Enterprise Software: Best Applications in Nigeria for 2022

Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software, is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Such organizations include businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, and governments.

Managing an enterprise organization takes a lot of work and involves many moving variables. As such, enterprise companies are in need of all software solutions specific to their needs.

This is especially true for enterprises with remote workers or clients. Regardless of your enterprise’s needs, there is an enterprise software solution that can fit the bill.
Enterprise software: Best Applications for 2022 in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

In this article, we will first answer the top question “what is enterprise software” and will fully provide examples of quality types of enterprise software. Then, we will list 10 top enterprise software applications that your company should be using in nigeria this 2022.

This list ranges from human resource management platforms to screen collaboration tools. If you want to improve your enterprise’s efficiency and bring in more customers and profits, then you should check out our list of the best enterprise software.

What is Enterprise Software?

Enterprise software is any application that serves the needs of an entire organization instead of just an individual. Types of software that fall under the umbrella of enterprise software include:

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Software that manages an organization’s relationship with its customers using data analysis. Features include the ability to contact prospects, store customer information, and analyze the best areas for customer growth. Ex: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot

Content management system (CMS)

Software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content such as text, images, video, and audio. Ex: WordPress, ModX
Human resource management (HRM): Software that manages the human resources available to a company, focusing on maximizing employee performance. Ex: BambooHR, Gusto

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Software for the management of main business processes. This software collects, stores, manages, and interprets data for business activities. It may include accounting software, supply chain management, and order resources. Ex: Oracle, Syspro, Acumatica

Project management

Software that helps businesses manage projects across teams. Ex: Asana, Trello, Monday.com
Collaboration tools: Any tools that businesses can use to communicate with one another and collaborate on business. Ex: Slack, Droplr, Covideo

Sometimes enterprise software is sold as a package (aka package enterprise application software) that contains several different software applications that help organizations fulfill their goals.

These software packages are also fully known as enterprise systems. Additionally, enterprise systems can refer to the servers, storage, and associated software that make up the organization’s IT infrastructure.

Check Out These Top Enterprise quality Software Solutions in nigeria this 2022

Now that you know what enterprise software is, it’s time to research specific products. In this list, we will cover 10 top enterprise software solutions that are sure to optimize your company’s work efficiency, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.


Jira is another excellent project management tool, though its features are geared mainly and specifically towards all software development teams. The platform lets you create a project roadmap for your full product and link it to specific issues, requested features, and bugs.

Any member of your team can report a new issue or bug and add it to the development workflow. From there, tasks can be assigned to different team members and added to team boards. Jira lets you view all the tasks in a project at once and sort them based on priority and how far along they are.

Jira is vital for most development teams who need a platform to visualize all stages in the development process, from the nitty-gritty to the big picture. Enterprises can use Jira on a global scale with top-notch security and top quality governance. Jira is a must-have for any enterprise with a software development team.


Droplr’s enterprise software lets employees communicate with clients and with one another using screenshots and screen recordings. With the app, you can take a picture or video of your screen and upload it directly to the full Droplr cloud. You can place screen captures into individual or shared company folders. From there, you can share captures and other files through a short link.

Droplr is great for enterprises because it makes communication faster and more efficient. It saves on the time you would otherwise spend attaching a screenshot or video to an email. Furthermore, Droplr provides unlimited cloud storage for businesses that can be used to upload and share files of almost any format.

You can also protect your files by adding a password, setting sharing to group only, or choosing a self-destruct time. Files are also protected by SSL/TLS during data transfer. Overall, Droplr is the least expensive way to store and share your files online enterprise-wide.


Monday.com is, at its base, project management software, but it is also so much more. The platform lets you plan, organize, and track all of your business’ work in one place. You can choose from over 200 ready-made templates to visually track your team’s workflow or customize your own dashboard.

Monday.com includes various features that can display projects, tasks, and associated data such as boards, tables, Gantt charts, full stack calendars, timelines, and maps. The whole platform even includes collaborative documents so teammates can work on projects or take meeting notes simultaneously. You can store and share files on the platform as well.

Enterprises can access additional features such as scaled automation and integrations, advanced analytics, and professional-grade security. In all, Monday.com provides the most robust top project management and collaboration on the market and is the perfect choice for enterprises regardless of size.


Like Droplr, Covideo lets you record videos and upload and share files. Additionally, Covideo lets you embed video directly into an email, text messages, and CRM platforms. Your video will appear as a clickable GIF within the body of the message. When your recipient clicks on it, they will be redirected to a custom video landing page of your choice.

You can also overlay your videos over your company’s website. Best of all, you can add clickable CTAs to this page in order to guide viewers’ next steps. Covideo is especially useful for sales and marketing teams in enterprises. It’s a great sales prospecting tool that lets you reach out to prospective customers in a more personalized way.

Covideo can also be used for any intra-company communications. You can send a video update on current projects or concerns instead of scheduling another meeting. The potential of video email for enterprises is endless!


Enterprise Software: Best applications for 2022 in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
Zendesk provides multiple software solutions geared towards customer service and sales. On the customer service side, Zendesk consolidates customer service into one platform, letting you track and respond to customers from one workspace. It can integrate live chat, email, social media, and voicemail.

Smart routing will send customers’ messages and issues to the agent that can best resolve them. Zendesk can create a profile of an individual customer so you can understand their full customer service journey.

You can also use Zendesk to build an integrated help center and community forum so customers can help themselves. For sales teams, Zendesk offers a CRM that lets you manage prospects and make more conversions.

You can make calls, send emails, and schedule meetings all from the Zendesk platform. You can also visualize your enterprise’s integrated sales pipeline to keep track of multiple deals across teams.

Zendesk can analyze your data to provide full insights and recommend best quality practices for future sales. Enterprises with a large top customer service and sales teams would do well to invest in Zendesk and better manage their relationships with customers and prospects alike.


Seismic is another great sales enablement tool that simultaneously enables teams and engages buyers. The platform can host all of your marketing and sales content. It can scan documents for compliance and analyze which content provides the best value.

It can also ensure that the right materials are sent to the right seller at the right time. Salespeople can even generate documents fully specific to each customer based on hosted templates. All team members work within a huge consolidated workspace so that they can fully collaborate on sales and share insights.

Seismic can also help onboard teams through distributing onboarding materials and sharing best practices by top team members. Teams across an enterprise can use Seismic to very well communicate and collaborate on materials. While Seismic is primarily for sales teams, it is also an excellent platform for marketers, HR, and operations.


Gong is a top sales enablement tool that’s growing fast in 2022. The platform captures all customer interactions to analyze the risks and opportunities, thus letting you close more deals. It tracks deals across your business to ensure that all are following best practices and correctly recorded.

Gong can also analyze what your top-performers do and share insights with new or struggling team members. Gong aims to optimize your sales process so that you can use data insights to close more deals and improve your selling strategy.

For enterprises, Gong can track and analyze complex deals with multiple stakeholders. It works across multiple teams including sales, marketing, product, customer success, and compliance. Each team has its own distinctive workspace with its own data and analysis. Gong is especially good for global enterprises as it can support multiple languages.


Datapine provides a centralized data collection and management platform for any business. The software can collect and integrate data from multiple platforms such as databases, social media, CRMs, ERPs, web analytics, files, and your help desk.

From there, you can set up how to display your data in an interactive dashboard. You can also choose from a preset template based around your industry. Through these dashboards, you can visualize, monitor, and share your data. Datapine also includes an integrated predictive analytics tool so you can use your data to predict future developments.

Datapine is perfect for enterprises that use multiple tools to gather data. It makes it easy to visualize your data on a large scale and analyze relationships between different data points. Its business intelligence software will let you utilize your data to make future changes and optimize your business operations.


SAP is enterprise resource planning software built for every aspect of your business’ operations. SAP’s cloud technology solutions are focused on sustainability and minimizing environmental waste.

The company’s products include a CRM, supply chain management, human capital management, spend management, finance management, data management, artificial intelligence, database, and business technology platforms. All software is housed in the cloud.

You can pick and choose which software to try out and implement in your enterprise. All software can be first used in a free trial period. You can also get specific training and enablement tools from SAP specialists. You can compare and purchase SAP products on the online SAP store.


CloudBees is another integral platform for software development teams. It works as a software delivery platform that ensures a smooth delivery in getting software from companies to customers through continuous integration and delivery.

CloudBees automatically analyzes risk and compliance for software and optimizes it for delivery. It can also analyze which features are providing the best value for customers to better your future updates.

CloudBees is built specifically for enterprises with enterprise-level security and full quality maintenance preconfigured templates and top policies. The platform can be customized to your industry’s best practices. CloudBees is also optimized for software delivery to companies, making it perfect for b2b SaaS enterprises.

Wrapping Up

Enterprise software is an integral part of a quality (computer-based) information system; a whole collection of such software is called an enterprise system. These systems handle a chunk of operations in an organization to enhance the business and management reporting tasks.

The systems must process the information at a relatively high speed and can be deployed across a variety of networks.

Services provided by enterprise software are typically business-oriented tools, such as online shopping, and top online payment processing, interactive product catalogue, automated billing systems, security, Business Process Management, enterprise content management, IT Service Management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, project management, collaboration, human resource management, manufacturing, occupational health and safety, enterprise application integration, and enterprise forms automation.

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