EchoBeat Air Pods Review

I got back late from work at 10.00 pm western african time: Nigeria to be specific, i still had my work clothes on just feeling bruised about how my day went and the much work load i had to put up with.

My girlfriend made a video call to me at 11.00 pm as i dropped the glass of water down on the kitchen tab.

i had to talk to her, maybe because i guess i needed to hear her soft loving words to get me going through the night, she had to move to a different country for work, it’s christmas eve. And she and i are both away from home and we won’t even be home with our families for christmas, not to talk of seeing each other Sigh!!.

EchoBeat Air Pods: The Earphones Creating A New Buzz in Africa

It is now 12.30pm now and she said she’s feeling sleepy and she had to go to bed. She kissed me goodnight and we ended the call. All these happened while i was on my bed facing the ceiling with my air pods on and the song “vibration” made by fire boy dml who is an afro pop musician came up and the sound of my Tv set was mute while the colors so bright as it displays an airtel ad.

i felt a kind of peaceful vibe that relaxed all my nerves and at that time i said to myself “thousands of people like me all over the world are listening to their favorite music in a boom clear quality all thanks to these amazing earphones!.

As i stare into the dark humming the words in my mind i slept off without taking a shower!! yeah i was that tired. it is morning now and i woke up feeling alive as it is christmas and i have to be thankful and happy because i’m alive.

my best friend went to see his girlfriend the night before at an army barracks for the very first time crazy right!! that’s what i thought too, she’s a military officer working on the island but trust me she is the most amazing beautiful soul you’ll ever meet in a lifetime hell yeah !!! she’s that amazing.

And while, he was on his way back home supposedly, still on the course of his movement back to his house she ended up dropping him off at my house at 7.00 am in the early hours of the morning, because she had to go for a  “called order” she said by her superiors “what ever it is they do there”.

Mind you i still had my Echo beat air pods on, with a facial expression looking surprised and felling grumpy just getting out of bed and seeing whose at the door. she said hi to me and drove off as i walked back into my house now with clear eyes and no longer feeling sleepy, i went straight to my laptop and i started writing this article.

Titled EchoBeat Air Pods: The Earphones Creating A New Buzz in Africa. I was so inspired to write about this amazing tech piece. Why? because it’s quality was some what of an experience. i felt while still using it.

echo beats air pods nigeriantech ng

I took a sip of juice just as i watched my best friend reach to sleep on my bed, now fully facing my laptop

i want share with you the benefits of this sensational piece and how it is the in thing for everyone that knows what it means to receive the comfort that comes with the wireless echo beat air pods.

echo beat nigerian tech

Echo beat is the latest generation of wireless ear phones that are rapidly changing the music listening experience around the globe.

This sensational product meets the needs of even the most demanding tech-lovers, leaving no one indifferent – thousands are already enjoying their favorite tunes in crystal clear quality, taking their audio experience to the new levels of pleasure.

From traditional headphones to cable earphones, music lovers have always been looking for the most convenient yet reliable ways to enjoy the works of their favorite artists. This whole wireless earphone idea is actually relatively new – it all started just a few years ago and was a solid first step into the new era of music listening habits.


Echo beat earphones were created out of the longing for some premium quality sound that wasn’t available in the products that were already on the market. The name of the manufacturer is Frank, so frank the creator of EchoBeat, says, “he’s a real music fan, but he was fed up of buying earphones and headphones to be disappointed by their performance all the time.


Top-notch quality is not the only thing that makes these wireless earphones a must-have device.

Besides being an irreplaceable companion in the marvelous world of sounds, they’re also equipped with a twin mode that allows you to share music with your friends, An integrated microphone which is included here  gives you an opportunity to make and receive phone calls, and all this without being connected to the wire.

The Echo beat wireless earphones offers these:


  • Available in different colors
  • Long-lasting battery life (more than 8 hours of performance)
  • The most competitively priced on the market!
  • Premium sound quality that meets everyone’s needs
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Universal compatibility (Android, iOS)
  • Built-in noise cancelling
  • Charge on the go
  • Lightweight and ultra-compact
  • Ideal for both listening to music and making phone calls

While staying present wherever you are doing whatever it is you do, for Anyone who enjoy’s the highest audio quality would appreciate the performance of the Echo beat air pods.

There are some pro’s i will like to share with you about the Echo beat air pod

echo beat air pod

Echobeat air pods

  • Superior audio quality
  • Universal compatibility with all devices
  • Integrated microphone
  • Long battery life
  • Ultra-compact
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Affordable price

To sum it up the EchoBeat air pods is of high audio quality, it is highly compatible with any type of device.

It has got a last longing battery life. and yes it is quite affordable and cheap to purchase.

So Get it while you can. Buzz word Buzz word.

Chinedu Okeke

Chinedu is the founder of Nigerian Tech. He is a tech enthusiast who has the passion for emerging trends in the tech industry. He is also a professional web content developer.

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