How to do a virtual baby shower in Nigeria

What happens at a virtual baby shower?

Guests can send their gifts to you so you can open them on camera for everyone (if you want to), or you can have guests hold onto their gifts during the shower and open them for you on camera so you can see (then they can send them to you later).
How to do a virtual baby shower in Nigeria

Is a virtual baby shower tacky?

We had a real baby shower where we got lots of wonderful gifts that we still use. It was very helpful to get those gifts. This idea of having a virtual baby shower, and even sending out the link – even the compromise that you arrived at with your sister – I think it’s totally tacky.

How much does a virtual baby shower cost?

How Much Does the Average Baby Shower Cost? An in-person baby shower’s average cost can range anywhere between $100-1000, and a virtual shower averages about $20 to $200. Still, it largely depends on the venue, the number of guests in attendance, and what choices you make with things like party favors or prizes.

How long is a virtual baby shower?

Even though it might feel like you have all the time in the world, you still want to be respectful of other people’s time. One to two hours should be all the time you need, depending on how many guests you have.

How do I use a virtual background in zoom?

Android | iOS

  • Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.
  • While in a Zoom meeting, tap More in the controls.
  • Tap Virtual Background (Android) or
  • Background and Filters (iOS).
  • Tap the background you would like to apply or tap + to upload a new image.
  • Tap Close after selecting the background to return to the meeting.

How many games is a virtual baby shower?

Since you don’t have as many activities as you might have during an in-person baby shower (brunch, drinks, dessert, etc.) you can probably squeeze in anywhere from 2 to 4 games depedning how long you want your virtual baby shower to last.

Can you play baby shower games on Zoom?

With just a few tweaks and alterations, you can enjoy some of your favorite baby shower games virtually, creating a fun and unique online baby shower that feels just like the real thing…or as close as possible as you can get to one, anyway. Baby shower games you can play virtually or via zoom will not disappoint you!

Which parent will it be baby shower game?

The Mommy or Daddy baby shower game is simple in concept. Your party guests (women or men) will receive a series of questions about which parent is more likely to do certain things after the baby is born – from ideas like who will change the most diapers to which parent will be the helicopter parent.

What did Dad say baby shower?

At the baby shower, give everyone a pen and a game card and let them guess how many questions mommy will get right. Then have mommy guess what daddy said. Your guests can guess along as she tries to guess dad’s answers. The winner is the person who had the most number of right answers.

Can you guess who baby shower game?

Before the baby shower, have the parents-to-be pre-share their answers with you. Print out one sheet of the questions per guest for them to fill out. For each question, each guest should note down their response. The guest with the highest number of correct answers wins a prize!

How do you make a baby shower not boring?

How to Throw a Baby Shower That Doesn’t Suck

  • Stop calling them showers.
  • Include men and families.
  • Make it an open house.
  • Ask guests to bring unwrapped gifts.
  • Have optional activities.
  • Serve good eats and drinks.

How long does a baby shower last?

How to do a Virtual baby shower in nigeria
How Long are Baby Showers? Baby showers last on average 2-3 hours, depending on what’s planned for the celebration. Plan for enough time to enjoy all of the baby shower games and activities you have planned for the day.

Who pays for a baby shower?

Who Traditionally Pays for a Baby Shower? The hostess traditionally pays for the baby shower and its associated costs. However, the hostess can divide up the responsibility and costs by asking a few close family members or friends to co-host.

Is there a dress code for baby shower?

Since the dress code for a baby shower can vary widely (think: backyard brunch vs. country club affair), you’ll first need to figure out the level of formality. For a fancier event, a nice dress or skirt-and-blouse combo are a safe chance. If you prefer pants, opt for dress pants and heels over jeans or leggings.

Is it rude to not open gifts at a baby shower?

As much as guests would love for the mom-to-be to open their gifts, proper etiquette is respecting her wishes and not asking her to open the presents during the shower. Once one gift is opened, a chain reaction will start and everyone will want theirs opened too.

Should you open gifts at a virtual baby shower?

If you are hosting a virtual baby shower, opening presents is still possible and oh-so-much fun. Ask guests who want to send gifts to do so ahead of the event to shower the mother-to-be with love and gifts, with the instructions to wait to open them until the live event.

Some Steps for Hosting the Perfect Virtual Baby Shower in Nigeria

  • Understand Mom-to-Be’s Expectations
  • Select and Test an Online Meeting Platform
  • Send Out Digital Invitations
  • Include Links to Online Baby Registry
  • Don’t forget Decorations and Food
  • Plan Games
  • Have Prizes and Party Favors
  • Prepare for Opening Gifts

Is it OK to have a virtual baby shower?

While it’s possible to have a virtual baby shower without video, we think a live stream of the party is way more fun for everyone. There are lots of options, but we recommend going with a free video service like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts

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