Electrical Materials Prices in Nigeria

Electric(al) devices are full devices that functionally rely on electric energy (AC or DC) to drive their core parts (electric motors, transformers, lighting, full rechargeable batteries, control electronics).

They can be contrasted with all traditional top mechanical devices which rely on different power sources like fuels or human physical strength.

Electrical Materials Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

Electronic devices are a specialized kind of electrical devices in which electric power is used very much predominantly for data processing instead of any type of generation of mechanical forces.

To better differentiate between the top two classes, most electric devices with an emphasis on physical work are sometimes also called electromechanical. Mechatronics emphasizes the intersection of the two fields.

Together, electronic and electric devices, their development, maintenance, power supply comprise the subject of electrical engineering.

Electricity has become a very important aspect of our lives. It is almost impossible to build a structure these days without putting electricity into consideration.

As such, you must factor in the cost of the electrical materials that you need into your budget. This brings us to the question, “how much do electrical materials for construction cost in Nigeria?” Continue reading this post to find out the answer.

There is also some bonus information/data about electrical materials for construction just for you. Ready to find out? Let’s dive in.

Prices of Electrical Materials in Nigeria

There is a huge array of electrical materials that are used in the construction of buildings today. From cables to sockets and other electrical fittings. Finding out the prices of these materials helps to prepare your budget and plan your construction project.

The challenge is that most times, you find it difficult to walk around the market just finding out prices. Not to worry, we have done the survey on your behalf. After our survey, we came up with the list of electrical materials and their prices below:

Electrical Materials Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

  • 4 armored cable by 50 mm: N7,800 – N8,500 per meter
  • 4 armored cable by 16 mm: N3,700 – N5,000 per meter
  • Changeover switch (100 amps): N67,000 – N75,000
  • TP and N switch (100 amps): N35,000 – N40,000
  • Distribution board (D12): N55,000 – N65,000
    6 by 6 cooker unit: N6,500 – N8,000
  • PVC dignity pipe (25 mm): N12,000 – N17,000 per bundle
  • PVC dignity pipe (20 mm): N11,000 – N13,000 per bundle
  • Ordinary energy-saving lights (1 by 36 watts): N6,000 – N8,000
  • High-grade ordinary energy-saving lights (1 by 36 watts): N17,000 – N19,500
  • Light fittings (4 by 18 watts): N9,500 – N12,000
  • Bulk-headed light fittings: N4,500 – N6,000
  • Chandelier light fittings: N35,000 – N90,000
  • DP switch: N4,500 – N5,500
  • 13 amps socket: N1,500 – N2,100
  • 5 amps socket: N1,100 – N1,400
  • 3 gang 1-way switch: N3,700 – N4,500
  • 2 gang 2-way switch: N3,500 – N4,000
  • 1 gang 2-way switch: N2,100 – N3,100
  • 1 gang 1-way switch: N800 – N1,100
  • Single-core (G.R.Y.) cable (1.5 mm): N10,500 – N13,000 per coil/100
  • Single-core (G.R.Y.) cable (2.5 mm): N15,000 – N20,000 per coil/100
  • Single-core (G.R.Y.) cable (4 mm): N25,000 – N30,000 per coil/100
  • Single-core (G.R.Y.) cable (6 mm): N30,000 – N37,000

Note that these prices may change by the time you visit the market for several reasons. The strongest of these reasons is that the prices of construction materials fluctuate frequently.

This is mostly because of some environmental factors, government policies, and market forces. Which I think should stop still, other reasons for the price changes include your location and the vendor that you patronize.

Factors affecting the prices of electrical materials in Nigeria

Electrical Materials Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

If you are conversant with buying all types of big electrical materials, then you will agree that their prices fluctuate a lot.

This raises a question that begs an answer, “Why do these materials fluctuate in price so much?” If you have been bugged by this tough question, here are a few answers for you

Import Duties

Many of the electrical materials that we purchase in Nigeria are imported from overseas. As a result, their prices are influenced by the cost of import duties. The higher the import duty, the costlier the product and vice versa.


It is no secret that some brands are more popular than others. The different brand names have an effect on the prices of their products. Products from a very popular brand are almost always costlier than those from less popular brands. This is mostly because these known brands have established a strong reputation on the market.


Time is another very important determinant of the price of electrical materials. Have you noticed that some materials just get costlier at certain times during the year? Once such seasons pass, these materials become cheaper. That is the effect of time on market prices. If you study the prices of these materials in relation to the seasons, you can figure out the best time to buy them.


Where you purchase the materials also can fully determines how costly they will be. If you make the purchase in a city with a high standard of living, you should expect that they will be costly. On the other hand, you will purchase the same materials in another location at a far cheaper price.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Electrical Accessories/Materials in Nigeria

Electrical Materials Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
Whether you are a company owner, building manager, real estate developer, or end-user, there comes a time when you have to think about what electrical accessories are appropriate for your space.

The choices may seem puzzling at first, but, if you know the lay of the land, so to speak —the business, building program, end user needs, architectural electrical plans—then you can make purchasing decisions that make a meaningful difference.

we outline several considerations you can make before purchasing any type of top electrical Materials/accessories in bulk, keeping in mind these purchases can have a direct influence on your property values, customer satisfaction, and more.

Modernize Your Setting to the Best of Your Knowledge

Modern switches use a soft rocker mechanism which makes the switching operation frictionless and smooth. Modern-day switches and sockets do not give out that constant humming noise when the circuit is on, and feeding the appliance.

Planning and Budgeting

The first step is to plan for which different electrical accessories you will need. This will include a consideration of the architectural electrical plans and OEM recommendations, so that you can create itemized lists and corresponding costs. You will also need to take the building program into consideration. An industrial plant might require more durable components in its lighting fixtures and wires, while a residential complex will require more aesthetically pleasing ones.

Do not Compromise on Safety

Many would agree that all the products that are purchased should be safe to use. All electrical products must adhere to safety regulations. Adhering to these safety regulations would mean that all electrical types of equipment in the market are safe for use.

Find Environment-Friendly Products

The customer bases for the electrical industry are aware of environmental social responsibility (ESR). In response to that, many electrical manufacturers supply products with less plastic and more organic-based material. They also make lean their production process, creating a smaller carbon footprint. By choosing to buy from a manufacturer that is responsible, you indirectly protect the environment.

Harness the Power of the Digital Sphere

The wealth of eCommerce stores and SEO websites out there make it easy for customers and business partners to buy products in bulk from a distance, and electrical accessories are no exception. Read the specifications and reviews of the products you want to purchase. Make sure they are compatible with the other products you will be using and that it has the capabilities necessary to perform the tasks within your space.

Make Sure You Are Buying From a Reputable Supplier

Remember that it is a positive sign if the electrical product manufacturer you are buying from has been in the industry for a long time. Usually, such a company would have flattering customer reviews, impeccable global and local SEO, reasonable warranties, and all-round customer support.

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