How to Use Panasonic Smart TV Remote App In Nigeria

How do I control my Panasonic Smart TV with my phone?

TV Anywhere (TV Anytime)

from Android device. Once you select your VIERA TV on the Device Selection screen, you can use this function from outside the home network area, such as being away from home. Set Panasonic ID (Email Address) and Password on the VIERA TV before using this function.

How to use Panasonic smart Tv remote app in Nigeria
How can I control my Panasonic TV with my Android phone?

“Remote for Panasonic TV” is a virtual remote control that allows you to connect your TV from your smartphone. The application is completely free and can replace your standard remote control of your TV. To use the remote control, you must have your mobile / tablet is on the same wifi network as your TV .

Here we are going to provide you with a detailed guide regarding Panasonic Smart TV applications. To access your Panasonic smart television, you need a remote control.

These remote controls are generally provided with your Panasonic smart television by its top quality electronics manufacturer. So, when you buy a new Panasonic smart television, you get a standard Panasonic remote control with the user manual inside the box.

In the longer run, the chances are that you might face some issues operating your Panasonic intelligent TV remote. Due to this, you need not have to worry about spending your money on buying a new remote control for your Panasonic smart television.

All you have to do is go through this article further to find a solution to your Panasonic smart television remote control problem.

Panasonic Smart TV Remote ApplicationPanasonic Smart TV

Nowadays, all the intelligent televisions available in the market have their innovative remote-control application developed by their respective companies.

Likewise, Panasonic smart televisions also have a remote-control app called the Panasonic TV Remote.

Using this Remote-control application, you can effortlessly operate your Panasonic smart television without its standard remote control provided by the Panasonic company.

This Panasonic remote application can be used to operate your Panasonic TV. Using your Wi-Fi connection, you can share your media on your smartphone (Android/ iOS) to your Panasonic Smart TV.

This is a great feature that helps you to view your Smartphone images or videos on a larger screen of your Panasonic smart TV1

With this Panasonic remote application on your Android or iOS smartphones, you can control all the Panasonic intelligent TVs in Viera’s television model.

This Panasonic smart TV Viera was initially introduced in the year 2011.

Application Settings

To connect your Panasonic smart television with this Panasonic remote application, you must modify its settings.

You need to modify your Panasonic smart television remote application’s TV Anywhere and TV Remote settings.

The instructions to modify the Panasonic remote application settings are as follows:

  • To modify TV Anywhere settings, open the option network, click TV Anywhere settings, and select the TV Anywhere option to switch it on.
  • Similarly, to modify the TV Remote settings, open the option network, select the TV Remote App settings, and click the TV Remote option to switch it on.

If you change these settings by following the above set of instructions, you will be able to connect your Panasonic smart television with its Panasonic remote control application.

How to install the Panasonic Smart TV Remote App in Nigeria

This Panasonic remote application can be downloaded and launched on your smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

You can easily find this application on your smartphone’s App Store or Google Play Store application using the internet.

The following are the instructions to be followed to install the Panasonic smart TV remote application on your smartphone.

  • Initially, switch on your Panasonic smart television and go to its settings using the manual buttons present on it its side.
  • On the Panasonic settings, go to the network and search for your Wi-Fi network’s name.
  • Once you find your Wi-Fi network, connect your Panasonic smart television to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Further, link your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network that your Panasonic smart television is connected with.
  • Now open your smartphone and search for the Panasonic remote application on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Launch the Panasonic remote control application on your smartphone by clicking the install button present on the side of your screen.
  • Open the Panasonic remote application and provide your basic information to complete the application setup.
  • Once it is done, you can now scan your smartphone to find your Panasonic brilliant television name.
  • Select your Panasonic brilliant television name to connect your Panasonic remote application to your Panasonic TV.
  • Finally, when the connection is established, you can control your Panasonic smart TV without your top quality Panasonic remote control application on your own smartphone successfully.

Using these instructions listed above, you can now control your Panasonic smart TV similarly to its standard remote control.

The drawbacks of the Panasonic Smart TV Remote App

The only drawback is that you cannot switch ON your Panasonic smart television by using this Panasonic remote application since the television will not be connected to the Wi-Fi connection when it is switched OFF.

In the absence of your standard Panasonic remote control, you first switch on your Panasonic TV using the manual power button located on the side of your Panasonic smart television panel. Then proceed to control your smart TV with your Smartphone using the Panasonic remote application.

Wrapping Up

This is to aid the Panasonic savvy television users to successfully control their Panasonic smart TV using the Panasonic remote application on their smartphone.

Can I use my phone as a remote for my TV?

Thankfully, smart as they are, Android TVs can also be controlled by Android smartphones and even iPhones to an extent. There used to be an official Android TV remote app available in the Google Play Store, but the remote has now been baked into the Google TV app, formerly known as Google Play Movies and TV.

How do I connect my Panasonic TV to WiFi without a remote?

To connect your TV to WiFi without a remote, connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the TV and use the mouse to go to the TV’s WiFi settings to connect to your WiFi network.

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