How To Change Gtbank Phone Number & Email Online in Nigeria

Guarantee Trust Bank is presumed to be a big bank with a lot of customer base, little wonder why they’ve got so many payment options and a wide service delivery to cater for all of their banking customers.

Regardless in this post, we will be looking at how to change your GTbank phone number & email online in Nigeria.

One way or the other you might want to change your phone number connected with GTBank but because of all the buzz of going to their branch filling in those forms, you’ll probably choose to ignore everything.

In this post, we will be showing you the way to change your GTBank phone number and also update your email Address right on your smartphone or on any ATM machine close to you.

How To Change Gtbank Phone Number & Email Online in Nigeria

How To Change GTBANK Phone Number and Email Address Online.

To Change your GTBank Phones Number or email Address Online follow the instructions below

  • Log on to internet banking using your user ID and password. (You can download their mobile App or visit their official website)
  • Click on self-service options on the menu bar
  • Click on customer information update
  • Click on new request
  • Now complete the form display
  • Enter the answer to your secret question.
  • Review your details to confirm the accuracy
  • Click on continue
  • Finally, click on submit to automatically update your phone number or email Address.

How To Change UBA Phone Number and Email Address using ATM Card.

  • Locate any GT ATM nearest to you with your ATM Card and follow the steps below.
  • Insert your ATM card into the ATM terminal.
  • Enter your PIN and press proceed.
  • Select perform other transaction
  • Select more services.
  • select update phone number
  • Enter your mobile number and press proceed
  • Enter your PIN again and press proceed
  • Finally, confirm Phone Number display and press proceed.


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