How To Grow Your Business On Instagram With Direct Messages?

Instagram and business have become synonymous. Isn’t that fascinating? A photo-sharing social media application launched a decade ago is now among the leading marketplaces we know of today.

And there is a good reason for that. Instagram teams have been actively building business-friendly tools and features that allow them to engage the audience and boost conversions.

How To Grow Your Business On Instagram With Direct Messages

DMs or direct messages on Instagram present a unique opportunity for customers to have a direct line of communication. Businesses can use this channel in a variety of different ways to their benefit.

In this blog, we’ll cover how to grow your company with DMs, how to drive faster Instagram growth for your business, and more.

Let’s dive right into it.

How To Use DMs For Your Business Growth?

Most businesses don’t know about the potential of DMs on Instagram. And few who do, have not been able to use it the right way. If you happen to be among those businesses, stop hanging around. One of the most handy marketing tools is right there under your nose. Here’s how to use DMs to skyrocket your business;

Direct Communication with Customers

Social media in general and Instagram in particular is all about building communities and engaging them. Two-way communication is a business booster when it comes to direct messages.

People feel more confident while connecting through direct messages as they can share their thoughts without fearing being judged.

Social users send DMs for a million reasons; they may want to share a quick little win with one of their products, might have a shipment issue, or simply want to appreciate the value the brand brings.

Regardless of the reason, responding to queries and concerns is a great way to tell them ‘you care for them’. Even if they ask for the price of a specific product you can provide them full details in direct messages freely.

You can boost your visibility and the frequency of DMs if you have cheap Instagram auto likes from a trusted company. This will skyrocket the reach and views of your posts, and inspire more people to follow you.

Provide Customer Support

Did you know that 67% of social users say that responsive customer support, aided by DMs and Instagram ads, is the number one factor to bring a positive user experience with a brand?

Especially when they are trying to connect with you in person through direct messages. They want a quick response from your side and this results in giving a positive image of your brand.

With more business-friendly tools being integrated, a greater than ever number of businesses are joining the platform. That means if your customer service is not up to the mark, you will lose sales to your competition.

You’ll then have to look for other shortcut ways and buy Instagram auto likes to improve the performance of your brand online. It’s better to follow organic ways to attract your customers. You can hire a team to provide a quick response to your customers so they don’t have to wait.

Instagram DMs, therefore, hold the critical importance of providing responsive customer service and winning more business.

Pivot Your Content Marketing Strategy

Insta Stories are gaining a lot of traction on the app and users love to engage with them. As the users react to your Stories, you will be notified in your inbox. This is a trigger for a new or ongoing conversation in the DMs. You’ll also get to know what sort of audience is trying to interact with you.

If you are getting more reactions to your Stories, it reflects that your Stories are relatable to the viewers. If the scenario is the opposite, it’s time to make amends to your content strategy. Stories, therefore provide a yardstick to gauge the performance of your content marketing whether it’s working or not.

Inspire Brand Loyalty

Why not tag an amazing fan and give them a shoutout for being awesome? Businesses can inspire brand loyalty by offering special discounts, sending exclusive products, or sharing with them the details about an upcoming product launch.

Nothing connects a user more with a brand than having access to something exclusive or with limited inventory. You can even ensure customer retention by sharing exclusive insider news about your brand and telling them what’s going on in your business.

Note: Brands also use real Instagram followers to get an immediate boost in the reach and visibility of their videos. This will significantly grow your followers and boost the business’s bottom line.

Boost Conversions

DMs are not only for providing customer support and answering general queries, they might be the right channel to trigger more sales.

Not everyone will buy the first time they see a sponsored post or watch an influencer promoting your products. A lot of people have concerns, doubts, and other issues that hold them from buying your stuff.

Sometimes a little push is all that is needed to convert them and make them life-long customers. Having a human on the other side is all that’s expected from a customer on the fence. If you have the right person like a freelance marketer to remove the friction, sales will keep hitting your bank.

How Can I Make My Instagram Business Grow Faster?

Growing on Instagram is all about knowing your target audience, having a clear marketing strategy in place, and delivering consistent value.

How To Grow Your Business On Instagram With Direct Messages

  • Optimizing your profile : should be the first step toward a winning Instagram strategy for boosting your business. It should tell users who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what value you can bring to them.
  • Research the audience : to know exactly who they are, what they do, what are their pains and aspirations, and what they care about. This will allow you to engage them with your content and get inspired.
  • Using hashtags : is an understatement. Social content is identified with the hashtags being used while posting. These ensure your posts are reaching the right audience and so there are high chances you hit your marketing goals.
  • Post at the right time : to make sure your posts get maximum visibility in the initial hours they go live. If more users see your posts, they are more likely to engage with them, significantly boosting their reach, impressions, and engagement.
  • Implement Email Marketing: Since you mentioned email marketing, use this strategy to further promote your Instagram account. Include a link to your Instagram profile in your email signature, newsletters, and promotional emails. Encourage your subscribers to follow you on Instagram for exclusive content and offers.
  • Stay consistent : with your content marketing messaging and value proposition. Social media is all about delivering a clear message and continuing to do that for a considerable amount of time.

Wrapping Up

Instagram DMs offer an untapped opportunity for businesses to inspire brand loyalty, engage with potential customers, and trigger more sales. If done right, it can be one of the greatest marketing assets for businesses.

We have covered different ways you can use DMs for increasing the bottom line of your business by inspiring more users to become your customers, getting those customers to be blown away with amazing user experience, and encouraging them to advocate your business and your products.

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