Electric Bicycle Prices in Nigeria

Electric bikes are a popular choice for many people looking to make their commute easier or more enjoyable. Choosing the electric bike that is right for you can be complicated, but if you know what to look out for in an electric bike and which features matter most, your decision will become much simpler.

We hope this article has helped give you some insight into choosing the electric bicycle that’s best suited to your needs. Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular in the global space in recent times.
Electric Bicycle Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
While this modern-day rider-friendly bicycle type is still not common in this part of the world, many people are beginning to wake to its concept. Easy to drive, easy to maintain, and relatively more exciting, the electric bicycle is a welcome advancement to lovers of bicycle.

Electric bicycles, also called e-bikes, come in different types and have loads of advantages over traditional bicycles. This post takes a look at how much electric bikes go for in Nigeria and important things to note before buying one.

Brand new electric bicycle prices in Nigeria

Electric bicycles come in different types, sizes, and designs. Although they are not so common in this part of the world as it stands, the market is growing in the major cities in the country.

Depending on the brand, the type, the features and the spec of the electric bicycle you are going for, you can expect to purchase a brand new model for anything between N200, 000 and N500, 000.

Brand new electric bicycles can be purchased directly from various bicycle outlets in the country. They can also be ordered directly from the manufactures.

Prices of used electric bicycles in Nigeria

With brand new electric bicycles not as readily available in the country, some have opted for used versions. Although used versions are also not very common, they are seen as a reasonable and cheaper alternatives to the brand new models. Just like the rand new versions, the prices of the used versions, whether locally used or foreign used, depend on the brand of the bicycle, the specifications, features, and the type. As is stands, foreign used electric bicycle can be purchased for between N80, 000 and N300, 000.

Types of electric bicycles

When it comes to the new-generation bicycles, then one must mention electric bikes. Apart from the fact that these bicycles offer loads of economic advantages over the traditional bicycles, they are easier to ride, more comfortable for beginners and more fun to ride, especially when climbing and riding for fun.

E-bikes come in two different types based on their mode of operation. Let us now take a more detailed look at the types of electric bicycles available today.

Full-Power Electric Bicycles

This is the first and a very common type of e-bike. Here, padding is not essentially required. One can easily relate this to automatic transmission vehicles. This type of e-bike require big batteries and strong motor hubs that help handle the pedaling when riding. This does not require so much effort as all you are required here as the rider is to sit comfortable, power the motor and set your feet on the pedal. The control of the bike is not difficult. If you are familiar riding scooters, you wouldn’t have any real problem with this type of e-bike. This bicycle is fully powered by batteries, hence the need for powerful batteries. It should be noted though, that this type of electric bike can only cover short miles, within 10 to 30 miles, depending on the battery capacity. Because of the big batteries, most of the full-power electric bicycles are usually heavy and weigh more than the other type of e-bike.

Pedal-Assist Electric Bicycles

The main difference between this type of bike and the full-powered electric bicycle is that the pedal-assist are built to be manually pedaled and are only sometimes powered by batteries. As expected, the pedal assist bicycles, which is also called partial power electric bicycles cover longer miles and can even go as high as 85 to 90 miles. Because their batteries are not as big as the full-powered e-bikes, they are generally lighter.

Other Types Of Electric Bicycles in Nigeria

Electric Bicycle Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

Ribble CGR AL

The Ribble CGR AL is a gravel bike, which combines chunky tires and a robust frame with sporty drop handlebars to create something that’s equally at home on tarmac as well as dirt trails. The CGR AL has lightning quick acceleration, making it a joy to ride.

It’s screaming to be taken off the beaten path (there’s plenty of room for knobby tires or just accumulating a lot of muck), and it charges from flat in just 3.5 hours, so you won’t have to plan your excursions too far ahead.

Key Differentiators:

  • Sporty gravel bike design
  • Super quick acceleration
  • Easy to use and switch modes

Trek Powerfly FS 5 G2

The powerful Bosch motor, RockShox fork, Shimano drivetrain, and sturdy Alpha Platinum aluminium frame of this versatile full-suspension electric mountain bike make it a real off-road hero. The Trek Powerfly FS 5 G2 has a detachable internal battery for better balance on the trail.

Key Differentiators:

  • Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB)
    e-MTB, full suspension
  • It’s equipped with an external charging port for easy charging on or off the bike
  • It rides like a mountain bike
  • The Purion controller has Walk Assist and an intelligent eMTB mode that automatically delivers the right amount of power based on your terrain

MiRider One

The MiRider One is a foldable e-bike that’s ideal for travelers – small enough to put on a train or under your desk, yet powerful enough to get you there fresh and ready to go. The MiRider One hits the nail on the head here, and it does so for an extremely low price. Despite its compact design, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride due to its sturdy construction and a rear shock absorber that absorbs any little potholes on your journey.

The motor’s power assistance functions are more advanced than those on many other e-bikes, with five levels compared to the typical three. With a boost button and a throttle control to assist you get away quickly at crossroads and junctions, it has plenty of control. It takes just two hours to charge from flat, and its maximum range is 40 miles before running out of power. The MiRider One folds down in under a minute and is stored in the included case when not in use. By far, the finest e-bike for commuting.

Key Differentiators:

  • Excellent value
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Smooth, comfortable ride

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0

The Turbo Vado 3.0 is one of the best electric bikes to buy, despite its low price and modest performance increase over the Specialized Turbo Creo SL. The ultra-lightweight frame houses a 1.2 E motor that has been tuned for city use.

Key Differentiators:

  • Turbo Full Power 2.0E motor and 530Wh battery
  • MasterMind and Mission Control
  • Smooth Efficiency
  • Turbo System Lock
  • Fully Integrated Removable and Lockable Downtube Battery
  • Equipped with DRYTECH Fenders, LED front and rear lights, and 27kg capacity rear HD Rack

Lekker Amsterdam + E-Bike

When you’re in search of a motorbike, Amsterdam is the first bike you think of. This simple yet practical electric bike design has a smooth riding feel. The 250W rear engine keeps momentum and allows you to effortlessly cruise around town. This Amsterdam + e bike is a great option for getting around town and to where you need to go, despite its limitations when it comes to off-road trails.

Key Differentiators:

  • Minimalist
  • Bafang rear motor
  • Gates carbon drive
  • Removable battery
  • WTB Horizon tires
  • Premium Hydraulic disk breaks
  • Integrated LED and LED Display

Things to consider before buying an electric bike

Electric Bicycle Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
Finding your way around getting a particular electric bike that suits your need can be quite tasking. With various types of e-bikes fully available, varying in features, and varying in specifications, it is quite difficult to pick one. There are certain factors to put in mind when buying an electric bicycle, especially if you are not familiar with this category of bicycle. Here are some of the factors to note.


This is one of the first factors to consider when buying an e-bike. It is essential to consider the battery capacity of the bike you are going for. The most important factor is the quality of the cells in the battery and the recharge cycle of the battery. This determines how many miles the bicycle can cover, especially if it is full-power e-bicycle.

Brand and Support

This is one very important factor to consider. Considering the fact that electric bicycles are electric bicycles are not so common in the country, one need to be careful with the brand you go for. You should review the brand and ensure you can get adequate support in case the bicycle requires technical attention.


You also need to consider your riding comfort. Electric bicycles come in different types and designs. Go for one whose seating is comfortable enough for you to ride with ease.

Wrapping Up

Electric bikes are a popular transportation option in countries where the electric grid runs on clean energy. Electric bikes can be used as commuter vehicles and for recreation.

Electric bike riders enjoy all the health benefits that come with riding a bike and electric bikes offer full additional advantages such as electric assist to help with difficult terrain and hills.

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