How to Establish your Online Reputation

Showing concern and doing the right thing, even when it is difficult or unpopular, shows strong character and integrity, both as an individual and as a company. Reputations can improve by being ethical and not compromising morals.

A good online reputation is a positive perception of a person or business based on the information that appears about them online. This should be the goal of every business, since it can lead to higher revenue, more trust in your brand and a stronger employee applicant pool.

How to Establish your Online Reputation

“Online reputation management gives the best returns if implemented beforehand. Why should you wait for a negative review or post to outrank negative reviews? Mark Williams, the CEO of an image management company based out of Washington, was clear about the timing for establishing a positive online reputation for Joseph Sebastian, his new client.

Joseph was concerned about some recent negative reviews that were impacting his business gravely. There were blog posts surfacing online that pointed directly to his Company and in adverse ways. His line of products was also under the scanner by certain rivals.

“Reputation management controls the way businesses, services or products are perceived. It involves the building and maintenance of a positive reputation for brands and their companies in entirety,” he continued knowingly.

The need of the hour was to re-establish Joseph’s brand image by diluting the effects of these negative records. David had to think of smart ORM strategies to build positive online properties, and as soon as possible.

Building Successful Online Reputation – the Key Elements

To attain this end, it is important for image management consultants like David to monitor the situation proactively. Positive reactions have to be built regularly to react and counter all possible negativity. In other words, a more resilient digital reputation can mitigate damages from negative attacks.

Here’s what it takes to develop online authority and reputation.

1. Content development

Knowledgeable ORM teams know how to develop positive online reputation to attract future investors, clients, customers and prospective partners. Optimized content is an important digital asset for this purpose. It establishes and reinforces the positive perception of individuals, companies and brands. In fact, the most effective means of negating unfavorable content lies in creating strong, positive and accurate content.

2. Own website

It’s easier to establish a positive online image if your business has its own domain and website. ORM companies can protect personal brands better when the website has the exact business or individual’s mention in its domain name. Such websites get the first search rankings and can be controlled in search results. They earn the highest number of clicks, thus preventing people from going through the remaining search results that may contain negative content.

3. Be aware

Listening to what others have to say about you or your business helps in positive image management. Steer your actions in line with the needs of industry developments, target audience, competition and news. You may want to invest in additional domains to highlight your business or yourself. Creating additional websites, with your brand name clearly placed in the domain, can prevent bad reviews and negative information from popping up in search results.

4. Multiple blogs

ORM strategy makers rely on multiple blogs creation to get their message across. They use the features of Google Direct Connect and Google+ authorship to get positive search results for their clients. Instead of focusing only on the main business or personal blog, they connect and relate multiple blogs with relevant topics and content. These blogs are linked with company and personal profiles and come up readily in search results. The blogs can be used for publishing content that’s positive in tone and feel. They tend to drown any negative voice and prevent them from appearing on the top in search results.

5. Timely reactions and engagements

It’s equally important to interact, react and engage on social media to maintain a positive reputation. Good relationships cannot be built in a day. Successful companies and brands have to maintain their hold on prominent social networks and feed their audience with up-to-date information. It’s common to see their best social profiles on social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Flickr and YouTube.

Online reputation managers ensure that the name of the profile carries the business name to create better search engine rankings. The idea is to be present on strong, niche-specific networks and cover first-page search results. Therefore, ORM companies create strong social profiles for their clients and respond to posts, tweets, comments, questions and posts without any delay.

6. Local Profiles

Do you own or manage a local business? Online reputation can be built in a stronger way by claiming your local profiles. Position yourself in local directory listings. In case your name does not come up on Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle or Yelp then enlist your business on them and other similar sites. It also helps to invest in regular local search digital marketing campaigns; this enables local customers to know about you quickly and without having to look further.

7. Understand and respond to reviews

When you are in any line of business you can expect reviews, both negative and positive, to come your way. The trick lies in engaging with all types of reviews at the earliest so that you can control the tone and flow of future online conversations. To gain more positive comments, engage with a more positive and consistent voice. Thank the people providing good reviews for your brand and products. This will encourage them to leave valuable messages and comments for others to follow suit. Any negative or additional reviews have to be managed and dealt with accordingly.

8. Interviews

It is a good idea to say yes to small interviews on videos, podcasts, blogs and other social media posts. Interviews enrich your online presence and bring your business to the front. Those investing in your opinion and ideas are likely to include your brand or personal name in the title of their content. This will increase your search engine rankings and place you in a more positive light.

Take Criticisms in the Most Constructive Way

Just like David, ORM experts at The Rank Company are adept at creating a positive image for their clients on top social networks. They target local search directories and other relevant sites to respond to and combat any negative content, as and when it arises. If you are bearing the brunt of negative reviews and find yourself on the defensive then its time to turn to professionals.

The Rank Company will chalk out the right responses and online reputation management strategies to tell the world about your real potential and the amazing stuff you’re made of. Reach out their ORM experts to understand how to establish a positive online reputation for your business and maintain it, right away.

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