Examples of LTSM Resources in Nigeria

What is a Ltsm?

BACKGROUND Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) is a broad term which is used to denote a variety of materials used by teachers and learners in the context of teaching and learning.
Examples of LTSM Resources in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

Why prior knowledge is important in learning?

Prior knowledge has long been considered the most important factor influencing learning and student achievement. The amount and quality of prior knowledge positively influence both knowledge acquisition and the capacity to apply higher-order cognitive problem-solving skills.

What are Ltsm resources?

Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) is an integral and vital part of every education system and the effective management, utilisation and maintenance of this valuable resource will ensure access and support to the delivery of quality education.

What are examples of learning resources?

Learning resources might include any of the following:
  • Textbooks.
  • Software.
  • Relevant reading materials.
  • Videos.
  • Recordings.

What are the types of educational resources?

Three kinds of resource are necessary for delivery of quality formal and non-formal primary educationprograms: Human resources, Material resourcesand Financial resources. These are defined below.

What are teaching resources?

A teaching resource is a material that is designed to help facilitate learning and knowledge acquisition.

What is an example of a material resource?

Material resources are materials found in the natural world that have practical use and value for humans. Material resources include wood, glass (which comes from sand), metals, edible plants, and plastics (which are made from natural chemicals).

What are teaching resources and materials?

Instructional materials, also known as teaching/learning materials (TLM), are any collection of materials including animate and inanimate objects and human and non-human resources that a teacher may use in teaching and learning situations to help achieve desired learning objectives.

What are the material resources in school?

Material resources include any items the schoolcurrently owns. These include school furniture, equipment, technology, curriculum materials, manipulatives, textbooks, and any other materialswithin the school. Financial resources include cash and lines of credit.

What makes learning resources appropriate?

A good resource is usefulAny resource should have clear structure and language. You need resources you can integrate into existing lesson plans and materials, and you need to be able to tailor resources to the specific needs of your students.

What are 3 learning strategies?

There are three main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

What are the six learning strategies?

Specifically, six key learning strategies from cognitive research can be applied to education: spaced practice, interleaving, elaborative interrogation, concrete examples, dual coding, and retrieval practice.

What are the 5 learning strategies?

Highly Effective Techniques
  • Practice Testing. Practice testing (sometimes called “retrieval practice”) involves frequent testing or quizzing over a period of time to encourage students’ recall of the material from memory.
  • Distributed Practice.
  • Interleaved Practice.
  • Elaborative Interrogation.
  • Self-Explanation.

What are three cognitive strategies?

Cognitive strategies are one type of learning strategy that learners use in order to learn more successfully. These include repetition, organising new language, summarising meaning, guessing meaning from context, using imagery for memorisation.

What are effective strategies?

Effective Teaching Strategies are Instructional strategies that are well-chosen for the present students, content and context, and implemented with a high level of skill and efficiency. Note: There are two ways people approach “effective teaching.” One is to define it by the inputs (as we have here).

How do you create an effective learning environment?

Here are a handful of things that tutors (and parents) can do to create that effective learning environment, whether at the home or learning center:
  1. It’s all about space.
  2. Use student-driven activities.
  3. Manage their stress levels.
  4. Provide healthy foods.
  5. Keep it consistent.

What is a successful learning environment?

A good learning environment offers a safe platform for learners. Before you can expect learners to succeed academically, they should also feel safe both mentally and physically. In order to maintain a safe learning environment, learnersmust feel supported, welcomed, and respected.

What is a good classroom environment?

Ideal Classroom Climate Conductive To Learning: The ideal classroom is a positive place where a student can come to work toward specific goals set before them in the class objectives. The teacher is to be positive, organized, outgoing, confident, and compassionate.

What is an engaging learning environment?

The two main components of engaged learning are student motivation and active learning. In an engaged learning environment, classrooms become communities wherein learning happens. This sense of community allows students to feel connected to one another and their teachers and to engage in collaborative, active learning.

LTSM Details

All forms of LTSM, including textbooks, e-books, workbooks, readers and teacher guides, purchased with government funds, produced through different processes or donated to a school constitute the property of the State, notwithstanding exceptions such as in the case of consumable material e.g. workbooks

What are the common goals of using Ltsm?

In order to achieve quality in education, the selection and use of LTSM must provide opportunities for learners to grasp the relevant knowledge and skills, as prescribed in the curriculum. The particular LTSM used is dependent on which phase the learner is in, and the different subjects taught in that whole particular phase.

How do you engage prior knowledge?

Strategies include pointing to upcoming lessons, providing lesson or lecture roadmaps, inviting reflective writing, and active learning activities like concept maps or case studies. Hampshire College provides a helpful list of other activities for engaging student prior knowledge.

What are examples of assessment?

National standardized exams, historically used in some science departments. Oral exams, such as the one comprising part of the Feminist and Gender Studies exit interview (a mix of direct and indirect assessment) Standardized language tests. Other in-house capstone-level exams.

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