Earbuds Prices in Nigeria

Hear every beat & melody with the studio-like quality sound earbuds for a great listening session. These pocket-sized charging case gives you 5 extra charges, so you can power up on the go. With AI Technology while using the top best quality even offering networking solutions.

They are worth it, especially if you are into fitness or travel. The prices on these wireless earbuds have come down a lot in recent years.
Earbuds Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

The lack of wires provides for better range of motion, connectivity to a variety of devices and the latest wireless earbuds have great range, memory and battery life.

Worth mentioning is that wireless earbuds emit significantly less radiation than phones; in fact, a study published fully in Environmental Research found that bluetooth headphones fully emitted 10 to 400 times less radiation than smartphones.

we had to make use of wired earpieces to listen to music or make calls. Fast-forward to now and we have earbuds that can achieve the same and more without wires. This brings us more freedom and less stress from the cables getting caught as we move around.

How much are earbuds in Nigeria? There are several kinds of ear buds for different kinds of devices. In this post, we will look at some of the most popular brands on the market, their specifications, and their prices. Let’s get started.

Prices of Earbuds in Nigeria

The Nigerian market is filled with a plethora of earbud brands. This isn’t strange while considering the fact that Nigerians are gadget lovers. Since earbuds rest on the outside of your ear canal, they let in more ambient noise.

This can be a pro, depending on your lifestyle. If you commute downtown and walk through the streets, earbuds allow you to be more mindful of your surroundings.

Some of these earbuds can only be used with Apple devices while others can be used with both Apple and Android devices. Without further ado, let’s get to the different earbuds on the market and their prices.

F9 True Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones – N5,000 – N6,000


  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
  • Communication: Wireless
  • Compatibility: For IOS, Android, and
  • Windows
  • Connectors: USB
  • Sensitivity: 95±3dB
  • Style: In-Ear
  • Talk time: 150 hours
  • Vocalism Principle: Hybrid technology
  • Volume Control: No
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth

Fingerprint Touch BT 5.0 Earphones Wireless Stereo Headphone – N3,500 – N4,500


  • Battery capacity: Headphones 55mAH
  • Charging bin: 450mAH
  • Effective distance: 10m barrier-free
  • Headphone talk time: 3-4 hours
  • Headphones music time: 2-3 hours
  • Horn diameter: 8mm
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Pairing mode: automatic pairing after booting
  • Sensitivity: 42db

Wireless use frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Zealot T1 Wireless Earphone Quality Sound – N8,000 – N10,000


  • Battery capacity: 300mAh/30mAh
  • Bluetooth version: V5.0+EDR
  • Call duration: about 2.5H
  • Charging time: about 1 hour
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V
  • Distortion: 1%
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz
  • Music player: about 2.5H
  • Output power: 10mW
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dB
  • Speaker: 16Ω
  • Standby time: ≥30 days
  • Transmission distance: 10m
  • Working voltage: 3.7V

Fingerprint Touch BT 5.0 Earphones Wireless Stereo Headphone – N3,500 – N4,500


  • BT Protocol: HFP, A2DP, HSP, AVCRP
  • BT Version: BT5.0
  • Charging Box Capacity: 3.7V 450mAh
  • Earphone Battery Capacity: 2 * 3.7V 50mAh
  • Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz
  • Impedance: 16O
  • Music Play Time: about 4 hours (depends on music volume)
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Transmitting Distance: 10m/33ft
  • Waterproof: IPX5

F9-5 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Invisible Earbuds Stereo Watch Led Noise Cancelling – N9,800 – N11,000


  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
  • Charge Case Speaker:4Ω3
  • Codecs: NONE
  • Communication: Wireless
  • Frequency Response Range:50-8KHz
  • Model Number: F9-5
  • Speaker Size: 8MM
  • Style: In-Ear
  • Support Memory Card: No
  • Vocalism Principle: Dynamic
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth

Zealot T2 Bluetooth True Wireless Earphone Stereo With Charge Box – N8,000 – N10,000


  • Bluetooth Earphone
  • Charging compartment
  • Makes and Receives Calls
  • Music Player
  • Stereo

IPX5 Waterproof Wireless In-Ear Sports Headset – N6,500 – N8,000


  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Charged cockpit: 350mAh
  • Charging time: 0.8h
  • Communication distance: 10 meters
  • Music time: 4h
  • Standby time: 120h
  • Support agreement: HFP/HSP A2DP/AVRCP
  • Call time: 3.5h
  • Charging voltage: 5V

S530 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone In-Ear Sports – N3,000 – N4,000


  • Bluetooth A2DP Working range: 10m
  • Charging Time: 1h-2h
  • Charging voltage: DC5V 150mAh
  • Distortion factor: ≤1%
  • Frequency range: 2.401-2.480GHz
  • Frequency Response: 20 ~ 20000Hz
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Music Playing Time: up to 1~2 hours
  • Output power: 35mW
  • SNR: S/N≥95
  • Talk time: 1-2 hours
  • Playtime: 1-2 hours
  • Working current: 25-35mA
  • Working Time: Music 1-2 hours (Volume affects the time)

M1 Wireless Bluetooth EarPhone 5.0 Stereo Headsets – N2,500 – N3,200
Earbuds Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng


  • Bluetooth distance: 10-15 meters
  • Charging base battery: 350 mAh
  • Headphone battery: 45 mAh
  • Playtime: 3-4 hours
  • Sensitivity: 98+3dB
  • Speaker type: titanium composite film
  • Standby time: 60 hours
  • Transmission range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
  • Working voltage: 3.3V-4.2V

When it comes to the lifespan of your earbuds, you can look at an average of between six months and two years. This will vary by brand as well as the type of abuse they receive.

Generally, the time to replace them is when their sound begins to distort, or ceases entirely. Earbuds are basically a pair of tiny speakers that you wear inside your ears.

At low volumes, they’re useful little devices. But playing loud music so close to your own eardrums can cause permanent hearing loss.

To ensure you don’t hurt your ears, keep your earbuds at a safe volume. Experts suggest a maximum of 85 decibels (dB) for safe listening. If you can’t measure this, though, it’s very well recommended to listen at 60% or less of your device’s maximum volume.

Some earbuds do wear out and obviously many people have many different experiences, some people have earbuds that never seem to last more than 2 weeks while others can have earbuds that last a year. Some people’s earbuds last much longer than others, even if they use the same brand.

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