GoPro Camera Prices in Nigeria

The GoPro camera offers faster video footage which can be shot at frames in a matter of seconds.

This is a top notch professional camera which are mostly called cheap options but they deliver effectively when taking difficult video shots in an action movie or a car in motion.

GoPro Camera Prices in Nigeria

GoPro cam is easy to use and quite easy to carry too as users can create up to 4K videos at any time in any type of light conditions.

This device has grown so popular over the years because the camera offers users the value to let others see their experience at the top of the capture from their own personal point of view.

And when it comes to battery life, it can be used for up to 2-3 hours before needing a charge. GoPros are designed for taking videos.

This cam device is a wonderful piece, it can be used to take photos too even under water , as it is affordable, versatile while it has got a rugged front which produces excellent video and audio quality any time and any day.

In this post, you’ll get to know some types of GoPro’s action camera, what their prices are in the current retail market space and their specifications.

So when shopping or lookin go to purchase your ideal video cam, you should bear in mind that the best GoPro for you may not be the most expensive model or the one capable of recording at the highest resolution.

Before we get to the review part, the latest GoPro has got a new GP2 processor with a homegrown chip.

This boosts the frame rates across the board at (5.3k at 60;4K at 120 and 2.7k at 240) even the front facing display part got an immersive huge lift.

The ability to film high bit rate 4K footage might sound appealing but as a first time user you need to know that you need enough disk space in order to store the data and your laptop will have to be able to process and edit this footage the moment it is fully backed up.

GoPro Camera Prices in Nigeria

All GoPro cameras come with higher resolutions because on top of the general improvement made in image quality, there is added flexibility that comes with new resolution and frame rate combinations which makes for substantial increase in quality.

GoPro Max 360

  • Resolution : 16.6 megapixel Resolution
  • Image Quality : 5.6k30 360 video, 1440p60
  • Hero Video Quality : 1080p60, video 5.5 mp photos and 6.2 power pano photos
  • Zoom : 4K videos
  • Battery : 1600 mAh li ion battery
  • Memory card type : micro SD, micro SDHC & SDXC
  • Display Type : LCD ; 2inch
  • Exposure Modes : Automatic & Program Mode
  • Sensor : CMOS Sensor
  • Other Features : Scene detection technology, slow motion recording performance, voice control, video snapshot mode, horizon leveling, and in camera stitching.
  • Price : 390,000 NGN — 410,000 NGN

GoPro Hero8 Black

  • Resolution : 12 mega pixel
  • Sensor : CMOS Sensor
  • Memory Card : MicroSD
  • Zoom : 4K Video
  • Digital Video Format : H.264, H.265, HEVC
  • HDR Mode : SuperPhoto + HDR
  • Battery : 1220 mAh ; Rechargeable, Li-ion
  • Exposure Mode : Automatic Mode, Program Mode
  • Display Type : LCD, 2inch
  • FPS : 2160p frame rate ; 601080p Frame rate
  • Other Features : Scene detection technology, voice control, slow motion and live burst.
  • Price : 280,000 NGN — 350,000 NGN

GoPro Camera Prices in Nigeria

GoPro Fusion 360

  • Resolution : 18 mega pixel resolution
  • Lens Type : 2x wide angle lens
  • Maximum Video Resolution : 5228 x 2624
  • Memory : Video capture – H.264 – 5228 x 2624 ; H.264 – 3000 x 1504
  • Battery : li-ion rechargeable battery – 2620 mAh battery life
  • Exposure Modes : Automatic and Program mode
  • Memory Card Type : Dual microSD card slot, MicroSDHC Card, Micro SD Card, Micro SDXC Card
  • HD Video Support : 5.2k
  • Connectivity : Remote control via mobile devices, wireless video upload to cloud server
  • Sensors : Accelerometer, gyro sensor
    Other Features : Voice Control, Time lapse recording, Gimbal-like stabilization and over capture functions.
  • Price : 340,000 NGN — 400,000 NGN

GoPro Hero7 Black

The GoPro Hero7 black has a partner which was the GoPro Hero7 silver although, the Hero7 silver’s production has been halted.

Still, the device is available at a friendly price and this brings some of the GoPro’s more expensive action camera features to a more affordable level. The Hero7 black is waterproof

  • Resolution : 12 mega pixel
  • Zoom : 4K Video
  • Memory Card Type : microSD
  • Exposure Modes : Automatic & Program Mode
  • Display : LCD, 2 inch
  • Sensor : CMOS sensor
  • Resolution Available : 3840 x 2160p FPS ; 2704 x 1520p – 120 FPS ; 2560 x 1440p – 120 FPS
  • FPS : 2160p frame rate : 601080p frame rate
  • Other Features : Time lapse recording, HDR image enhancements technology, scene detection technology, digital noise reduction, voice control, loop recording, slow motion recording
  • Price : 390,000 NGN — 500,000 NGN

GoPro Hero6 Black

  • Resolution : 12 mega pixel
  • Zoom : 4K Video
  • Battery : 1220 mAh, rechargeable li-ion
  • Memory Card Type : micro SD
  • Exposure Modes : Automatic and Program Mode
  • Display Type : LCD, 2inch
  • Sensor : CMOS Sensor
  • Resolution Available : 3840 x 2160 pixels ; 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p high definition) 720p
  • Price : 220,000 NGN — 290,000 NGN

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Camera Prices in Nigeria

  • Resolution : 12 mega pixel
  • Maximum video Resolution : 3840 x 2160
  • Zoom : 4K Video
  • Sensor : CMOS Sensor
  • Continuous Shooting : 30 frames per second
  • Memory Card Type : micro SD, microSDHC Card
  • Exposure Modes : Automatic & Program Mode
  • Display Type : LCD 2inch
  • Video features : (WDR) wide dynamic range, voice control, Night lapse, Protune technology, Hilight Tag technology and digital image rotation
  • Price : 190,000 NGN — 330,000 NGN

GoPro Hero4

  • Resolution : 12 mega pixel
  • Lens Type : Wide angle lens f/2.8
  • Maximum Video Resolution : 3840 x 2160
  • White Balance Reset : 3000k, 5500K, 6500k Light Sensitivity – ISO 100, ISO 1600, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 6400, ISO 800
  • Lens Type : Wide angle lens
  • Image Storage : JPEG 4000 x 3000, JPEG 3000 x 2250 maximum size 64GB
  • Memory Card Type : micro SD card, micro SDXC card and micro SDHC card
  • Sensor : CMOS Sensor
  • Operating System : Apple Mac OS X 10.8, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1
  • Other Features : Time lapse, voice control, Audio recording, Loop recording, QuikCapture technology, sharpness Control
  • Price : 200,000 NGN — 250,000 NGN

Wrapping up

In a much earlier time, GoPros had no onboard stabilization. During this time handheld footage had to be taken with extreme care, and every twitch, glitch or pothole was recorded in clear precise details but this only made photo professionals try to edit and salvage things.

Since the introduction of the Hero7 there’s a feature installed moving forward to ensure brighter and lighter video modes, it was named the HYPER SMOOTH 4.0 this feature worked like magic and made the videos look sleek without having to make use of gimbal.

However with the GoPro Hero 10 the onboard stabilization is even better and it continues to work in a more perfect shape.

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