How Law Firms in 2020 Are Moving Towards Digital Marketing in Africa

Running or starting up a business in Nigeria or any where in Africa is not easy as a lot of things are needed and are to be considered before commencement because the aim of any business owner or partner is to make a profit. So in a competitive environment like that of Nigeria, each company needs to have a plan that guides them to achieve success. While there are two approaches they can decide to utilize. For starters, a business owner can decide to lower the product cost in order to attract more customers. The second option is marketing. In Nigeria today, we have started our new visa on arrival policy in order to attract foreign investors which is really good. However, like every business, law firms depend on marketing to increase their client base. Over time, the digital space has become an excellent place for companies to advertise themselves. Most people see it as a waste of time, but I say time will tell. Currently, a lot of people spend most of their time on the internet. And i’ve got a lot of friends too who are lawyers (amazing ones at that) and they say that “digital marketing is the thing in-order to move forward in our country”. As such, legal firms are adopting digital marketing to reach the vast majority of the population.

How Law Firms in 2020 are Moving towards Digital Marketing in Africa

Below are the reasons as to how and why law firms are moving towards digital marketing platforms this 2020 in Nigeria and Africa at large.


Digital marketing allows you to engage your potential clients in real-time. You can discuss everything about your law firm and even make appointments. However, you need to create a continuous engagement framework. Because traditional marketing strategies hinder law firms from communicating directly with their target audience. For instance, you cannot use a newspaper ad to explain to a potential client why they need your services. Reasons being that the statistics of people who read the newspapers these days are just 1percent and it’s declining everyday. The best way to engage your audience is through posting regular useful blog posts, promotions, and newsletters. With that being said digital marketing posses outstanding advantages for the law firms.


The availability of law firms on digital platforms is highly underrated. This is because businesses make use of digital marketing to create brand awareness and sell their products or services. So reaching your audience is the first step towards success. If people want to know about your law firm, the first thing they do is check on Google. And we all know that People can access google at any time of day. As such, this is the primary reason that law firms are present online. Even if a potential client types something close to your business, the right digital marketing can lead him or her to your site.


How Law Firms in 2020 are Moving towards Digital Marketing in Africa law

If you look in very closely, you will notice that the popular ways in which individuals try to solve their problems. Most of them will go first to digital channels to look for information. And that is a 100 percent fact no arguments on that including the lawyers themselves. Digital marketing is the future of advertising. Another advantage for law firms to go for digital marketing is that it is not rocket science or abracadabra. Although you have to be careful and use the right strategies, it is effortless to create online awareness. Your potential clients are no different. This scenario means that your potential clients are already using search engines and social media channels. As such, targeting these people is not difficult. You only need to capture their attention and start communicating. Once you are in touch with them, things will then be more straightforward and citizens will be more accessible.

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