Gravity Series Destoner in Nigeria

The gravity destoner is manufactured for the use of cleaning and removing impurities in raw materials for wheat and other types of grains.

Gravity Series Destoner in Nigeria
This machine can sieve with opening based on the size of the grain to separate the grains from the stones which can look even larger or sometimes smaller than some of these grains.

This destoner can efficiently separate the glasses, stones and other high density or low density impurities in the grain.

The design of this gravity destoner was carried out economically. This makes a machine of this nature are manufactured specifically for small entrepreneurs and rural level applications in the developing countries, due to its low cost and easy production and maintenance.

In developing countries grains are locally produced for better quality and quantity.

Gravity separation is an industrial method of separating two components. One type of gravity destoner lifts the material by vacuum over an inclined vibrating screen covered deck.

This results in the material being suspended in the air while the heavier impurities are discharged from the stone outlet.

Most gravity destoners are used in agriculture to remove impurities. It separates products of same size but with difference in selected type weight.

It comes manufactured with a vibrating deck which is rectangular in shape, this makes it easy for the product to travel long distance, ensuring improved quality of the end product.

Using the gravity destoner, there is a working rule being followed to the latter, as there is a big difference in the suspended speed between grains and high density matters such as stones, metals, and glass.

While the suspended speed for light and heavy grains also varies, based on all these principles, the mixed heavy impurities will be separated from grains, and effective gradation between heavy and light grains is achieved.

The gravity destoner also comes with a high separating efficiency.

This is because the machine which possesses amazing cleaning ability, and it can remove light stone whose sizes are quite similar to the grain in a very efficient way, hence offering outstanding result.

The gravity destoner machine has materials that are very important to fabricate top level end products that should be in accordance with food safety standard.

While the high density particles are also separated, the down stream processing equipment is protected against wear and tear.

The product contains four models, and the throughput capacities are 6-12t/h, 8-16t/h, 13-22 t/h and 16-28 t/h respectively.

The gravity destoner can be used for many applications which are like for the processing of barley, oats, maize, buckwheat, wheat and rice as well as millet.

Gravity Series Destoner in Nigeria

Benefits of the Gravity Destoner in Nigeria

  • High destoning efficiency
  • Compact size, smooth running, durable and reliable operations.
  • No dust leakage and air volume is fully adjustable
  • Less vibrating
  • Low noise
  • Adopt reciprocating mechanism with rubber bearing.

Often other methods are applied in order to make separation faster and more efficient, such as flocculation and suction.

The most notable advantages of the gravity destoner are their cost effectiveness and in some cases excellent material reduction.

Gravity destoner is an attractive machine unit operation as it generally has low capital and operating costs, it also uses few if any chemicals that might cause environmental concerns and to top it all, there has been development of new gravity machine equipment which enhances the range of separations possible in all types of ways.

Gravity destoner price in Nigeria

The gravity destoner goes on sale in Nigeria between the price range of $4000 – $6000 respectively. This price range includes shipping cost and other tag prices attached.

Gravity Series Destoner specifications

  • TQSX100 (100mm) (400kg) air pressure 980
  • TQSX150 (150mm) (500kg) air pressure 980
  • TQSX200 (200mm) (610kg) air pressure 980


  • 1550 x 1130 x 1910 (0.25kw) with 3-5 capacity
  • 1550 x 1630 x 1810 (2 x 0.25kw) with 5-9 capacity
  • 1500 x 2130 x 1810 (2 x 0.25kw) with 9-16 t/h

Air Suction

  • TQSX100 : 4500m/h
  • TQSX150 : 8000m/h
  • TQSX200 : 12000m/h

Gravity Destoner distributor in Nigeria

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