Getting Certified as an AWS Solutions Architect in Nigeria

The Solution Architect’s responsibilities include gathering requirements and functional specifications, assessing the current software systems in place in order to identify areas in need of improvement, and overseeing development teams.

An AWS Solutions Architect designs and deploys applications and systems on the AWS cloud computing platform. Getting certified as an AWS Solutions Architect – Associate verifies your technical capacity in managing AWS (Amazon Web Services) systems.

Getting Certified as an AWS Solutions Architect in Nigeria

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Getting AWS Certified Solution Architect – associate credential validates your following abilities on the job:

  • Develop and deploy highly available and scalable solutions on AWS
  • Migration of an on premise application to AWS cloud (Lift & Shift)
  • Data management and integrity to and from AWS cloud
  • Choosing the right AWS service based on the requirements such as data, security, database, etc
  • Using the AWS service in an optimized manner to gain most out of it
  • Calculating the AWS cost and finding the ways to cut down this amount

Interested in Getting Certified as an AWS Architect?

Getting Certified as an AWS Solutions Architect in Nigeria

  • With AWS certification, you can advance your career in the IT industry
  • As per the report, AWS Certified Architect Associates are one of the top-paying professionals and are earning nearly $120000 salary on an average basis
  • With this credential, you cover a wide range of technologies including networking, database management, security and many other

Preparing For The AWS Solutions Architect Associate Questions..

Getting Certified as an AWS Solutions Architect in Nigeria

A proper AWS Architect training is mandatory to have this relevant information before appearing for the AWS certification exam. Let’s discuss the AWS Solution Architect exam preparation strategy one by one.

  • Book The Exam and Get Prepared
  • Get acquainted with an Online Training Platform

Getting AWS Solution Architect Certification becomes easy when you join the right online training platform.

You can decide to join the Janbask Training for the certification preparation along with other colleagues all over the world. Indeed, with his guidance and service quality i’m sure you will get good.

Understand The Theoretical Concepts and Perform Lab Activities

You will get a bundle of AWS architect certification exam material from your training providers. It is better to go through the whole data once and then come on the practice part.

But, doing lab exercise just after completing a small portion is more effective way of preparation and that’s what will give you the vibe most about the online certification providers while preparing for AWS certification.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Guide

  • Test Duration – 130 Minutes
  • No of Questions – 55 to 60
  • Exam Format – Multiple Choice Type
  • Exam Cost – $150 for first certification, $75 for recertification
  • Requirements for Recertification – Due to the quick-moving nature of AWS, they need recertification every two years
  • Exam Material – For each type of AWS exam, it offers a blueprint of the exam that details questions types, topic weight and suggested reading that would be the base of your testing. You will see that AWS is majorly into networking, security, database management, storage, and many high-end technologies. Focusing on this exam blueprint should be your first preparation strategy for the AWS Solution Architect certification exam.
  • What is the penalty for failing the test? Like most exams, you will have to wait for two weeks after failing the exam to reappear for the exam. There is no limit on the attempts you can take for the certification exam. It is simple, give until you don’t get certified.
  • Is the exam open book? All the AWS certification exams are closed book and closed internet. Once you start the exam or the clock of the exam gets to start, all you have on your mind is the only stuff that can be of help to you During the exam.
  • Where does the actual test happen? All the AWS certification exams are under the proctorship of a local community college – PSI. You are supposed to reach the center 15 minutes before the exam, present a valid ID proof, keep mobile phones and all other electronic items in a locker, and get a test opened by proctor on a computer. You are only given a whiteboard and pen during the exam.
  • Does AWS Solution Architect Certification need formal preparation? Yes, It requires systematic preparation for AWS certification. In this way, you come across various types of questions that may be asked in the exam, important topics, exam format, and style, etc.

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