Double Side Grill Pan Review & Prices in Nigeria

Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food, commonly from above, below or from the side. Grilling usually involves a significant amount of direct, radiant heat, and tends to be used for cooking meat and vegetables quickly. Many restaurants incorporate an indoor grill as part of their cooking apparatus.

These grills resemble outdoor grills, in that they are made up of a grid suspended over a heat source. However, indoor grills are more likely to use electric or gas-based heating elements. Some manufacturers of residential cooking appliances now offer indoor grills for home use, either incorporated into a stove top or as a standalone electric device.

Double Side Grill Pan Review & Prices in Nigeria grill grill

Double side Grill Pan Key Features

  • Suitable for all stovetops including gas, electric, halogen or ceramic, but not for induction stovetop.
  • Suitable for home, outdoor, party, barbecue, making cakes.
  • Whole body cast aluminum design makes it stable, durable and reliable.
  • With good thermal conductivity, energy-saving and time-saving.
  • Double-sided pressure cooking function makes the operation process more practical.
  • It is easy to clean and durable for use.


On the body, the Grill pan has got a smart oil tray to keep the cooktop clean. The straight handle is easy to grip and it enhances pressure inside. The pan also opens easily and closes tightly, thanks to the magnetic lock. The ceramic and titanium coating makes it the best non-stick pan of the bunch – hardly any residue stuck to it, and whatever did was easily wiped off with a kitchen towel. It has got FDA approved  silicon gasket, it is able to retain heat & moisture. It is also able to reduce smell, smoke & oil splatter. While the 3 layer non stick ceratinum coating is best for easy cooking & cleaning.

Double Side Grill Pan Prices In Nigeria

Double Side Grill Pan Review & Prices in Nigeria fry

  • Fry Cookware Double Side Grill pan — (NGN) 4,500 naira — (NGN) 5,919.96 naira
  • Master Famous Double Side Grill Pan — (NGN) 14,032.49 naira — (NGN) 15,786.56 naira
  • Happy Call Double side Grill Pan — (NGN) 15,000 naira — (NGN) 17,000 naira
  • Roaster Rack Double Side Grill pan — (NGN) 8,000 naira — (NGN) 13,500 naira
  • Pan cookware Double side Grill pan — (NGN) 11,850 naira — (NGN) 16, 126.40 naira
  • Dessini Cookware Double Side Grill Pan — (NGN) 37,968.12 naira

How To Use A Grill Pan

Grill pans provide a great way to mimic the experience of outdoor grilling. They’re especially useful for people who live in apartments. However, using a grill pan is different than cooking with regular stovetop pans. There are several things you need to do so your food cooks properly and has char marks and a grilled taste. Ultimately, by preparing your pan and food, taking steps to properly gill your food, and seasoning and storing your pan, you’ll be able to use your grill pan to its full potential.

  1. Pick a Pan with Raised Ridges : Generally, grill pans with dramatically raised ridges are better than those with gentle or shallow ridges. Ultimately, the deeper the ridges, the more dramatic your sear mark. In addition, the larger the ridges, the more grill-like your final product will appear. Look for a grill pan with ridges that are taller than 1⁄2 centimeter (0.20 in).
  2. Choose a Double Side Grill Pan : Double side grill pans tend to retain more heat than pans with a nonstick surface. In addition, double side grill pans tend to mimic the grill better than nonstick surfaces. Finally, double side grill pans will sear your food better than nonstick pans.
  3. Look For a Grill Pan with Matching Press : Some grill pans come with matching presses you can use to press the down the food as it cooks to enhance the grill marks. You can still get grill marks without a press, but they may not be as defined or even.

Cleaning & Storing Your Double Side Grill Pan

Double Side Grill Pan Review & Prices in Nigeria

Using your grilling pan is one thing cleaning and storing it is a whole different ball game entirely. Discussed below is how you can keep your double side grilling pan on point every time after use :

  1. Clean the Grill Pan with Hot water : After you’ve allowed the pan to cool, rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Then, take a clean cloth, soak it in hot water, and carefully wipe the pan down. Focus on the grooves in between the ridges. To clean them good, take your finger, cover it with the cloth and wipe along the groove. Rinse the cloth from time-to-time. After cleaning the grill pan, dry it thoroughly with a towel. Allowing it to air dry will invite rust.
  2. Store the Pan in a Dry Location : When storing your double side grill pan, you’ll want to make sure to put it in an area that is dry. If you put it in a humid location – like in an outside storage area – it could wind up rusting. As a result, try to store it in a pantry or another location that is cool and dry.


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