DSTV Decoder Prices in Nigeria

A “cable channel” (sometimes known as a “cable network”) is a television network available via cable television. It has to be of quality and high efficiency.

When available through a satellite television, including direct broadcast satellite providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network and Sky, as well as via IPTV providers such as Verizon FIOS and AT&T U-verse, this is referred to as a “satellite channel”.

DSTV Decoder Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
Alternative terms include “non-broadcast channel” or “programming service”, the latter being mainly used in legal contexts.

The cable company’s portion of the wiring most times usually ends at a distribution box on the building exterior, and built-in cable wiring in the walls usually distributes the signal to jacks in different rooms to which televisions are connected.

Multiple cables to different rooms are split off the incoming cable with a small device called a splitter.

There are two standards for cable television; older analog cable, and newer digital cable which can carry data signals used by digital television receivers such as high-definition television (HDTV) equipment.

When you are talking about cable TVs in nigeria you will be sure to discuss the Enjoyment of 175+ Channels with the latest movies, series and reality shows, plus the biggest names in lifestyle and news, and you’ll get Showmax at no extra cost all on DStv.

But all this can not go through without a DSTV decoder being present. Their channels covers most sports globally, and they also feature music channels as well as movies and others.

The DSTV company brand has got a very large customer base when it comes to cable TVs in Nigeria and some countries in Africa too.

They are available in various types like the premium, HD and DSTV Explora all these packages boasts of more unique features to go down with.

In this post, we will take a look at how much various DSTV decoders go on sale for in the Nigerian retail market space.

Prices of DSTV decoders in Nigeria

DSTV is the leading provider of satellite TV series in Nigeria. It is fully run by the multi choice African company.

DSTV are among the top popular cable TVs in Nigeria, their quality channels makes this very possible and their exquisite subscription plans and relatively reliable signal.

  • DSTV Decoder (without Installation) : 10,000 NGN – 13,000 NGN
  • DSTV Decoder (with installation) : 13,000 NGN – 20,000

An authorized Multi choice DSTV engineer will be needed in order to install the dish in the perfect way where the signals are strong.

DSTV Bouquets and packages Prices in Nigeria

DSTV Family

This is the next grade after the DSTV access package. This package is basically designed with the family in mind.

This package gives you access to over 55 local and international channels which includes CNN, African magic English, BBC, euro news, ESPN, M-net series and other channels.

This DSTV family package is on sale and being subscribed for the price of 4,615 NGN.

DSTV Access

This package from DSTV is the cheapest and most affordable. It is the most opted for DSTV packages, as viewers have access to over 45 top notch local and international channels.

These channels include super-sport blitz, NTA1, and other top rated channels. Audio channels have also been introduced to the package plan.

This package is on sale for the price range of 1,850 NGN monthly.

DSTV Decoder Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
DSTV Compact

The DSTV compact package gives viewers access to all the channels available on DSTV family package plus additional sport channels.

This subscription package plan is particularly for various sports type lovers, as there are 60 local and international channels including BBC world, Mnet action, ESPN Sport, Super sport 10, Sony entertainment and so on.

The DSTV compact subscription package is on sale for 6,800 NGN monthly

DSTV Compact Plus

There is a slight difference between DSTV compact and compact plus is not the price. It’s just that the compact plus offers more quality top channels and other important major sports channels which include super sports 7 and 10.

All subscribers to this package will be able to watch most of the English premier league games as well as other live sports like the French league, bundesliga, Spanish la liga as well as golf, tennis, boxing and Motorsport.

DSTV compact plus is the second most expensive bouquet on DSTV. It’s current price is 12,400 NGN monthly.

However, if you are a first time DSTV user, you’ll need to purchase the decoder and dish first, this will cost you around 9,200 NGN.

In total for a first time end user of DSTV compact plus will cost at 21,600 NGN.

The main flexible subscription package for this product is at the price range of 7,900 NGN monthly.

Some channels on DSTV compact plus are listed

  • Super sport football plus
  • Super sport variety
  • 1super sport Action
  • All African magic channels
  • 1magic
  • History channel
  • CBS justice
  • Curiosity stream
  • M-Net Movies 3

DSTV Premium

This is the top most package of the DSTV brand. As users will have access to all the channels over 85 of them all available.

It is on sale for the price of 18,400 NGN monthly.

What you will like about DSTV

  • The channels are over board and a lot
  • Subscriptions are available in various packages for convenience
  • The cable TV has a lot of local and international channels
  • DSTV had a flexible subscription rate

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