How to Connect with Prospects to Grow Your Business In Nigeria

What is the most effective prospecting strategy?

Cold Calling Strategy

It sounds old-school, but cold calling is still one of the most effective prospecting techniques. In fact, we recently asked 10 sales experts whether or not cold calling is “dead” as a tactic, and they were all in agreement: cold calling is alive and well.

How to connect with prospects to grow your business in Nigeria

Looking for brand spanking new leads to your commercial enterprise, however, have no concept wherein to start? If so, then you definitely must take a look at the Seamless.AI.

In short, Seamless.AI helps you to look for most individuals who are probably interested in shopping for what you’re selling. You can locate leads with the aid of using keywords, industry, title, corporation, and greater.

And it was given a database of greater than 800 million contacts. It’s a secure wager that the humans you’re searching out are in there somewhere.

Better yet: the records are usually as much as the date.

The writer of the software program says that he computerized what he used to do manually while searching down leads. It appears to have labored marvelously.

In this Seamless.AI evaluation, I’ll pass over all of the device’s features. Then you could determine if it’s the pleasant manner to music down leads.

Find Contact Social

You are probably closely into social media advertising. While there are lots of social media advertising gear available, Seamless.AI gives extra comfort in locating leads on social media.

The device helps you to do an effective LinkedIn And you could do it with the unfastened model of LinkedIn.

However, in case you improve to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’ll advantage get right of entry to greater looking features.

Although the consequences are identical in case you do the quest on the LinkedIn platform, you could simplify the procedure while the use of


In this Seamless.AI evaluation, I’ll additionally cowl how the device helps you to use lists.

Lists allow you to categorize the contacts that you’ve discovered. You can “tag” humans with applicable phrases like “hot,” “president,” “influencer,” and different phrases and terms.

All you need to do to create a listing and tag applicants is click on the little plus signal after you input the person’s name.

The device helps you to create as many lists as you want.

You may even clear out your lists!

Of course, Seamless.AI additionally helps you to download lists for export to any other device (including a CRM).

Find Companies

This Seamless.AI evaluation will even cowl how you could use the device to locate groups.

That’s critical in case you’re withinside the B2B area and trying to land groups as customers in place of individuals. Within the one’s groups, you want to locate the humans with the authority to lease your commercial enterprise.

You can use Seamless.AI to look for groups with the aid of using a variety of employees, envisioned revenue, location, and keywords.

You may even look for entire terms applicable to what the corporation does.

If you upload them to one in all your lists, the device will screen their social media links. Then, you could observe the one’s corporations to examine greater approximately what they’re as much as.


Yes, you could set music dreams withinside the device. In this Seamless.AI evaluation, I’ll display to you a way to do this as well.

For starters, the device permits you to go into information approximately fee targets. Visit the Sales Income Calculator segment in case you’d want to do this.

Then, set your income quota. The device will use that record to spotlight information about your appointments and what kind of every income lead is worth.

What are you able to do with that sort of information? Simple math.

Calculate what number of leads you want to touch each day, week, or month to fulfill your goal.

Review of Seamless.AI: Gong

Yes, there’s a Gong characteristic. I’ll cowl that during this Seamless.AI evaluation as well.

Unlike the device in the old “Gong Show” TV series, though, a gong in Seamless.AI is ideal news.

It’s a manner of celebrating success.

Think of a gong sound right here because of the ring of a coin register.

When you click on the gong withinside the upper, right-hand nook of the device, a popup seems with an animation. It additionally suggests more than one button.

You can click on the button that corresponds to the sort of occasion you’re celebrating (for example, “Appointment Booked” or “Closed Sale”). Then, you could proportion the occasion on social media.

And if anyone who follows you on social media symptoms and symptoms up for Seamless.AI due to the fact they noticed the gong, you get a referral credit.

Help Center

Like many different gears, there’s a chunk of a mastering curve concerned in terms of getting up and strolling with Fortunately, the internet site gives a Help Center to present you with some guidance.

The Help Center presents a wholesome quantity of documentation or even consists of a video walkthrough in case you want to examine with the aid of using an example.

Further, there’s a characteristic for filing tickets to a Help Desk in case you’re certainly stuck. I don’t assume that to be the case very often, though.

Seamless.AI Pricing

It’s unfastened. At least if to start with.

Unsurprisingly, though, the unfastened model gives constrained features. You won’t be capable of harvesting all of the leads you’re searching out until you fork over a few coins.

Seamless.AI pricing begins off evolved at $125/month. For that, you get as many as 250 leads, 250 emails, 250 telecall smartphone numbers, and 250 CSV downloads each month.

What is a prospecting strategy?

The process of strategic prospecting is designed to help sales teams identify, qualify, and prioritize sales opportunities and also to determine whether those sales opportunities represent new potential customers or opportunities to generate revenue from existing customers.

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