Current Prices of Mercedes Benz 4matic cars in Nigeria (Top Rated)

The mercedes benz is not just an ordinary brand, it is not just a car, it is the best or nothing in fact it is a masterpiece of intelligence. The brand is among one of those that has evaded the test of time and has been in existence since it’s innovation. The car has got unmatched interior and exterior designs, powerful engine capacity and its quite affordable. yes!! it is i’m sure you are surprised with a quirky look on your face.

I do not think that in terms of quality any other car brand can compete with the mercedes benz company they are just in a class of their own, maybe the BMW can try to get a match balance but just maybe.

Current Prices of Mercedes Benz 4matic cars in Nigeria (Top Rated)

mercedes benz 4matic

Every year the brand comes out with latest designs of new models vehicles, hear the truth, they are simply unstoppable. However, this post will be focusing on one of the mercedes benz high selling model: The mercedes 4matic.


This model of the mercedes benz brand is not just a car with wonderful and comfortable interior/exterior designs, it has got speed and i mean in all sense of the word”speed” and a sexy firm steering wheel. It is highly unrivaled and it is in a whole balling class of it’s own.

The 4matic model is a four-wheel drive system and it enhances acceleration and control which keeps the benz on the ground fully balanced even on top speed. this can be really thrilling and jaw dropping to watch if you are sitting on the blocks with your friends and this beast just pulled up.

As i said earlier above because of its balance, the technology improvement has outperform the roles played initially in the manufacturing of the latest mercedes benz 4matic models, as a new feature makes it able to readjust itself to fit the condition of any road the car finds itself. thats incredible.

Most Africans term the mercedes benz as luxury which it is and it can only be afforded by the rich,and the government officials but in todays world it very different as a young lad can cop it off cool and easy just because he /she wants to ball and stunt on people.

There are different models and versions of the mercedes benz 4matic these are : B-class model, A-class model, C-class model, E-class model, GLA and GLC model. They all go through similar manufacturing processes, and have got features different from one another, which is the reasons why there are spike in prices among them.

Most Africans especially Nigerians love this model so much even though they’ve got no idea about how much it costs.

For my young lads of future generations, i am about to unveil the current prices of the mercedes benz 4matic model. Just save this page on your browser tab so as to check back for reference purposes when you are ready to purchase yours.

Mercedes Benz 4matic Car Prices in Nigeria(2020)

This part is quite funny as we all know most Nigerians prefer fairly used cars termed “Tokunbo car’s” as they are popularly called by the average nigerian person, so on that note i’ll put this into two category: one for brand new unused prices and the other for fairly used tokunbo prices.

Current Prices of Mercedes benz 4matic cars in Nigeria (Brand New unused)

Every one loves a brand new toy, thou not everyone can afford a brand new toy. However, before you decide you want to purchase a mercedes benz in any auto sale office be sure you’ve got at least (NGN) 50million buck in your possession. As the current prices of a 4matic car model varies from one location to another.

hence, what i can vividly tell you is that no mercedes benz 4matic vehicle is costing you less than (NGN) 30million naira. That’s for sure mehn!!! Regardless, should you have the cheese and you desire to purchase the higher versions of the mercedes 4matic model like the CLS / GLS 450, you should set aside at least (NGN) 45million naira up wards to 54million naira.

Prices of Fairly used(“Tokunbo”) Mercedes 4matic cars in Nigeria

Also in this section, there are two categories which are the foreign fairly used “tokunbo” vehicles and the “Nigerian used” local used vehicles. With the Nigerian used meaning that the car has been used by a person who is still willing to sell to a third party buyer if the car is still in good and proper condition.

Foreign Fairly Used Mercedes 4matic vehicle (Tokunbo)

The foreign fairly used vehicle explains itself, what this simply states is that the vehicle has been used by an individual in a foreign country before it is shipped down into Nigeria for selling purpose. This vehicles having arrived are now termed “tokunbo cars” i honestly do not know if there was a one time car dealer whose name was tokunbo and every one named his cars after the fairly used cars he sold lol!!

Here, take a look at the prices of the foreign tokunbo fairly used mercedes benz 4matic cars in Nigeria.

Foreign “Tokunbo” fairly used C-class mercedes benz 4matic price in Nigeria

  1. 2005 – 06 model ==(NGN) 3 million -(NGN) 4 million
  2. 2007 – 08 model==(NGN) 3.5million-(NGN) 6 million
  3. 2009 – 10 model==(NGN) 4 million – (NGN) 7 million
  4. 2011 – 12 model==(NGN) 5.6million-(NGN) 8 million
  5. 2013 – 14 model==(NGN) 8million – (NGN) 12 million
  6. 2015 – 17model ==(NGN) 15million- (NGN) 20 million

Foreign “Tokunbo” Fairly used E-class mercedes benz 4matic Price in Nigeria

  1. 2005 – 06 model ==(NGN) 2million – (NGN) 3million
  2. 2007 – 08 model ==(NGN)3.5million – (NGN) 5million
  3. 2009 – 10 model ==(NGN) 3.8million – (NGN) 7million
  4. 2011 – 12 model ==(NGN) 5.6million – (NGN) 6.5million
  5. 2013 – 14model == (NGN) 8million – (NGN) 10million
  6. 2015 – 16 model==(NGN) 15million – (NGN) 20million

Foreign “Tokunbo” Fairly used GLC-class mercedes benz 4matic price in Nigeria

  1. 2016 – 2017 model ==(NGN) 25million – (NGN) 32million

Tokunbo Fairly used GLA-class mercedes benz 4matic price in Nigeria

  1. 2014 – 15 model == (NGN) 12million- (NGN) 16million
  2. 2016 – 17 model ==(NGN) 16million- (NGN) 25million

so if buying a mercedes benz 4matic is on your priority list then bookmark this website just incase you need some references.

Local fairly used mercedes benz 4matic vehicles in Nigeria(nigerian used)

The “Nigerian used” local used vehicles. With the Nigerian used meaning that the car has been used by a person who is still willing to sell to a third party buyer if the car is still in good and proper condition. Also note that these range of cars came into Nigeria or where bought brand new supposedly, and their owners are willing to put it up for sale. While they are not as expensive as the tokunbo ones, interested buyers can go for this too with a check through all rounder by an automobile expert before purchasing can take place.

locally used mercedes 4matic c-class in Nigeria

  1. 2005 – 06 model == (NGN) 1.2million – (NGN) 2million
  2. 2007 – 08 model == (NGN) 2.2million – (NGN) 6million
  3. 2009 – 10 model == (NGN) 3million – (NGN) 5million
  4. 2011 -12 model == (NGN) 3.5million – (NGN) 6million
  5. 2013 – 14model == (NGN) 5.5million – (NGN) 9million
  6. 2015 – 16 model==(NGN) 8million – (NGN) 15million

Locally used mercedes 4matic GLA-class in Nigeria

  1. 2014 – 15 model ==(NGN) 8million – (NGN) 12million

Locally used mercedes 4matic E-class Price in Nigeria

  1. 2005 – 06 model ==(NGN)1.5million – (NGN) 2million
  2. 2007 – 08 model == (NGN)2million – (NGN) 6million
  3. 2009 – 10 model==(NGN) 3million – (NGN) 5million
  4. 2011 – 12 model ==(NGN) 3.5million – (NGN)5million
  5. 2013 – 14 model ==(NGN)5.5million – (NGN)7million
  6. 2015 – 16 model ==(NGN)8million – (NGN)13million

Let’s pop some mercedes benz today!!! hope this article has been helpful.

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