How To Recover Deleted Pictures On Iphone (Top Rated)

Each and every one of us love our pictures, they remind us of memorable moments shared alone or with loved ones or even special places. Back in the days a lot of families and people kept albums of photographs taken during special times in their life time. Now it’s the trendy times and the iphone brand makes it even more interesting to store this pleasurable memories in photo albums on our smartphone. So what happens when these pictures are deleted unconsciously or when you just pop off your iphone device and find out a photo that was taken sometime ago is nowhere to be found on your phone, i know that feeling it can be really annoying and a bit painful to say the least.

But you need to know that it is just a picture and When you delete a photo by moving it to the trash folder, you erase the memory location of that photo and not the photo itself. Which makes it easy to be recovered like my friend mohammed will say, “you never really lose anything online these days”.

In this article, you will figured out that you can now recover pictures and even permanently deleted pictures on your iphone with an auto-back up system.


How To Recover Deleted Pictures On Iphone (Top Rated)

On the iphone device, there’s a part called the recently deleted folder that comes just after you clicked “album >recently deleted on your iphone to see if the said photo is still stored in there. This has to be checked as it is the fastest and easiest method to know if the photo is still on the phone, because as you already know all deleted pictures get sent to the recently deleted folder and stays there for a period of 30 days, after the 30 days have elapsed, the pictures are erased permanently from the phone if you do not get it restored back on your camera roll.


Once you discover that the pictures you seek can no longer be found on the recently deleted folder, your next step should be to to recover / retrieve the pictures from a back up file through a back up data recovery software. The data recovery tool can restore your pictures from your back up without tampering with the existing content on your smartphone. Here are some examples of the data recovery tools at your disposal for use:

  1. Ibeesoft Iphone Data Recovery
  2. Enigma Recovery
  3. Phone Rescue for IOS
  4. Ibackup Extractor

The Ibeesoft Iphone Data Recovery software is the one highly recommended for you because it is user-friendly and quite easy to use. It is free but for optimum satisfaction you can purchase some premium features which is good too, the great news about this software is that it supports ipad, ipod, and it is also available for both windows and Mac laptops. Which ever way your pictures got missing or deleted it can be recovered / retrieved using this steps below:

  • Download and install Ibeesoft Iphone Data Recovery on your personal computer, launch the software and connect your iphone to the personal computer. (Your Iphone should be connected to the personal computer).
  • Three main options will be displayed at the top of the recovery software, click “Recover from ITunes” on the left side then you select your device. After that click on the “scan” button to scan permanently deleted files.
  • As soon as the scanning is completed, the images to be retrieved / recovered will be displayed on the screen. Click the pictures to recover and click on the “recover/retrieve button at the bottom right corner of the screen, this will recover the selected permanently deleted images that were once unable to be located directed to your desired location on your device.


  1. After you have downloaded and opened up the software just as you did above, select “recover from iCloud” at the top right of the window. Then, log into your iCloud account.
  2. Once logged in on your iCloud account, your iCloud back up files that are available will be displayed. You proceed to choose your desired backup and click on “scan” to extract permanently deleted files from the iphone device.
  3. The moment scanning is complete and the iCloud files are extracted, select the permanently deleted images. The next step is to “click on the recover button” at the bottom right of the screen. This process will recover the selected permanently deleted photos to your desired location.


Most people do have their Iphone device backed up to their iCloud, while some do not however, if you have got your iphone backed up to your iCloud, your iCloud back up can be restored to your iphone in order to recover your pictures. Before you do this bear in mind that this option will overwrite all existing content on your iphone including that which is stored in the back up, so it is highly recommended that all sensitive information or important documents should be moved to your personal computer before restoring backup. PS this can also be done with the aid of TOUCH COPY.

iCloud back up can be restored to iphone following this steps below:

  • STEP 1: Go to settings >General > Reset > Erase all content and settings and then follow the on screen setup instructions once your device restarts until you get to the application and data screens are visible.
  • STEP 2:Once on the Applications and Data screen are visible, select “Restore from iCloud Backup” and sign into iCloud.
  • STEP 3: While you do not interrupt the process until it’s completed, you choose the backup you want to restore, and the process will begin automatically.


This option is usually preferred by most people because they do not want to download a data recovery tool, but this will overwrite all existing content on your device with what is stored in the backup should you choose to proceed. This is the last option when all has been tried to no avail. Before you begin this process, ensure that you have an iTunes backup to restore to your iPhone.

And i highly recommend all important documents are stored on your personal computer with the aid of TOUCH COPY before you commence. You can restore an iTunes backup to iPhone using the easy steps below:

  • Be sure to connect your iPhone to your computer via your USB cable and Launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically.
  • Secondly, click on your device icon when it appears in iTunes and select the “Restore Backup” option.
  • Lastly, select the backup you want to restore and click “Restore”. Your device will restart and then sync. Mind you, do not disconnect your device until the entire process is complete.


So to guarantee you never lose any photos on your iPhone again, these steps below will enable you prevent you from losing your pictures on your iphone. As i’m pretty sure you certainly won’t want this problem from happening again.

  1. Regularly backup your iCloud account : Make sure your first 5GB is free on iCloud, and take advantage of this or purchase more if you need to. This way your phone will regularly backup your valuable data/image to the cloud.
  2. Use a third party photo application like Google Photos for automatic photo backups and syncs on your iPhone. Google Photos also stores all deleted photos for 60 days prior to permanent deletion.

If you require future assistance with your Iphone device, kindly chat with a trusted and reliable engineer who will be available to assist you.


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