Espon is amongst one of the popular brands in the printer industry. The brand itself has set up strong reputation in the big market world wide and competes with big names around the globe. Purchasing a printer is one thing, and purchasing one that is highly structured, and very efficient and durable is another.

With enough prove of quality all around the globe it is easy to see why espon printers are one of the best in the market today.
Epson Printer Prices in Nigeria

Espon printers are available in different types and qualities. The numerous types available comprise the laser jet printers, the deskjet printers, office jet printers and many other highly developed types.

Generally, the prices printers go for would depend on the print quality and general features of the printer.

Example the deskjet printers are usually among the cheapest. Below are some of the espon printers price in Nigeria.

  • Espon printer L805 – 195,000 – 270,000 NGN
  • Espon printer L850 – 210,00 – 350,000 NGN
  • Epson printer M105- 80,000 – 110,000 NGN
  • Espon printer L382 – 70,000 – 100,000 NGN
  • Espon LQ – 350 24 PINDOT MATRIX PRINTER – 100,000 – 250,000 NGN
  • Espon Aculaser M1200 A4 mono laser printer (LC) 27,000 -35,000 NGN
  • Espon aculaser M2400DN (LC) 65,000 – 80,000 NGN
  • Espon L120 ink taink printer – 55,000 – 65,000 NGN
  • Espon L130 eco tank system printer – 65,000 – 80,000 NGN
  • Espon L565 multi-function eco tank printer 235,000 – 250,000 NGN
  • Espon M200 mono all-in-one tank printer- 220,000 – 250,000 NGN
  • Espon L1300 A3 ink tank printer – 355,000 – 400,000 NGN

The list above focus on the prices of popular espon printers in Nigeria today. The price list are gathered from different sources in the big market and also reliable.

Regardless of how inconsistent the gadget market is today. It is important for potential buyers to confirm prices of the respective printers they want before buying one.

The main reason prices might change is as a result of fluctuation in currency exchange rate as experienced in the market today.

Espon printers are available for purchase in different printer channels across the country. For convenience, the printers can be purchased via online platforms within and outside the full country.

If ordered within the country delivery days would be within 3-40days. Delivery period is usually longer if ordered from outside the country.

What You Should Know About Espon Printers in Nigeria

Espon printer is a Japanese quality electronic established by the world largest manufacturers of printers. The company also put together information and imaging related to equipment.

The headquarter is located in Nagano, Japan and they have many branches in different parts of the world. Espon produces inkjet printers, dot matrix, and laser printers, scanners, desktop computer, business, multimedia and home theater televisions, robots and industrial automation equipment, point of scale docket printers and cash registers, inter grated circuits, laptops and many associated electronic components.

Although they are mostly known for their quality production of printers. Espon dived into smart glasses sale in 2016, Subsequent and new models of glasses have been released since then.

Epson printer:things to Consider Before Buying an Epson Printer : buying guide

Epson is one of the world’s leading top printer manufacturers and is present on the market with solutions suitable for all needs and budgets.

Between the Epson printers There are various multifunction inkjet (inkjet) printers with built-in scanners and fax machines, monochrome laser printers, and color laser printers very suitable for both home and professional use.

Before you find yourself choosing one Epson printer you  must evaluate a number of options. First, set the expense budget to be allocated to your next device, then identify the type of printer that suits your needs.

Once these choices have been made, check to see if they are compatible with the whole technical work way characteristics of each model.

Epson Printer types

la printer types

The most common on the market are inkjet, which in Italy are also called ink-jet And those laser. There is no better type of printer than the other, but each has pros and cons and can be more efficient in some areas and barely useful in others.

la Inkjet printers

They are particularly versatile and can be used for medium intensity applications and for printing text, photo or image documents. They are the best in terms of print accuracy and color fidelity, but cartridge changes can be frequent and cause a higher cost per print than other technologies.

la laser printers

they are preferable if you know that you will print frequently, especially texts, in large quantities. They are the cheapest in the management phase and it is now possible to find very affordable models as a starting price.
Epson Printer Prices in nigeria

They are divided into monochrome, for black and white printing only, or color, but the full work representation of the graphic content is inferior to the inkjet of the same price.

They also have other types of printers, although they are less common: LED printers, which belong to the same family of lasers but guarantee superior performance thanks to the absence of moving parts that stay aligned. They are also more compact and robust than laser printers, but cost more.

la sublimation printers

Finally, they use heat to transfer color into ad-hoc papers. They are mainly used to customize fabrics, in small portable printers or to print images on objects and materials.

Display and connection

There are several built-in features that don’t seem so helpful when you’re not using them, but once you get familiar with them, you won’t be able to do without them. One of them is the display, which can help you a lot to manage and personalize your printing without accessing your PC or mobile device. With a screen, better if the touch screen, you can configure all the settings from the same printer.

Also, many modern printers can connect to a wireless network through WiFi connection receiving remote room commands through it. Some printers also support the request for print through Internet, via email, but it’s a sophisticated feature that you find on models slightly more expensive than entry-level ones.

This functionality can also be supported through cloud printing (Ex. Google Cloud Print ) or some routers with USB ports where you can connect non-Wi-Fi compatible printer through them.

Some models also support Wi-Fi direct, therefore, you can connect to a device without the need for a router to act as an intermediary. the Connection NFC instead, it guarantees an immediate connection between the printer and the device.

If these features are missing, the printer can almost always be connected to the PC through one USB Port or, to the limit, one Ethernet port. Check if you have them available on your PC before making the purchase.


The weight and the dimensions of a printer are important features. These are not purely technical details, but they can help you avoid major problems when trying to insert them into the full work force environment or the room where you have a PC.

The inkjet models are almost all compact and fairly light, and can be easily placed on the desktop without too much trouble or inconvenience.

Laser printers, on the other hand, can be very well particularly bulky and heavy. Before completing your purchase, and especially if you do it online, please check the size and weight values ​​of your next printer carefully, especially if you have considered placing it on a raised support surface or on a not-too-solid desk. In other words, check that the printer is not too big or heavy for the space you have available in the room.


When it comes to performance, there are two main factors to consider: speed and print resolution.

Speed ​​is expressed with all kinds of printers in pages per minute (abbreviated to PPM ) or images per minute ( IPM ) and often has a different value for pages printed in black and white or in color.

la print resolution instead, it is measured in dpi ( stitches per inch ) and it also has two different values ​​in this case: the first represents the basic print resolution, while the second the highest definition that the printer can dummy achieve thanks to algorithms designed to improve the image.

A printer also has one inside RAM, almost always expandable in laser models, which helps to improve the printing speed of a specific model. In multifunction printers, then, it is also possible to know the resolution of scanned images, which can obviously be different from the print resolution.

Also in this case, the values ​​to take into account are two: one represents the native resolution of the scans, the other the increase that the scanner can generate thanks to the image interpolation algorithms.

Supported paper sizes

When buying a printer it is essential to establish which ones types of sheets will try to print with it. The most famous is the Format A4 (with dimensions of 210 x 297 mm), but this does not mean that it is the only one. In fact, there are sheets like A1 el A2 and A3, all characterized by different and precise dimensions. There are also photographic formats, generally smaller, and many other formats that can serve in different circumstances.

If you have specific needs, in addition to printing normal documents, always keep in mind the size of the formats supported by your new printer. There are also several things you should know about card management : The automatic duplex allows you to print on both sides without having to reload the paper in the tray each time, and it is especially useful in the professional field.

The ADF instead, it is a component that allows the scanner of the multifunction printers to automatically load the sheets. the tray, which I mentioned before, is used to load the paper, but it can contain a different number of sheets depending on its conformations. The paper may have a different consistency, which is measured with the weight.

la cycle press o working On the other hand, it is a value that determines how many impressions the device can guarantee during a certain period of time (for example, one month). If you need a lot, your new printer considers a model compatible with your needs.

Maintenance, consumption, noise.

These are the latest features that I ask you to take note of. the maintenance It is a fundamental aspect of a printer, with ink nozzles that require the most care. Check the purchase before cartridges price or gods replacement toner. Cheap printers can hold unpleasant surprises at the cost of original cartridges that can exceed that of the printers themselves!

If you need the printer active for several hours a day, also consider energy consumption stated by the manufacturer, otherwise your prints could cost a lot on the electric bill. There are no marked differences in the consumption of printers of the same price, but to avoid unpleasant surprises, do not be surprised without being prepared and check this before buying.

la noise It is an important component, especially if you intend to integrate the printer in a public place or also frequented by others.

Also, if you use it frequently, I recommend a silent model so as not to destroy your eardrums or destroy them to those around you. In this case, online reviews of specialized sites or users can be useful.

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