Disinfectant Tunnel in Nigeria, Product list & Distributor Contact

The full body disinfection (Far UV light disinfection and atomization therapy) with the use of zkTeco smart tunnel or inflatable disinfectant tunnel is of great quality and part of it’s primary purpose is that it involves limiting access to persons who are ill and the device prevents the circulation of the spread of the virus. The automatic disinfectant channel enables remote temperature alarm, and a stable control of risk as it reduces the rate at which individuals come in contact in high public spaces.

Disinfectant Tunnel in Nigeria, Product list & Distributor Contact te nigeriantech.com.ng

While we have wholesale companies that can give you good delivery and good price, this machine needs no human interference or control. However, a lot of individuals know that cleaning removes germs and dirts but it doesn’t kill them off. But in terms of disinfecting, this kills the germs or bacteria on surfaces or even objects immediately. Disinfecting kills majority of the viruses and bacteria.

The device uses a non-contact infrared detection to determine if the temperature of an individual is normal, mildly abnormal or abnormal. The disinfectant tunnel system is very smart, effective and very mobile. The system has got a 2 years warranty and it is suitable for public health prevention, and it is also used to sterilize the human body, luggage and also pets.

Casters and ramps are optional accessories that come with this system, they can be used in various places ensuring prompt movement and deliveries. It has non-contact and automatic control design effectively to avoid cross infection.

Disinfectant Tunnel in Nigeria, Product list & Distributor Contact nigeriantech.com.ng

The Disinfectant tunnel system is very suitable for schools, churches, hospitals, train stations, market, factory, community, and office buildings. Over 500 individuals can be serviced by the hour and the device is built in a way that it has a facial recognition storage that keeps record of faces up to over 50,000. There is a compartment to stand and walk through in order to get sprayed and disinfected.

While using the system, most individuals are quite skeptical about what substance is being sprayed inside the disinfectant machine. Right here it is good to know that the body disinfectant spray recommended for humans in general is the food-grade disinfectant (diluted hypochlorous acid) and it will be sprayed from the head down, with auto sensor for contact less hand disinfectant.

Hypochlorous Acid Characteristics

  • It has strong deodorizing power and belongs to oxidation and decomposition of odor.
  • It has high safety and has been proved to be normal by skin irritation test, eye irritation test, drinking water test and spray inhalation test.
  • The hypochlorous acid is able to disinfect and deodorize in the space where people are.
  • It has Environmental protection, because it will decompose after reacting with organic matter or after being irradiated with ultraviolet rays, no residue is generated, and there is no load on the environment.

The device disinfects shoes and cart wheels for like malls this is because the carpets used in the machine are moistened with disinfectants and wheels can be sprayed too with it. Using the machine, there is an easy to see control unit that shows if the operations mode need refill to avoid over heating.

Disinfectant Tunnel in Nigeria, Product list & Distributor Contact machine nigeriantech.com.ng

Disinfectant Tunnel Distributor Contact in Nigeria

A sanitizing tunnel is a safe protection and entry for every one, It can be installed anywhere and we have continuously tried to improve Product quality, introducing european high end system to serve customers. For the purchase of the disinfectant tunnel system contact the distributor Masmetals & steel Nigerian limited.

Masmetals & Steel, is an indigenous nigerian company and as a solutions company providing business solutions that meet the needs of small, medium and large scale organizations, our competencies span biometrics solutions and technology, time attendance and identity management, human resource application development, integrated and enterprise access control systems, CCTv surveillance, mobile and web application development.

Product List For Purchase in Nigeria

As Nigeria’s own establishment we seek to propose the development of the anti-epidemic access regulatory control systems, to stem the tide of entry into your facility as a proactive measure towards eradicating the Covid-19 disease.

The Various anti-epidermal devices on sale will achieve the following :

  • Automatic hand disinfection with the use of the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Full body disinfection (Far UV light disinfection and atomization therapy with the use of ZKteco smart tunnel or inflatable disinfectant tunnel
  • Temperature measurement with alarm with the use of k3 wall mounted thermometer

Recommended (Devices) Product List & Prices in Nigeria

  • Inflatable Tunnel with Atomizer —– (NGN) 910,000
  • K3 industrial thermometer —– (NGN) 45,000
  • Lz2600 Handheld thermometer —- (NGN) 7,000
  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser —- (NGN) 20,000
  • KN95 masks ——- (NGN) 3,000
  • Smart automatic disinfectant tunnel —— (NGN) 3,250,000


Maintaining the disinfectant tunnel is not so much to do just the general surface cleaning and specified inspection dates which will be done monthly. The other instructions will be on the user guide.

Why Choose Us

  • Quality Pointed direction used by our Government
  • Food Grade spray sterilization
  • Tag chip to ensure high quality

Distributors Contact Information in Nigeria : MassMetal & Steel Nigerian limited

Mobile :  Chinedu Okeke :  +2347053977576
Mobile : Mohammed Abdullahi  : +2349055577773

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