Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

The vegetable oil has become more known and very used in households across Nigeria. You can use the groundnut oil for a whole bunch of stuff like frying eggs, fish, yam and meat.

It is also a major commonly used cooking oil in Nigeria. I am sure a lot of people do not know how these machine operate?

Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria switch

Most people who deal on Groundnut Oil Extraction will gladly tell you how lucrative the business is. At times there are certain things we use and it turns out that we also have got no idea how they are made and what effort has gone into them. The groundnut oil for example, requires an extraction process using an extraction machine.

If by any chance you have got intentions to start up this venture or you are into the groundnut oil production business, you need to know that a quality extraction machine is required.

Groundnut oil Extraction Machine Prices in Nigeria

Below are the groundnut oil extraction prices that are available in the market space

  • Groundnut/peanut Oil Press Machine —- (NGN) 750,000 naira
  • Mini Oil Press Machine —- (NGN) 100,000 naira —(NGN) 160,000 naira
  • Convertible Oil Extracting machine —- (NGN) 600,000 naira
  • Guangxin Groundnut oil Processing Machine —- (NGN) 400,000 naira
  • Auto Groundnut Oil Processing machine — (NGN) 5,550,000 naira
  • 6YL-95 High efficiency Groundnut oil Processing your machine — (NGN) 150,000 naira– (NGN) 300,000 naira

Groundnut Oil Expansion process

Extraction of oil from oil-bearing products could be done in two major ways. I) Traditional Methods II) Improved Methods. The traditional method is usually a manual process and involves preliminary processing and hand pressing. The improved method consists of chemical extraction and mechanical expression.

Oil can be extracted by pressing softer oilseeds and nuts, such as groundnuts and Shea nuts, whereas harder, more fibrous materials such as copra and sunflower seed are processed using ghanis. Pulped or ground material is loaded into a manual or hydraulic press to squeeze out the oil-water emulsion. This is more efficient at removing oil than traditional hand squeezing, allowing higher production rates.

Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

Producing groundnut oil involves three main stages which are :

  • Seed Preparation
  • Pressing
  • Refining



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