Hisense Fridge Prices in Nigeria

Looking for a new fridge? This is one of the best fridge available in the Nigerian market space today all fully tested and reviewed.

Hisense Fridge Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

Hisense fridge can give you up to 300 litre capacity, giving users plenty of space to store their food.

It fully comes with a non-plumbed water dispenser, and the total no frost technology is the core feature, which means you do not need to manually defrost.

The brand comes with reversible doors, so it is sure to suit any kitchen you intend to place it in. It is good to read about the features and specifications of a fridge, but having to use it in your day to day life is a whole different ball game entirely.

Most fridges are now filled with great tech that’ll assist you to organize your shopping and keep your food longer in a perfect total condition. They also come with adjustable settings for both fruit and vegetables.

Hisense is among the best brand of appliance that will help you save money by being energy efficient and ensuring that your food lasts longer inside.

Many Hisense fridge are fully equipped with lots of the latest features and are available with a stylish black or stainless steel finish in addition to the standard white.

Hisense covers every type of fridge, these includes French door, bottom mount, top mount, side by side, one door and bar fridges.

The brand focuses mostly on the low to mid price range type of fridge, but they do venture into fridges priced over $2000.

Some of the fridge from hisense have switch tech sections, these sections can either function as a fridge or freezer depending on your needs in order to maximize space.

Hisense may not be the first name that comes to mind when people talk about the best brands for home appliances but they sure do stake their heads out with claims in the industry for customers so that the best is served throughout

Hisense also has a stylish, modern fridge freezer it is a black steel finished model which gives the perfect flat appliance an ultra modern appearance and it is also affordable.

This is a four door fridge freezer, with the freezer below the fridge and a non plumbed water dispenser set into the door.

There are some other nice storage features as well, like the slide out freezer shelves, and snack box with a full size drawer.

Hisense Fridge Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

Most people that cook a lot are getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of storage space in their fridge, this is where Hisense comes in as they produce top notch bottom fridge models which is currently in stock now.

The fridge is tall at about 70inches in height and slim at 31inches wide, so it can fully fit in small kitchens.

The fridge requires at least 33inches of space to fit through a doorway during installation.

Another type of hisense mid range product is the “Top mount SS fridge” 534l, it comes manufactured with a stainless steel exterior and handles, while there’s a handy display with controls panel on the front.

This panel is there to adjust the hole inside degree temperature and functions, such as super freeze and super cool.

Inside the freezer has two door bins and a twist ice maker, while the fridge has a good humidity with controlled bin and an egg tray.

Still, both fridge and freezer have adjustable glass shelves.

Hisense Fridge high range Prices includes ;

  • Hisense 230l Top Mount Fridge — $549
  • Hisense 514l Bottom Mount Fridge — $1,399
  • Hisense 624l Side by Side Fridge — $1,599
  • Hisense 701l French Door Fridge — $2,999

Hisense Fridge Prices in Nigeria

  • Hisense Single Door 100l Fridge : 60,000 NGN — 80,000 NGN
  • Hisense Single Door Bed Side Fridge 46l : 59,800 NGN — 65,000 NGN
  • Hisense Single Door Fridge 092DR : 62,000 NGN — 100,000 NGN
  • Hisense Single Door Fridge 176l : 80,000 NGN — 135,000 NGN
  • Hisense Fridge Top Mount 182 DR : 86,000 NGN — 110,000 NGN
  • Hisense 225 liters Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer : 150,000 NGN — 170,000 NGN
  • Hisense Double Door Fridge with Dispenser 204l : 120,000 NGN — 160,000 NGN
  • Hisense Double Door Fridge with Dispenser 545l : 265,000 NGN — 300,000 NGN

Hisense Fridge Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

  • Hisense 282 Liters Single Door cooler Fridge : 207,000 NGN — 220,000 NGN
  • Hisense 302 Liters Double Door Fridge with Defrost : 195,000 NGN — 220,000 NGN
  • Hisense 535 Liters side by side Fridge with water & ice Dispenser : 515,000 NGN — 590,000 NGN

Most of these refrigerators have two to three adjustable glass shelves inside and up to six heavy duty plastic shelves in the door.

You can move them around to suit your needs if you do choose. They all have very good designs.

Hisense Bottom Fridge/Freezer Specifications

  • Energy level : Certified
  • Freezer Capacity : 5.1 cubic feet
  • Fridge Capacity : 12.1 cubic feet
  • Width : 31.1 inches
  • Depth : 29.1 inches
  • Height : 69.1 inches
  • Total Capacity : 17.2 cubic feet
  • Warranty : 3years

Why you should choose this Brand?

  • They are efficient and durable
  • Most models can fit through anywhere
  • They are relatively affordable
  • They have decent 17.2 cubic foot capacity
  • They come manufactured in different types
  • They have freezer at the bottom instead of the top
  • They look sleek and they have good designs

Wrapping up

Talking about customer satisfaction guarantee, alway note that upon delivery of your products do well to inspect them carefully before the delivery driver has left your home and before they are used and installed.

If after inspection you are not fully satisfied, for any reason, the product will be taken back by the delivery driver.

However, you may either receive a full refund or have a replacement product delivered.

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