How to Cancel ipsy Account in Nigeria

How do you cancel IPSY membership?

Log into your IPSY account and go to Account → View Membership → Management Membership (or click here after logging in). Click “Manage Membership”, then “Help me stop my membership.” A pop up will ask if you want to Skip a Month instead. If you don’t want to skip, click “Continue cancellation.”
How to cancel Ipsy account in Nigeria

Can you delete an IPSY account?

You can cancel your membership on If you‘d like to delete your profile and all personal info related to your account, please contact IPSY Care.

How do I permanently cancel IPSY?

How to cancel Ipsy
  1. Log into your Ipsy account on the website.
  2. In the ‘Account’ section, go to ‘Edit account settings’.
  3. Click on ‘Membership’.
  4. Click on ‘Manage membership’.
  5. Select ‘Help me stop my membership’.
  6. Click on ‘Continue cancellation‘.
  7. Provide a reason for cancelling and confirm.

How do I delete my billing info on IPSY?

You can update your billing information by logging into and clicking on “Account”. From there, you can go to “Edit account settings” and update your information under “Billing“.

How do I contact IPSY by phone?

We don’t offer phone support since we feel we’re able to offer our best customer care through emailand Twitter. IPSY Care responds to every message (starting with the oldest ones first) within 24 hours.

Why can’t I cancel my IPSY subscription?

Log into your IPSY account and go to Account → View Membership → Management Membership(or click here after logging in). Click “Manage Membership“, then “Help me stop my membership.” Make sure you’re logged into your IPSY account, then click on the link in the email we sent you to finalize your cancellation.

Does it cost to cancel IPSY?

You can cancel your IPSY subscription at any time with no cost to your membership.

Does IPSY refund money?

Can I return my IPSY Offer order? Yes, you can! To receive a refund, your IPSY Offer order must arrive back at our warehouse in the condition you received it within 30 days from the date your package was delivered. We cover return shipping costs, but a $5 restocking fee will be deducted from your final refund amount.

How much is the annual fee for IPSY?

If you sign up for an annual membership, a year’s subscription to IPSY costs a discounted rate of $132/year. A monthly membership costs only $12 a month. Want to learn more about Ipsy and what the MSA community thinks of the box? Go to our Ipsy directory page here.

How many months can you skip IPSY?

Ipsy now allows you to skip any month of your subscription! Here’s how to do it: We‘re currently testing out a 1-month skip feature! If you wouldlike to skip 1 month of your Glam Bag subscription, you can email ipsyCare ( and we‘ll help you out.

Is IPSY worth the money?

Is ipsy worth it? ipsy costs just $12 per month, but the value of what’s inside ranges between $30 and $50 per month, according to our estimates. Sometimes it’s worth even more! Value-wise, both bags pack a similar punch.

Is the $37 IPSY bag worth it?

How Much Will IPSY Glam Bags Cost? There are 3 price tiers for IPSY’s monthly subscription. The $12 Glam Bag contains 5 beauty products worth $50+, and the $25 Glam Bag Plus will give you5 full-size products worth $120+. Also if you want more, the $37 Combined option is recommended: it combines 2 plans worth $170+.

Is birchbox or IPSY better?

The conclusion: Each month varies, and depending on your beauty profile the contents in your box will vary. It seems like if you are more interested in skincare, bodycare, hair products, and a few lifestyle products, Birchbox is the way to go. If you are more interested in makeup, maybe try out Ipsy.

Can you skip an IPSY bag?

Log into Click on “Account” Click “Membership” Click “Skip a Month”

Is allure or IPSY better?

IPSY Glam Bag has a focus on samples, but AllureBeauty Box comes with both samples and full-size items. Allure Beauty Box is the most satisfying option out of these two. For just $23 a month, you’ll get 6 or more products, and at least 3 will be full-size.

Is IPSY really only $10?

The ipsy bags are so cute and getting full sized products are definitely something that I look forward to especially being only $10 a month! I love IPSY .. You go on IPSY’s website and take a quick little test..

Is the $12 IPSY bag worth it?

IPSY Glam Bag is a good value for $12 and one of the cheapest beauty boxes among the competitors. IPSY Glam Bag Plus includes more full-size products for a great price of $25, but there is usually a waiting list. If you are willing to wait a bit, then going for IPSY Glam Bag Plus may be the best option.

Which monthly beauty box is best?

The 8 Best Beauty Subscription Boxes of 2021
  • Best Overall: Birchbox.
  • Most Customizable: BoxyCharm.
  • Best Value: IPSY.
  • Best Seasonal: FabFitFun.
  • Best for Vegan Beauty: Petit Vour.
  • Best for Skincare: BeautyFIX by Dermstore.
  • Best for Trends: GlossyBox.
  • Best for Clean Beauty: Clean Beauty Box.

When can I choose my IPSY item?

When do I choose? If you have the Glam Bag, your Choice date changes from month to month (usually around the 20th to the 25th), so the best way to stay up to date is to check the “Upcoming Events” timeline in your account. We’ll also send you an email when it’s time to choose.

Can you pick your IPSY bag?

How are my products selected for me? All yourGlam Bag Plus picks—including your Choice options—are picked just for you using our proprietary IPSY Match technology, which takes into account your Beauty Quiz, product ratings, and reviews.

How do I get the most out of IPSY?

How To Make The Most Of Your IpsySubscription
  1. Keep Tabs On Your Profile. When you first created your account, you were asked to complete a personality survey in which you selected personal information on your skin tone, eye color and favorite brands.
  2. Review Your Products.
  3. Download The App.
  4. Get Social!
  5. Being Nosy Pays Off.

What usually comes in an IPSY bag?

IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus a cute makeup bag.

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