed time and if a breakdown of your vehicle causes clients goods to be delayed and their businesses interrupted, such customers wouldn’t be so thrilled to patronize your business again.
Howo Sinotruck Prices in Nigeria
Howo Sinotruck has won the hearts of so many Nigerians due to its power, stability, and low cost of maintenance. Howo dump trucks can be used for conveying sand, chippings, and other materials from one place to another.

Sino trucks are among the most popular in Nigeria today. You will see them on most construction sites as well as on the major roads delivering all kinds of goods.

They are durable, very reliable, and perfect for Nigerian roads. In this post, we will look at the prices of some of the popular Sino Trucks in the Nigerian market space.

Howo Sinotruck Price in Nigeria

Brand new 2021 Howo Sinotruck price in Nigeria is on the range between 25,000,000 – 30,000,000 Naira. Buying a used truck most times is not easy especially if you are a new timer in the field.

If you set out to buy a truck without fully taking all necessary precautions you might end up buying a bad truck or even spend more money on a low-budget truck.

How to Buy a Sinotruck for your Haulage in Nigeria

Will You Buy New or Used Trucks

First, you have to look at your budget to determine what kind of truck you can afford. You could either purchase fairly used trucks or brand new.

Brand new trucks are usually very reliable and you would be able to avoid all the excessive repairs and maintenance costs usually associated with fairly used trucks but the challenge with buying new trucks is that it’s expensive and very few people can really afford them.

Those who cannot afford new trucks go for fairly used trucks which are way cheaper than the new ones. Although they are cheap and full investments made on them could be recouped faster, sometimes the costs of repairs and maintenance with the whole general unreliability of the fairly used trucks make them a not so perfect choice.

The best option here would be to find a truck that is both new and affordable, plus it comes with all the requirements of a haulage truck such as durability and ruggedness.

Bank Finance or Outright Purchase

This also depends on the capital you have to start this business. Usually, insufficient capital is not a deterrent in this business; you can always find alternative financing for truck purchase if you don’t have the money to purchase one out rightly.


There are different niches in haulage business with different truck specifications. You can use a tanker to carry petroleum products and liquids but you cannot use it to carry any type of electronics.

This is why you have to give very careful and logical consideration to the category of haulage business you want to do before you go ahead to buy a truck. You can get one that carry different types of stuffs

Howo Sinotruck Prices in Nigeria

Other Diesel Truck Prices in Nigeria

  • New Man Diesel Dump Truck Price And 12-Wheel: N19 million – N20.5 million
  • 4 x 2 Trailer Head Truck 230H MAN Diesel Trailer Truck: N3.6 million – N4.5 million
  • Infront MAN diesel dump truck HOWO: N22 million – N25 million
  • MINING SHACMAN 6×4 30ton 336HP brand new MAN diesel tipper truck: N19.5 million – N21 million
  • Shacman MAN Diesel 6 x 4 Tipper 375 380HP: N5 million – N7 million
  • 336HP 20 ton MAN Diesel Dump Truck: N4.8 million – 5.5 million
  • HOT SALE Shacman MAN mini 25-ton diesel dump truck: N24 million – N26.5 million
  • Sitom off Road 260hp Lowest Price Brand New Man Diesel Tipper Truck: N15 million – N17.5 million
  • Man Diesel Dump Truck: N6 million – N8 million
  • 30 Ton 50 Ton Rear Dumper Semi Trailer MAN Diesel Dump Truck: N10 million – N117 million
  • Man Diesel Tipper Truck Prices Sinotruk Heavy Duty HOWO 8 X 4 Dump Truck/Tipper Truck: N18 million – N19.6 million
  • 10 Wheels Man Diesel Tractor Trailer Truck: N19 million – N21.1 million
  • Telescopic Boom Aerial Working Truck MAN Lift Truck: N21 million – N22.2 million
  • Hydraulic MAN Lift 20m Aerial Platform Truck: N16 million – N17.9 million

Howo Sinotruck Prices in Nigeria

Engine Tips

Proper maintenance and tune-ups are necessary for any vehicle that is going to be used much. If a vehicle is not properly maintained, things may go wrong at the worst possible time. And then you will have no one to blame except for yourself.

Proper maintenance should be exercised on any type of engine. It could be your car, truck, or motorcycle, boat, or airplane.

Bottom line is that if you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you. And in some cases this could mean a fate worse than being stuck on the side of the road for a while.

Proper oil changes are the first step to keeping your engine up and running properly. You should pick an oil brand that is high quality and stick with it every time. Don’t try to save money with the cheap, less expensive kind.

You can have your oil changed professionally, or you may be able to do it yourself. In many cases, you save money by doing it yourself.

However, it can be such a small amount that many people don’t find it worth it to do it themselves. Also, doing it yourself can sometimes void warranties on an engine.

When you change your oil, you should also change your oil filter. A good oil filter can make a lot of difference to the engine. Sometimes the top truck manufacturer of an engine will suggest you use their brand oil filter over competitors. If the engine is under warranty, you may have to. Otherwise, you should inquire what the differences are. There may or may not be a significant difference.

Some engines, such as many motorcycle engines, are air cooled. This means that the wind is what keeps the motor from overheating. Most engines, especially larger and heavy duty trucks, have a means other than the wind to keep the engine cool.

You should always make sure that you have the proper amount of coolant and water in your engine. It is especially important to check when it is hot, or the weather has just changed. Overheating your engine could ruin it, so it is vital to take care of that.

In addition to oil changes and adding coolant to your engine, there are many other things that should be done periodically to ensure more usage from your motor.

This can include flushing out the old coolant and adding new. It can also mean changing your spark plugs for new ones.

It also means checking to make sure parts are still good before they go bad. You should make time to visit your specialized dealer for proper routine check-ups and servicing.
Howo Sinotruck Prices in Nigeria

Howo Sinotruck Distributor Contact in Nigeria

THN NIgeria

The Authorized Distributor of Sinotruk in Nigeria


234705 397 7576

Things to consider before buying a used truck in Nigeria

If you still intend to purchase a used Howo Sinotruck in nigeria you have to consider some key factors as regarding the truck services

When we talk about things to consider, we talk about the key things that will determine the truck you are buying. They include your budget, truck specification that will suit your purpose,

Your budget

before you talk about the model you’re buying, your budget should be the first thing you must talk about.

The truck requirement

You have a load to carry or services to render with your truck, you will decide the best truck that can conveniently carry such goods. In a case where your budget is not up to the specification you want, you should try topping up because you should buy a truck that can serve you. This will give your truck a longer life and also reduce the cost of maintenance.

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