How to Download Videos From YouTube on Mobile(2020)

Youtube is a video channel that enables users stream videos online without an option to download them. streaming youtube videos can be frustrating at the point where there is no reliable internet data connections.

YouTube has also allowed government to more easily engage with citizens and as well YouTube has enabled people to more directly engage with government, knowing fully well that the youtube application on your mobile phone is data consuming. However there and variety of softwares that can aid you to download youTube videos freely, you might be required to download some plugins or java script and all that on your browser but that’s all there is to it. Because these plugins can allow for unverified access of malware into your system and we do not want that, so a little less extension and a little less plugins are actually needed.

how to download youTube videos

After observing that face-to-face communication of the type that online videos convey has been “fine-tuned by millions of years of evolution”, i find myself getting drawn into the web of learning and practicing my skills as a public speaker on my own truth i visit the youTube app for my skill development training and in full summary you should do same too, and i’ve got to download them and this is how you can go about doing that:

How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Mobile Device

Leading into 2017, there was a significant increase in the number of videos related to children, coupled between the popularity of parents vlogging their family’s activities, and previous content creators moving away from content that often was criticized or demonetized into family-friendly material. There were child exploitation by Pedophiles, this was because also in November 2017, it was revealed in the media that many videos featuring children – often uploaded by the minors themselves, and showing innocent content such as the children playing with toys or performing gymnastics – were attracting comments from pedophiles and they were being displayed on the dark web.

This and some of the other reasons are the cause of strict polices created by YouTube to not allow the option to download of their website/application. As users will love to have some seen videos stored on their devices. So without the use of any software or plugins you can now download videos from youTube with a process called URL- EDIT method.

It works perfectly on both computers and mobile devices and it can be done with ease.

  • STEP 1: Click open a video on youTube that you are interested in, and insert the letters “SS”  just before and click enter on your keyboard or keypad on your mobile phone. You can add alternatively “PP” at the back of the YouTube too if you want too.
  • STEP 2 : Once the page is opened, hold on for a few seconds and the download links will be displayed for different formats. select the format suitable to you and it will be downloaded automatically and immediately to add some spice, then you select save the video to your (PC) personal computer or mobile device.

Note: During the step 1 process this is how it should look for example: or  This is how the url should be displayed after you are done editing it.

I hope this video aids you download whatever video you’ll be interested in leave a comment below and kindly share with your friends thank you.

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