Curved Tv Review & Prices in Nigeria

A television set is a device that combines a tuner, display and loudspeakers, for the main purpose of viewing and hearing television set broadcasting through satellites or cables.

A curved screen is an electronic display device that, contrasting with the flat panel display, features a concave viewing surface.

Curved screens are often marketed as being able to provide an immersive experience, and fully allowing a wider field of view.

Curved Tv Review & Prices in Nigeria

However, the field of view is the extent of the observable world that is seen through it.

This type of screen is an optical instrument with a solid angle through which we can see what’s happening inside the computer world.

If a Tv screen is curved, the (FoV) of a person who looks at a picture on screen would never change.

This is because most curved screens are made with wide (16:9), ultra Wide (21:9/64:27) with super ultra Wide (32:9 or 18:5) aspect ratio respectively.

Wider screens provides a wider angle of view, field off view. Most curved TVs are more sensitive to reflections.

The main point of the curved Tv is that it helps counteract edge distortion, bringing all parts of an image to roughly the same distance from your eyes.

Since entering into the Nigerian market space, the concept of the curved Tv is very unique and since manufactured, it has been a huge success.

The TVs have been well received as you can find them in various homes with the picture quality and other user friendly features they offer.

The curved Tv screens are available in different types, they are available in both LED, Plasma, OLED and other display types.

Functionality of the curved Tvs are top notch and their classy presence adds more elegance to wherever they are installed or placed.

These Television sets are very perfect for offices, living rooms, bedrooms and other types of environments.

This is because they are manufactured and fully produced with both style and class design.

Most curved screens make a difference because they direct light from all angles towards the viewers eye without much ocular exertion.

The optimal position of viewing a screen directly along the central axis of the Tv with the central point of the screen at eye level.

So admittedly, the curved screen television are fragile and they are prone to breakage from dropping.

As it can be harder to get a grip on the device because it is thinner around the edges.

With the continuous fluctuations of gadget prices in the Nigerian retail market space, it is good to know the current prices of various curved televisions that are available.

In this post, you’ll see the prices in which these TV sets go on sale fully listed below

Curved Tv Prices in Nigeria

The curved screen televisions are highly rated in terms of motion image quality, and viewing experience, and functionality.

They are readily available in the market space and the curved TVs can also be mounted on the walls of your home.

Curved televisions in nigeria are available in different types, sizes, designs and display options. The prices depend on the display, types, screen size as well as image quality like HD and HD+.

The Sony company brand just unveiled a new curved 4K/UHD Tv and Samsung also has launched its curved UHD Tv and they are outselling their pervious product.

So it seems the curved TVs are here to stay now

Polystar Curved Tv & Price in Nigeria

  • Polystar 32inches Curved Tv : 100,000 NGN – 150,000 NGN

Hisense Curved TVs & Prices in Nigeria

  • Hisense 49inches Curved Tv : 190,000 NGN – 240,000 NGN
  • Hisense 55inches Curved Tv : 240,000 NGN – 300,000 NGN
  • Hisense 65inches Curved Tv : 590,000 NGN – 630,000 NGN

LG Curved TVs & Prices in Nigeria

  • LG 43inches HD Curved TV : 190,000 NGN – 230,000 NGN
  • LG 55inches OLED Curved Tv : 800,000 NGN – 1,000,000 NGN
  • LG 55inches LED Curved Tv : 270,000 NGN – 350,000 NGN
  • LG 60inches LED Curved Tv : 310,000 NGN – 400,000 NGN
  • LG 65inches OLED Curved Tv : 900,000 NGN – 1,200,000 NGN
  • LG 105inches OLED Curved Tv : 24,000,000 NGN – 24,800,000 NGN

Samsung Curved Tvs & Prices in Nigeria

Curved TV Review & Prices in Nigeria

  • Samsung 32inches LED Curved Tv : 82,000 NGN – 100,000 NGN
  • Samsung 46inches smart Curved Tv : 342,000 NGN – 380,000 NGN
  • Samsung 48inches smart 3D Curved Tv : 360,000 NGN – 420,000 NGN
  • Samsung 49inches UHD Curved Tv : 400,000 NGN – 500,000 NGN
  • Samsung 55inches UHD Curved Tv : 550,000 NGN – 750,000 NGN
  • Samsung 55inches HD Curved Tv : 390,000 NGN – 450,000 NGN
  • Samsung 65inches UHD Curved Tv : 600,000 NGN – 700,000 NGN
  • Samsung 65inches SUHD Curved Tv : 1,200,000 NGN – 1,500,000 NGN
  • Samsung 78inches Smart Curved Tv : 3,200,000 NGN – 3,800,000 NGN

Curved Tv Pros

  • You will feel more immersed in what you are watching if you choose to purchase the curved screen television.
  • You will feel like you are experiencing a wider field of view
  • You will see more sharpness at the edge of the image
  • You will feel like pictures have more depth
  • You can enjoy a richer contrast performance
  • You can watch pictures from a wider viewing angle

Curved TV Cons

  • You will need to spend more to buy a curved screen television
  • You may feel curved screens look awkward when wall mounted
  • You need to sit in the right position to appreciate the curved TVs advantage.

Wrapping Up

Just like me some time ago, the first thing a lot of people say when they first experience a curved TVs is that the image quality feels like 3D, this is because the curved screen big television makes the image exist on multiple depth planes, with a physical foreground and background, like a 3D image (or the world around us, come to that).

So just to tell you how important this depth attribute is, the Samsung company brand uses its processing on its curved TVs to make images marry up more effectively with tue curved nature of the television screen.

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