Health Garde international & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

The Health Garde enterprise is an african company dedicated to creating a cutting edge global platform that harnesses the power of technology to share innovative health product, training and support. The family creates positive impacts across africa by promoting physical and financial wellness.

Health Garde international & Distributor Contact in Nigeria internat

The Benefits of the health garde enterprise is that Health Garde acknowledges the international Direct selling association and supports the internationally recommended code of ethics.

Their products capture the best of mother nature in a responsible manner and delivers efficient crafted wellness solutions that work.The company partners with the best in class manufacturers to deliver on their promises. They are passionate about wellness and personal growth and would like each associate to be part of this vision too.

The Health Garde Product Promise in Nigeria

Health Garde says It’s not just what is put in their products that makes them superior, it’s what they the company choose to formulate without. This company integrates the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — they crafted products with integrity, expertise and innovation.

And while the company does this responsibly, and taking care of our earth at the same time.
Prior to distribution, many products undergo hundreds of tests. And extensive testing ensures the utmost quality throughout a product’s lifecycle.

The Manufacturing of the health garde products have received International Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) registration which verifies that proper methods, equipment, and controls is in its place to produce the highest quality dietary supplement products.

Health Garde international & Distributor Contact in Nigeria gardeh

The companies values have always been deeply rooted in the four essential deliverables they demand of every product that is being sold. As each product has to be safe, effective, eco-friendly and affordable.

  • It cannot risk damaging our health in any way.
  • It’s got to do the job extremely well.
  • It’s concentrated to reduce waste, safe for the environment, and uses biodegradable ingredients.
  • It has to offer good value for money.

Health garde has different types of product that prevent various illnesses, for example the omega 3,6&9 it heals the heart and it aids healthy brain and eye development. it aids lower cholesterol,
it helps protect the brain,it keeps the skin healthy, reduces blood pressure, aids in preventing cancerous cells, great for protecting eye health and other ailments.

The Kid Garde is another type of product among the health Garde supplements. As childhood is a critical time for growth and brain development for any child. A multi-vitamin is easy, convenient and gives you peace of mind that your child is getting all they need to boost the immune system, support normal growth and development and help cells and organs to function properly.

Health Garde international & Distributor Contact in Nigeria garde

Health Garde Healthy Eating Habits

  • Eat meals together
  • Plan for healthy snacks
  • Set family goals
  • Encourage water intake
  • Offer balanced meals
  • Encourage active plays
  • Provide daily multivitamins

Other Products of the Health Garde Enterprise are :

  • Aloe Vite — Immunity Protector
  • Multi Vite
  • Pro B
  • Prostrate Vitality
  • Menopause Buster
  • Sea Vital

A Healthy Immune System Needs


Health Garde Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Dietary supplements are wildly popular. About 114 million Africans — roughly half the adult population — take at least one supplement, running up a collective tab of over $68 billion in 2010 alone. The public has a legitimate desire for good health.

While Medications are regulated by the FDA. Before a prescription or over-the-counter drug can be sold in nigeria, the manufacturer must submit data supporting its safety and efficacy, and after the medication is approved, the FDA continues to monitor adverse reactions.

the health garde products are made with african herbs and the companies compensation plan enables individuals live better lives. For inquiries about other products efficacy and financial investment plans contact Health Care Solutions.

Contact Details : Health Care Solutions

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