How to Enable Voice Commands on PS5 (2023)

Voice Command (Preview) is available only for users with accounts for and on their PlayStation™Network that are registered either in the United States or the United Kingdom. Voice Command (Preview) listens and responds only in English.

With its latest software update, PlayStation has improved Voice Commands on the PS5, introducing a new Preview version with its new features. Here’s how to enable it.

How to Enable Voice Commands on PS5 (2023)

Love it or hate it, voice control has worked its way into many modern homes, whether that’s through smart home devices, mobiles phones or built into your TV.

The PS5 has long had support for Voice Commands but their usefulness has been limited. The new update adds features like saying, “Hey PlayStation, what’s new?”, to be told what has arrived with the latest software update as well as “Hey PlayStation, help” to search through support pages. This is our simple guide on how to enable voice commands on PS5.

What you’ll need:

  • A PS5

The Short Version

  • Select Settings
  • Click Voice Command (Preview)
  • Toggle Enable Voice Command

How to enable Voice Command (Preview) on PS5 consoles

You need to enable Voice Command (Preview) before you can use it for the first time.

  • From the home screen, select Settings > Voice Command (Preview).
  • Turn on Enable Voice Command.
  • The setting to activate Voice Command with your voice, Listen for “Hey PlayStation!”, is turned on automatically.

You can activate Voice Command by selecting Voice in the control center or by using the media remote (CFI-ZMR series, sold separately).

How to use Voice Command (Preview)

  • With your PS5 console turned on and Voice Command enabled, say “Hey PlayStation!”.
    Voice Command (Preview) listens for you to speak a command. Speak naturally. Try saying something like “Open Dreams” to play a game.
  • Your words appear as text on the screen, followed by responses to your command.
  • If Voice Command didn’t understand what you said, you may be asked a follow-up question.
  • Pick a number.
  • Voice Command returns responses in an ordered list of four choices. Say “One”, “Two”, “Three”, or “Four” to simplify your selection. To see a full list of results, you can say, “Show more”. Follow the on-screen prompts until you find what you’re looking for.
  • You may be asked follow-up questions to narrow down a long list of responses.
  • You can say “Cancel” to cut your dialogue short.

Frequently asked questions

How to Enable Voice Commands on PS5 (2023) ioio

Does YouTube support voice command on PS5 consoles?

Yes. When voice command is enabled, you can use it to search YouTube when the app is open. You can also say “on YouTube” at the end of your command to open the YouTube app and search YouTube.

How is this different from the PS4™ console Voice Operation?

Voice Command (Preview) on PS5 consoles greatly improves and differs from Voice Operation on PlayStation®4 consoles. Instead of requiring the memorization of specific commands, Voice Command (Preview) lets you speak naturally to a PS5 console.

Does Voice Command (Preview) record my voice?

Your speech is recorded after you say “Hey PlayStation!”, or if you turn on Voice Command (Preview) from the control center. Speech recording ends when you stop giving voice commands. By default, Voice Command (Preview) stops listening for your speech after 4 seconds of inactivity.

For child accounts, Voice Command (Preview) data collection can not be enabled and speech is never recorded.

Can child accounts use Voice Command (Preview)?

Child accounts can’t access the PS5 system software beta program or enable Voice Command (Preview).

Can Voice Command (Preview) be used to change parental controls?

Family managers or guardians can use Voice Command (Preview) to open child account settings, but changes to child account settings need to be completed using the controller.

Why does Voice Command (Preview) record my speech?

Because Voice Command (Preview) is a new feature, we need to evaluate a variety of speech patterns, accents, and dialects as we look for ways to refine and improve it. We’ve already done multiple large-scale internal tests, but our goal is to deliver the best experience possible for players. This preview gives us a chance to gather feedback and insights directly from our community.

Does this feature record my voice when I’m not using voice commands?

No. Voice Command (Preview) only records your speech when you activate it by saying, “Hey PlayStation!” or select the Voice Command icon in the control center.

Do all PS5 have voice commands?

To activate PS5 voice commands, you need to be part of the latest PS5 system update beta as the feature isn’t available to all users yet.

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Can you play PS4 games on PS5?

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