How to Activate & Reset GoTv Decoder After Payment (Proper Method)

After reading this article you will be equipped on how to activate and reset your GOTv decoder easily the moment you made payment. However, the Gotv decoder will be activated automatically the moment payments been made, sometimes you might be needed to reset your GOTv manually if the automatic feature does not come on in time after payment has been made.

How To Activate Your GOTv Decoder Manually

How to Activate & Reset GoTv Decoder After Payment (Proper Method)

There are three ways in which you can activate your GOTv manually these are:

  • Using your mobile phone
  • Through text message
  • By activating it online

How To Activate GOTv via Text Message

In Order to use the text message activation process, text “reset” and your GOTv account number to 4688. You need to be aware that your GOTv account number is located under the GOTv decoder written boldly.

How To Activate & Reset Your GOTv Decoder Using a Phone

While using your mobile phone to activate or reset your GOTv decoder, simply dial *423# on any network and talk directly to a GOTv customer service representative.

How To Activate & Reset Your GOTv Decoder Through The Online Process

So for you to be able to activate your GOTv using the online process, you simply need to follow these rules carefully:

  1. While using an Internet enabled device, Visit Easy GOTv.
  2. Log into your GOTv account with your account number and surname used in registering the Decoder
  3. Select and click the dialogue box “clear your error”
  4. Then clear the E16 error
  5. After that you click on “reset device now” tab and you will finally reset GOTv easily.

Each and every one of these processes will work if you ever find yourself in a situation whereby you are having issues activating/resetting your GOTv. Regardless if it does not go through then you call their customer service team on : 08039044688.

Activating your GOTv is now easy and can be done without stress from (2020) i hope this article has proven helpful kindly leave a comment below thank you.

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