How To Use The Zenith Bank Mobile Application (Top Rated)

With the Zenith bank mobile application, a user can have full access to his/her account 24/7, everyday 365, without having to visit any of the zenith bank office outlet. What this means is that your bank can be accessed by you on your mobile phone anywhere and at anytime.

This Article, will show you on how to use the zenith bank mobile application after downloading it on your mobile phone, or tablet. Through this application mobile banking services like transactions involving the transfer of funds from one bank to another bank, pay bills and Airtime recharge are now done with ease.

How To Use The Zenith Bank Mobile Application

Zenith Mobile Application How it Functions

Using all types of smart devices the zenith bank’s mobile application works perfectly on all of them. The likes of Apple, Android and Huawei and also in three different ways to enable easy transactions anywhere you are. These functions include;

  1. The mobile money platform
  2. The easy money platform
  3. The mobile banking platform

How to Use Zenith Bank Application For The Banking Users Using the Internet

The moment the Application has been downloaded, A user can either register as an internet banking user or a non-internet banking user. If you are registering as an internet banking user, your hardware token will be required alongside your internet banking pin and the OTP (one time password)  which has been generated from your token. Following these steps:

  • Launch the Installed application
  • Enter your account number(Ensure it is the internet banking user is selected)
  • Read the terms and condition and then send request
  • create a password (this will be required to log in to the application)
  • Create a Mobile PIN
  • You will then be required to input your PIN + TOKEN (for authentication)
  • If the process is successful, the login page will be displayed and you can begin to use the service, enter your account number and your password.

How to Use the Zenith Mobile Application for the Non Internet Banking Users

So here, if you fall into the category of people who do not make use of internet banking, It will be required that the users mobile device be setup to receive SMS soft token. This explains simply that to receive the SMS token that will allow for the user to gain access to use the mobile application, the user’s phone number must be the phone number you registered your account with. following the process below;

  • Launch the installed application
  • Enter your account ( ensure that the non-internet banking user is selected)
  • User will be required to enter your OTP received as SMS on your registered number.
  • Create a password
  • Create a mobile PIN
  • Another OTP will be required
  • And once this is successful the app opens on your phone and user will be directed to the login page.

Advantages of Using the Zenith Mobile Application

They are various Benefits that comes with using the Zenith bank Mobile Application these are namely;

  • It can be used to request for a check book
  • The zenith mobile application gives you the opportunity to validate NUBAN account Numbers for error free transfers.
  • view your accounts on your mobile device be it either the savings, current, fixed deposits and domiciliary account etc.
  • Protected by two factor authentication: password and mobile pin
  • Pay your bills directly from your bank account easily
  • Subscriptions
  • Confirmation and blocking card related transactions
  • Transfer funds (intra and inter bank)

For inquires on how to use the app contact the zenith customer care service team :

Phone: 234-1-2787000, 2927000, 4647000, 0700


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