Dulux Paint Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Painting is an art, just like love and everything else. House painting has always been an important step. However, the current state of the paint, the scale and both the interior and exterior part of the house has to be thoroughly considered before deciding if you’d higher a professional or you might intend to do it on your own.

Yeah!! you probably can paint by yourself which might be okay, but there is this thing about getting a more successful paint job completed by professionals. Now, hiring a professional requires quite somethings to be considered as well. Like the painters credentials, knowing whats required of you, then you’ll get a referral or a painting estimate, after that you’d proceed to make a payment plan.

House painting seems easy when you hear it being said right? Well while most people tend to go for the cheapest paint out there, have it at the back of your mind that you’d want the paint to last over for a long time and to look good too.

Still, just incase you’ve got a block on what color to go by, there are quite a number of design applications that can trigger motivations to pick some notch colors. Then you’ll go ahead to pick the kind or type of paint you’d love to use either it’s oil-based paint, latex paint, or paint luster.

Dulux Paint Prices in Nigeria dulux nigeriantech.com.ng

The Dulux brand is one of the most popular paint brands in Africa as well as the popular paint in Nigeria. The dulux color experts translate global design trends into the new Color of the Year. The shade for 2021 is Brave Ground.

A warm, natural neutral that lets other colors shine, it provides a springboard for change in your home. And users can discover how they can use this versatile shade, plus its four complementary color palettes, to start a transformation. Sounds good if you look up close.

The dulux easy care is washable and tough, helping it stay the way it was painted. And the dulux Quick Dry water-based paints offer a fuss-free, budget-friendly way to transform unsung wooden design details such as bannisters, furniture and door frames.

Listed above are some types of dulux paints there is. But for the exterior part of the home, a new coat of paint will transform the image of the home almost immediately. So you’d have to consider the best time to paint your crib, you’ll then plan your paint job, and after that all bad woods should be removed or replaced.

Using the dulux paint is an expression of who you are, it is an investment in your home. So when you paint your walls, you want to be sure of a perfect finish. The best part is that the dulux team of dedicated experts has developed paints with a creamy consistency and unrivaled formula that delivers consistent results with no patchiness. In fact, they want you to love the end results so much that if, for any reason, you don’t like the outcome, you’ll get a replace for your purchase.

In a can of the dulux paint, you’d get only the finest ingredients. Like inside every tin of paint is a mix of art, science and a little bit of magic… just maybe. The truth is that the dulux products are manufactured using the very best ingredients and crafted with trademark care and passion which, like the finest chocolate, makes the signature thick and creamy, with the consistency you know and love, and this gives the utmost confidence in a brilliant result you can be proud of.

However, this balance of scientific craftsmanship and loving care and attention that the dulux brand put into their products means they can offer the perfect color, uniform finish and coverage stated that gives you the best result possible first time, under their unique Promise. This Proves indeed that there is so much more in a tin of dulux paint than just paint itself.

Dulux Paint Type & Prices in Nigeria

Dulux Paint Prices in Nigeria nigeriantech.com.ng

With the power of technology, it is a known fact that digital technology has become an integral part of the painting process, bringing in-depth insight and clever solutions together to make people’s lives easier. Thanks to dulux revolutionary Visualizer application, customers can now get assistance in choosing the right color by seeing it in real-time on their wall.

Similarly, the Dulux Trade Paint Expert and Paint Specifier applications have made the lives of professionals easier, and they have recently developed a free digital plug-in palette tool to bring the vision of architects and interior designers to life for clients.

The dulux brand in-house experts work tirelessly to ensure the power of paint really works to make a positive change across homes. Now take Lumitec for instance – cutting-edge technology used in dulux Light + Space range, designed to reflect twice as much light as standard emulsion. This makes small spaces look bigger and brighter.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the different types of dulux paint there is and how much they are being sold for in the national retail space.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk

  • Pure Brilliant White —- 5L (NGN) 32,700
  • Dulux Trad V/ Silk Light Base —- 10L (NGN) 58,206
  • Extra Deep Base —- 5L (NGN) 32,700
  • Extra Deep Base —- 2.5L (NGN) 17,833
  • Medium Base —- 2.5L (NGN) 17,823
  • Medium Base —- 5L (NGN) 32,700
  • Light Base —- 1L (NGN) 9,263
  • Light Base —- 2.5L (NGN) 18,275
  • Pure Brilliant White —- 2.5L (NGN) 17,283

SunDries Dulux Paint

  • Biocidal Wash —- 4L — (NGN) 4,416
  • Cap Screeding filler —- 20L — (NGN) 11,233
  • Undercoat White —- 4L  — (NGN) 7,150
  • Dulux Alkali Resisting Primer —- 4L  — (NGN) 8,333

Specified Dulux Trade Products

  • FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller —- 0.5kg — (NGN) 1075
  • HS Hammerite No 1 Rust Beater Primer —- 5L — (NGN) 19,350
  • FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller — 10kg — (NGN) 8600
  • DA DLX Roofguard Basic Black — 5L — (NGN) 8,600
  • DA DLX Roofguard Basic Black — 20L — (NGN) 30,100
  • DA DLX Roofguard Grecian Grey — 5L — (NGN) 8,600
  • DA DLX Roofguard Grecian Grey — 20L — (NGN) 30,100
  • DA DLX Rainshield Grey — 20L — (NGN) 39,775
  • DA DLX Rainshield Grey — 5L — (NGN) 9,675
  • DA DLX Rainshield White — 20L — (NGN) 37,655
  • DA DLX Rainshield White — 5L — (NGN) 10,750
  • DA DLX Supergrip All Purpose Primer White — 5L– (NGN) 21,500
  • DA DLX Primer for Galvanized iron — 5L — (NGN) 15050

Cap Acrylic Satin

  • Extra Deep Color — 20L — (NGN) 30,877
  • Deep Color — 20L — (NGN) 30,122
  • White — 4L — (NGN) 6,131
  • White — 20L– (NGN) 28,213
  • Light Color — 20L — (NGN) 28,213

Caplux Textured

  • Deep Color — 20L — (NGN) 21,533
  • Light Color — 20L — (NGN) 19,714
  • Extra Deep Color — 20L — (NGN) 22,463
  • White — 20L — (NGN) 20,655

Dulux Eggshell

  • Light Color — 4L — (NGN) 10,042
  • Black — 4L — (NGN) 11,456
  • Brilliant White — 4L — (NGN) 11,616
  • Deep Color — 4L — (NGN) 12,749
  • Rich Extra Deep Color — 4L — (NGN) 13,698
  • Extra Deep Color — 4L — (NGN) 13,698

Dulux Silk Emulsion

  • Rich Extra Deep Color — 20L — (NGN) 49,688
  • Light Color — 20L– (NGN) 40,513
  • Deep Color — 20L — (NGN) 49,191
  • Brilliant White — 4L — (NGN) 10,704
  • Deep Color — 4L — (NGN) 10,196
  • Brilliant White — 20L — (NGN) 44,595

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

  • Vinyl Matt Light Base — 10L — (NGN) 46,369
  • Pure Brilliant White — 5L — (NGN) 26,735
  • Light Base — 5l — (NGN) 28,623
  • Light Base — 2.5L — (NGN) 17,367
  • Medium Base — 5L — (NGN) 26,735
  • Medium Base — 2.5L — (NGN) 15,027
  • Extra Deep Base — 5L — (NGN) 26,735
  • Extra Deep Base — 2.5L — (NGN) 15,127

Using the dulux paint, Whichever room you’re decorating, their carefully curated colors and finishes will make finding the right paint for the job easy.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen

  • Light Base — 5L — (NGN) 32,250
  • Pure Brilliant White — 5L — (NGN) 31,323
  • Light Base — 2.5L — (NGN) 18,036
  • Medium Base — 5L — (NGN) 31,423
  • Extra Deep Base — 5L — (NGN) 31,500

Pro’s of the Dulux Paint in Nigeria

  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Anti-bacterial element

Maintaining Dulux House paint

Just in case you rent or own your home, properties require upkeep. Since your exterior house paint is subjected to the elements, maintenance is key. With theses measures, you can extend the life of your exterior paint job.

  • Preventing Rot
  • Combating mold
  • Pressure washing
  • Repainting

Dulux Distributor Contact In Nigeria

Dulux is the UK’s leading paint brand, with a wealth of products and services designed to help you find the colors that you’ll love in your home, and give you the expert knowledge you’ll need to achieve great results.

There are over 1,200 Dulux colors available to choose from and so to help you select the right ones for you there are lots of useful tools and services available online and in-store.

We’re committed to bringing you more than just the perfect color. To purchase Dulux Paint from the authorized distributor in Nigeria contact :

Distributors Contact : Nigeriantechng@gmail.com

Chinedu Okeke

Chinedu is the founder of Nigerian Tech. He is a tech enthusiast who has the passion for emerging trends in the tech industry. He is also a professional web content developer.

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