How to Check Data Balance for MTN, Glo, Airtel & 9mobile in Nigeria

Today we have got 4 power house telecom service providers in Nigeria. Each giving us promo’s, gifts, cash prizes and even going as far as changing lives in the whole of Africa.

Listed here below are the codes to show you how to check your Data balance on the various telecommunication networks in Nigeria.

How to Check Data Balance for MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile in Nigeria

Telecommunication Networks in Nigeria

MTN: To check your data balance on MTN, press the following on your mobile device:

Text 2 to 131, or simply dial *559# or text 403 to 131.

GLO: To check your data balance on GLO telecom network, do the following :

Send info to 127 or send status to 777.

9MOBILE: Checking your data balance on 9mobile is quite easy, type this on your mobile device:

Dial *228# to check 9mobile data balance

AIRTEL: To check your data balance on Airtel, type the following on your handheld device:

Just dial *141*11*0#  or *123*10#  or *147*712*0#

In addition to the information above we want to share with you a first hand description of what a telecommunication network is all about first of all, what is a telecommunication network?

A telecommunication network is a collection of terminal nodes in which links are connected this is so as to enable telecommunication between terminals. Each terminal in the network has a unique address so messages or connections can be routed to the correct recipients.


Telecommunication teaches the information and interaction transfer over large distances. Businesses use telecommunication to expand and grow their networks. With the internet,computer and telephone networks, businesses can allocate their resources diligently and efficiently.

The telephone network connects people to one another be you far or near or maybe in the forest so far there is a network reception there. This network can be used in various ways one can imagine.

Many businesses in Nigeria uses the telephone network to service their customers. Some businesses use this telephone network on a greater scale through private branch exchange. What this explains is that it is a system where specific businesses focus on servicing calls for another business. Most of the time, the telephone network is used around the world for recreational purposes.

The telephone network connects worldwide and no wonder it is such a revolution in Nigeria as there was a time, to have access to the telecommunication network an individual had to pay some excessive large amount which was uncalled for. Wow thanks to technology our leaders would have been happy to keep the people of Nigeria and Africa at large in the dark “so much for being African right”.

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