How to Pay Your GoTV Bill Using Quickteller


Gotv is a digital terrestrial television platform that broadcasts in 11 African countries and it is also the cheaper version of the Digital Television (TV) Service that is when compared to DSTV, offered by MultiChoice Africa.

This article discussed at length how individuals can pay for their Gotv subscriptions using quickteller without having to go through long queues at an outlet and also enabling them in making payments from the comfort of their homes or anywhere at anytime.

Gotv does not require a satellite dish or a difficult installation process. Below the terms of use of the quickteller platform will be explained at some point so as to give users a feel of the do,s and don’t of what to do while making use of this platform.

You must be asking what quickteller is all about right, well we all know that there are various means of online payment systems in Nigeria and Quickteller is one of the most used means of online payments in Nigeria. What makes this means of payment stand out among others is the way it makes financial transactions easier and faster to be conducted from where ever the user is located.

Quickteller conveniently gives access to a lot of services like internet data subscriptions, electricity bills, Dstv bills, Gotv bills, recharge card bill payments and donations of all kinds all done financially.

These are some of the terms of use a user should be aware of while making use of the quickteller platform as guidance is key to avoid certain mistakes and unexpected events from occurring.

The responsibility for the security of all transactions conducted using your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet or other electronic devices, payment card or account rests on the customer and the customer alone.
Users must ensure to keep all passwords safe. Users are responsible for all activities undertaken using their username, associated password or Device.

A customer is thereby expected to maintain the confidentiality of their Account information and keeping of the Device safe and intact from unauthorized use.
The quickteller company accepts no legal responsibility for any unauthorized use of your Device, payment card or account or any effects of same.

In case a users device has been stolen or there is unauthorized access to your payment card or account, it is the customers responsibility to immediately notify his/her bank to set restrictions on transactions made via the account and card.

In case the users device is stolen or there is unauthorized access to his/her quickteller account, it is in his/her own interest to immediately login as a ticket on https: //
If the user happens to query any purchase or withdrawal on his/her card or account, the user will be required to prove that the transaction was effected without his/her authorization and such transaction will be investigated by the fraud Team once a logged ticket is issued on.

How to Pay Your GoTV Bill Using Quickteller


How To Pay For GoTV Subscription Using Quickteller

To make payments for Gotv subscription using quickteller platform, the user has got to register and open an account with quickteller.

After that the user should ensure that the decoder is switched on, this first step is very important in order to avoid mistakes that will take a user back up to 3 days before the decoder is being reactivated.

If the users subscription has already expired, Go to quickteller GOtv subscription page using the mobile phone or personal computer.
Select the GOtv subscription plan or package that the user want to subscribe to from the drop-down menu, then he/her will enter the GOtv decoder IUC number.

The IUC number can be found on the GoTv smart card or on the red sticker under the decoder.
Enter the users email address and mobile phone number and click on Next/Continue.
The user will then be redirected to a secure billing page.
Choose the debit card type of the user either (Master, Verve or Visa) then carefully fill in the card details.
Cross-check the details and finally click on the Pay button.

The users account will be credited and the subscription renewed also bear in mind that the Quickteller platform takes out a service charge of NGN 100 for this transaction.

Incase of Failed Transactions and Reversals using Quickteller

Technology networks has its advantages and disadvantages so in some cases which are rare, there are situations where by failed transactions do happen maybe as a result of miss nodes or network failure.

In case of a failed transaction that is if the user has been debited by has not received value as the case is the one most likely to occur among many.

All you need to do is send details of the transaction to so it can be resolved. These details include user’s mobile number, transaction date, transaction amount, transaction type. These will be communicated by quickteller to the user or merchant, financial institution or Telecommunications Company involved for resolution. In due time every thing will be back to normal and reversal will be made instantly.

Payment of Gotv subscription can be done with ease now, and in comfort by customers/users anywhere, anytime, any day. Use quickteller today. thank you.

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